Episode 63: Jeff, Sebastien, and Cody discuss Pangu v 1.1, the implications of a jailbreak this late in the game, and more. The team also talks about iOS 7.1.x compatible tweaks, Chinese hackers, and nitrogen infused beer.

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  • Justin Mac

    Pangu 1.1 works but God help you if you want to Restore your iPhone back to default !
    I have tried every work around and method out there and nothing works !
    I get the 3014 and 3194 error messages which is associated with the HOSTS FILE.
    I think I have wasted enough time trying to restore my iPhone. Now the Pangu team needs to fix the God damned problem or we won’t be able to download the next iOS update !

    • Chih-yu Chueh

      Have you tried DFU mode??

      • Justin Mac

        Thanks for the reply , yes I tried DFU mode many times.

    • Damian

      DFU modes usually works.

      • Justin Mac

        unfortunately not for me… 🙁

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Then you have a hardware fault since DFU mode always works no questions asked unless something is wrong with your hardware…

      • Justin Mac

        If that’s true then I’m stuffed… Apple won’t help me with it either.
        Thanks Pangu… I hope you don’t put other phones into a permanent jail,

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        You said your error were associated with the hosts file. What happens if you go to gs[.]apple[.]com?

      • Justin Mac

        I get a similar error , just a different number in the ‘3000’ range. Error 3194 for example

      • reign

        y dont u check ur drivers…….

      • MikeOxlong

        Your problem has nothing to do with Pangu. Just unfortunate circumstance and coincidence. I’ve already restored 2 different iPhones (4s&5), and 3 iPads (2,3&mini) without issue.

      • Damian

        It is not pengu fault. It seems it could be related to host server file. I had exact same issue with it when downgrading was possible but sketchy to achieve

      • Damian

        Dfu used to fail when downgrading was possible but apple was trying to block it. At some point even simple restoring would not work because some iTunes files had changed while trying to archive downgrade.

      • Damian

        Have you tried doing it on different computers.

        I used to have tons of issues with simple restoring due to downgrading and changing some file dependencies. It looked like I bricked my phone few times because it would be stuck on the black screen or recovery mode. It would scare me a lot, and it turned out that I just had to go to different computer and do it there.

        My iTunes used kick me out with different error each time in the middle of restoring. Few times it actully let me restore after 20 times of trying.

        But changing computer or operating system used to work the best because some iTunes file dependencies were not change in this case.

      • Justin Mac

        Thanks for the advice bro , I will try what you said.

      • ‘Ariff

        I use itunes in a sandbox and it almost always works when this kind of issue pops up with my devices. I recommed that you try it

    • Chris Coleman

      Turn it off then hold the home button, plug iphone into computer whilst still holding home button. You’ll get the pop up on on iTunes saying device in restore mode. You know what to do from there 🙂 hope that helps

      • Justin Mac

        umm yeah been there done that a few times…

    • Matt

      Yea Pangu is my personal least favorite jailbreak I’ve used two times the app on my computer crashed

  • Matheus Lisboa

    I took the survey yet my tablet still has android :/