iPhone 6 render (Mark Pelin 011)

As news reached us this morning that Apple could launch its next iPhone in mainland China on Thursday, September 25, and given a purported 4.7-inch front panel leaked in a video which suggests the possibility of one-handed use, we now have a better idea of when the device could launch and how it might feel in one’s hand.

There has certainly been no shortage of leaked parts thus far, such as the supposed display covers, backplates, LCD parts, manufacturing molds, etc.

The problem with these leaks based on rumors is their crudeness that don’t do Apple’s industrial design and precision manufacturing a justice. Enter Ukrainian designer Mark Pelin, who has created high-resolution renders that offer arguably the best indication yet of what a finalized design of the iPhone 6 in Space Gray might look like…

The images (via 9to5Mac) offer an accurate depiction of Apple’s upcoming handset. Of course, take them with a grain of salt as Pelin was working from rumors and leaks that may not be necessarily authentic.

iPhone 6 render (Mark Pelin 003)

At any rate, I’m certainly glad someone has taken all the leaks and rumors to create such an elaborate set of renderings depicting what the device might look like.

iPhone 6 render (Mark Pelin 005)

iPhone 6 render (Mark Pelin 006)

The renderings reflect key highlights that get commonly repeated in rumor-mill reporting, such as the rounded edges rather than flat ones, a relocated power button and a seamless all-aluminum rear shell.

The cover glass appears to be rounded at the edges to lay it flush with the rounded corners, akin to Nokia’s Lumia design. And if you ask me, those black antenna breaks on the back actually look super nice.

iPhone 6 render (Mark Pelin 004)

iPhone 6 render (Mark Pelin 009)

Whenever we post purported parts and dummy units, our commenters usually complain about low-quality materials and poor build quality. Yet, it’s easy to forget that most of these 3D-printed dummies are just a rough approximation of the device, based on the rumor-mill reporting.

iPhone 6 render (Mark Pelin 008)

iPhone 6 render (Mark Pelin 002)

Japanese business paper Nikkei cautioned that the thick white stripes (antenna cut-outs) at the top and bottom of the handset seen on mockups will be replaced with a highly polished glass plates said to blend in with the metal back.

Apple is of course expected to unveil its cards as to next-generation iPhones  in September. It’s unclear whether both a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and a larger, phablet-class 5.5-inch device would get announced at the same time similar to last year’s double-iPhone 5s/5c launch.

iPhone 6 render (Mark Pelin teaser 001)

Last we heard, Apple’s suppliers have successfully tackled manufacturing issues related to 5.5-inch panels and ultra-thin batteries, giving hope that the 5.5-inch variant could launch alongside its 4.7-inch counterpart.

What do you think?

Will the iPhone 6 look anything like these renders?

  • Christian Mejía

    The white one looks good but the black one looks like an old iPod touch.

    • Kurt

      Fronts of iPhones are very outdated. I want to see a change. Hope they go back to glass backing again

      • omghilly

        For looks, yes. But for usability? Definitely metal.

      • Kurt

        I prefer glass then non-glossy plastic then metal. Metal scratches too easily, chips and bends.

      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        yeah dropped my 5s from like 30 cm height and the metal bended on the edge. Used to drop my s3 from almost 2m not a single scratch

      • Kurt

        Ouch, that stinks. Metal is nice looking and feeling but not a good choice for the back of a device. I didn’t mean that kind of bend. I meant it bends in the middle. And you can then fully bent it like a sandwich.this happens when you keep it in your back pocket, it gets warm and you sit in it. It gets bends and becomes curved!

      • Rook HD

        not sure why anyone keeps it in the back pocket. yes I saw most girls do this because their front pocket is too small, but still if they forget to sit on their phone then probably they deserve a curvy iphone lol

      • Kurt

        haha…yes too dangerous!

  • Rak S

    The black ariel-break things look awful.

    • Maxim∑

      until it comes out of course
      Just like with the gold 5s and two tone iPhone 5

    • At the moment these are just place holders the final release will be glass

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    This black contour looks incredibly horrible, Apple will never put something as ugly as this in the final product

    • KennyP

      What if they are actually in white color?

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        There is no reason on putting these things in the iPhone 6. I think the model without those ugly details will look so much better. It will be a Mini iPad Mini, sort of 😛

  • JustReboot

    I think the antenna lines will be more subtle, as some of the other sites are mentioning. Personally, I couldn’t care less, as I’ll put a slim case (like I always do) on the phone. We’ll see in about 2 months.

    • Guest

      Plastic case?

      • JustReboot

        Right now I’m using the Spigen NeoHybrid case (dante red) on my 5s. I’ve always had either none or really thin cases. I think the thickest case I had was on my Galaxy S4 (it was a UAG case). I got the same for the 5s, but was not as impressed by it (gave the case to my son).So in all likelikehood, I will get another Spigen for the 6 in september.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        Spigen cases are great!!!!

  • therealjjohnson

    Why must everyone go over the top with their adjectives? It’s one thing to not like the current (or possible) iteration of the design, but to call it “horrible, disgusting, hideous, atrocious ” etc is just silly. Those are just some of the comments i have seen. Lets be honest, it doesn’t look “that” much different from current models for it to be “that” bad lol.

    • Kurt

      True but it does look like a semi cheap knock off of htc one. I bet it will look better in September

  • Bobby

    Man, those antenna lines look so disgusting. I really do hope that apple hide them.

  • Arsanny Lintang

    Imagine that all of these rumours aren’t all about the iPhone, it’s could be the next ipodtouch!. Just saying

  • Abdullah

    Horrible! This design looks like a compressed iphone 3G

  • mlee19841

    only thing we can really take from these pics are the sizes. Just to give u and idea of what they MIGHT look like. Nothings 100 percent until the release.

  • Tony

    There’s nothing really consistent about these rumors. All we know for sure is that a new iPhone is coming in two sizes but we can’t nail down how the back will be. Some reports say you can see the antenna lines, others suggest they’ll be the same color as the device and won’t stick out. Then there’s the whole 16gb base or 32gb base. So far I’m not buying any report since nothing is consistent. If something actually matched up then I would assume that is what the new phone would contain. Only thing that has been said all around is that the power button was moved.

    • QuarterSwede

      Don’t forget the rounded glass edges. Those have been shown off recently and are pretty convincing.

  • Dan

    so far I still prefer the design of the 5/5S

    • eminem10

      thats what they said about the 4/4S

  • Adam

    this looks the same as the other mock ups I can’t see past the antenna breaks

  • NaSty

    I enjoyed the feel of the iPod Touch 5G, if its any thing like that, i’ll be happy

  • Thomas Gehman

    Ok, now THAT looks good.

  • rosssimpson

    People said the iPhone 5 two tone glass/metal design looked horrible, I can guarantee that if this is the design apple go for, people will say they hate it until they’ve got it in their hands, then they will swear that they have always loved it.

    • Damian

      Yeah people are weird. They complain about small detail which are irrelevant to the whole phone experience. To me those images look great

  • Abhinav

    Silver color looks a lot like iPhone 2g .

  • Shaban Zenelaj

    Wrong, it should have two Flashlightes, you know, like iPhone 5S

    • Ethan Humphrey

      No, the rumors say that they will combine them into one circle

  • Chris Tangler

    this take has been beat to death, but i really don’t want a phone this thin because i know it’s compromising space that could be used for a bigger, better battery. I use my phone as a business phone and am on it all day making calls and I can only get a max of 5hrs of til a charge is needed.

  • Damian

    I don’t care about the detail look as long as it has 5.5 screen and it is like previous iPhones

  • Matt

    Looks at the antenna breaks hurts my eyes.
    I like the front but the back – God no

  • highNiggaPie

    I hope those lines are off but I’ll probably still buy it just for the hell of it

  • Ваше Онтатиле Масвибилили

    What all these mockups miss is a DUAL LED flash! It is even easy to see if some of the leaks are fake! Nice concept though

    • CS

      All leaks have included a smaller cutout for the flash. Maybe Apple has incorporated new LED technology that doesn’t require much space

  • CS

    Everyone says these iPhone renders are ugly, and have been since the first pre-production iPhone was leaked. Truth is, Apple will probably release a phone that looks very similar to this, as they always seem to do. Think back, have we every /really/ been super impressed with all the renderings? Nope, someone always finds a flaw. Apple will find a way to win your heart with the new iPhone. And if they don’t, you’ll be the one with the dated hardware.

  • Luism27

    the same people always comment sh*t about the design every year.. But when September comes they always end up buying it.. In my opinion this design looks elegant.. Can’t wait to see the specs of this phone!!

    • mlee19841

      then they say oh it grew on me after a week…

  • M Last

    looks very nice

  • R4

    These rumored designs look pretty bad to be an iPhone lol

    • mlee19841

      rumored designs. The size and thinness is probably right. The outer casing will need to be seen….

      • R4

        The iPhone 5 rumors came out to be true. There were talks of apple leaking fake designs so the casing could be different

  • mlee19841

    aside from the rumors who’s getting the new 6?

  • Mohammed

    less bezel would be nice.

  • Onny Yeung

    don’t know about the black line tho..they look ugly

  • Juliano Rosario

    Looks unfinished

  • GaugePrower

    Those black lines look STUPID AF!!!!!! The rest looks great.

  • Dante Arellano

    Those black lines makes looks fuckk the iphone

  • A’s Network

    Wish we could have the same 2 tone design as the 5 and 5s did with glass. That looked really stealthy.

  • Your Mother

    looks a lot like the HTC M8

  • HOVO

    i dont wont this black lines

  • WaterTrooper

    Glad I have my current iPhone5S. No need to upgrade.

  • ថាន ហាំងស៊ា

    i don’t like antenna line on iphone

  • @dongiuj

    I usually go for the black iPhone but this silver one looks more appealing. Just wish the front would be silver too.