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The release of the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x last month was both a gift and a curse. It brought about a way for folks to jailbreak the latest iOS firmware, but it also broke a lot of popular packages in Cydia.

Several developers have already updated their tweaks to work with 7.1.x, and today we’re adding another one to the list (sort of). Intelliborn has posted a beta version of IntelliScreenX with support for 7.1.x…

For those unfamiliar with the tweak, ISX is a utility for your Lock screen that gives you information and allows you to perform actions without unlocking your device. It first debuted in October 2011 for iOS 5.

For further reference, here’s our IntelliScreenX7 video walkthrough:

And as for the latest beta with iOS 7.1.x support, here’s Intelliborn:

So to snag the beta, simply add Intelliborn’s beta repo in Cydia by tapping on the Sources tab > Edit > Add and typing in From here you can install the latest build of IntelliScreenX.

ISX comes with a free 3-day trial, and costs $4.99, $7.99 or $9.99 after that depending on which (if any) previous versions you owned. An official release with support for 7.1.x should hit Cydia’s ModMyi repo soon.

Click here for our tutorial on how to jailbreak your iOS 7.1.x device.

  • Derik Stroisch

    it still doesn’t work on 7.1.2 very well. the weather bar and ticker will only show up when you have a notification.

    • Melvco

      Yeah I just checked out the Intelliborn Twitter account. They’re aware of the Weather bug and working on a fix.

      • Mads Teland

        They do have the fix now.

  • alexk

    Nice to hear they are working on it, I am using Lockinfo7 for now, but that crashes every time i plug it in.

    • Al

      Yeah, I was using LockInfo7 as well… Stayed on the trial version though. Plenty of people were clamouring for a update to IntelliscreenX, so I figured they would had update it eventually.

      I like the Contact aspect of LockInfo7, but as much people criticize IntelliscreenX… It’s definitely one of biggest reason I jailbreak.

    • Dan

      I have updated Lockinfo 7 a while back and it works without a hitch.

      If you have Auxo 2, make sure you are using flipcontrolcenter and not cccontrols or they will all crash eachother.

  • Max Coplan

    Is it working for anybody on iPad?

  • Jamie

    Working great on my iPhone 5.

  • Capirexz


  • enifome

    After installing my iPhone keep entering safe mode any body expirencing the same??

    • solrac451

      I was experiencing the same up until I downloaded version 7.10.5 from the beta repo. So far so good. Running on iPhone 5 7.1.2 64gb

      • enifome

        Please assist with the repo. Thanks

      • solrac451

        I followed the steps above in the post. Here you go: So to snag the beta, simply add Intelliborn’s beta repo in Cydia by tapping on theSources tab > Edit > Add and typing in intelliborn. com/ betaisx. (make sure its all together with no spaces when you enter it.)
        From here you can install the latest build of IntelliScreenX.

  • iltas


    • Trolololo

      no freaking way! are you mad or somethng? you cant upgrade from a lower firmware to the latest. that method was patched. only downgrade

      • iltas

        thnx man
        if i update using itune to 7.1.2 and jailbreak using pangu is that tweaks works on
        call bar springtomize 3 gridlock 2.0 bigify+ winterbaord ikeywi 2

      • solrac451

        Yes, you can update to 7.1.2 using Pangu. That is what I did. You can check in the post i linked below for the list of working apps. Check the comments in that link’s post for people who have confirmed other working Apps as well: www. idown loadblog. com /2014/06/25/ios-7-1-1-compatible- jailbreak-tweaks-on-cydia/
        (Make sure to enter it in your browser without the spaces)

  • QP

    nope, doesn’t work on iPad Air 7.1.1. Was only for iphones?

    • Todd Sorensen

      It does it you disable PWLockSreen in Cydia Substrate Addons using iCleaner.

  • Drain my battery really faster :((

  • James Bailey

    I just wish they would fix the crash problems with intellid also.

  • Bartu ÜSTÜNEL

    It’s amazing!

  • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

    Just waiting for Activator and Gridlock to be updated

  • iltas

    Auxo 2 and safari downloader+
    Che downloader+ not compatible
    Any body hve update news
    Airblue sharing also not compatible
    Any news plzzzz

  • Walter Hudson

    works on my 5s- 7.1.2

  • Jonathan Lara

    Okay, so now that I’m jail broken..I can’t find any tweaks that are compatible at all.. It doesn’t let me install anything. Are there any sources that actually have a lot of compatible tweaks? I’m running 7.1.2. I saw a list with tons of tweaks that we’re compatible but I can’t find any. Any sources y’all recommend,

  • Edoc

    any cheaper alternative that doesn’t make you pay 10$ after every update? These devs are too greedy for my wallet.

    • Andrea Verocio

      MuteIcon + Bulletin + Mikoto

      Then disable the dylibs you dont need for mikoto with icleaner.

  • Noncla

    installation not possible because of conflicts with unknown packets…..