Kenu Airframe

Keeping iPhone within arm’s reach while driving is not only convenient, but also a matter of life and death. Every day, people wreck their vehicles fumbling around for their smartphone while driving. There are many mounts on the market, offering easy access to a smart device. However, I would argue Kenu’s Airframe is chart topping.

When designing a car mount, there are a few factors that must be considered: where is it going; how will it attach; what will it hold; is it portable. While portability is not the most important, the Airframe will easily detach and run with you to the next step. Airframe is a great solution in a small package…

Design and function

Kenu Airfram mounted

Weighing less than an ounce, the little Airframe is doing work much beyond its weight class. The back uses a TPE tipped, 4 pronged attachment point. Depending on your vehicle’s air vents, the tips attach at any angle, either horizontal vertical, or even slanted. Because the attachment tips will rotate, there is not an angle for which the Airframe cannot be utilized.

Kenu Airfram slanted

Once mounted, inserting the phone is simple because the side panels are spring loaded. Expanding widely, the Airframe is compatible for most 5″ screens, which should keep iPhone users happy, even when they upgrade to an iPhone 6. To keep iPhone’s metal sides from being damaged, the Airframe panels are covered in TPE.


Honestly, to spend any more time trying to explain the device would only limit its simplicity. I have carried this with me on two road trips. Just stuff it in your pocket and take it from car to car. Now, I have a much more complicated, semi-professionally installed car mount in both my wife’s and my car. However, if I am going anywhere that might require me to drive another vehicle, I throw the Airframe in my bag.

At $24.99, it is a must-have. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it “was a steal,” but it is perfectly priced, easy to use, highly portable, and solves a universal problem. Do yourself a favor and stop fumbling for your phone while driving. Don’t clutter your windshield with a suction mounted dock that creates blind spots and dirties your windows. The Kenu Airframe is an instant purchase for me.

  • A’s Network

    $24.99 is worth it for an iPhone dashboard stand that actually lasts a long time

    • Veronica Sweet

      I agree! What would you pay for a case that protected your privacy?

  • Rahnold

    What mount did you have semi-professionally installed in your cars? Thanks for the write-up!

  • Eikast

    I’m not sure if it was a Kenu but I purchased a mount exactly like that (logo looks familiar but I’m not in the car so I can’t check) from Officemax a few months back and it was the best purchase ever!

    • Veronica Sweet

      www ipatchcase com The new iPatch case helps secure your privacy while using your awesome iPhone!

  • Priyank Nauni

    How friendly this is with car vents, prolonged usage might
    break or loose the vent? (Considering Indian roads) where potholes can be found more than tar and seriously no pun intended.

    • James Gunaca

      I’ve been using one for about a year, no issue. They use rubber edges to grip to the frame of the air vent so there is little chance it will damage the vent itself.

  • Stefano

    come on guys lets be real here. what goes on when you put the heat on in the winter. your phone is hot as hell when your texting in the summer; now lets add navigation during the winter with heat blasting on it. thats just my $0.02 when it comes to these vent mounts

    • JimGresham

      I’m with you, for sure. But for a quick, slap and go solution, this is really clever.

      • Stefano

        yessir! i willlllll agree with you on that!

      • JimGresham

        Thanks for reading!

      • Stefano

        stay classy JimGresham.. i was blindly replying and just realized i was speaking to an iDB member!

    • phildapunk

      Hi Stefano. I’ve been using two of these mounts for over a year , through all seasons. And yes, as you say, the phone can get hot when your heating the car in winter. But I can honestly say, I haven’t experienced or pinpointed any stability issues, as a result of the warm / cold air. The only downside to these air vents is that it blocks some of the airflow through the car, but that does not bother me.

      • Stefano

        thanks for you’re reply, i am actually in the market for a mount. i used to own a suction type one that broke due to climate change warping the plastic. i have always been fond of these vent mounts due to their compact look and low key placement how they ‘blend in’. i just may buy this and give it a shot. thanks.

    • TonyVee73

      This is something that worries me, also. My wife gave me 2 of these for Father’s Day. My phone was getting REALLY cold on the vent. Thankfully in my car, I was able to clip on on the the ashtray and it sits on a nice angle but in my wife’s car, the only place it will fit is the vent. I need to find a different spot for it to go in her car.

      • Xee

        Shouldn’t really matter if the iPhone gets really cold. Its if it gets to hot you might have problems.

  • Scott

    IMO, Mountek nGroove Snap 2 Magnetic Car Mount for Smartphones and Mini Tablets is the best. Small, easy to install into the CD player slot available in all cars, and holds my retina iPad mini or my iPhone 5 with no problems.


    • Xee

      Does this works at all without the magnetic pad in a case? Just wondering how to use this without a case?

      • Scott

        The metal plate is needed to make it work. It has a thin film of adhesive on one side to stick it to your phone. So the case is not needed to use it.

  • Benjamin J Schwartz

    RAM mounts: Google it. They will keep the iPhone stationary even if you flip the car and it explodes, taking you with it. Hey, they even look good.

  • Looks great. I just really worry about heat blasting on the iPhone and overheating it. As well as A/C blasting on it and expediting battery discharge. But yes, for a quick slap and go solution this looks great.

  • Y4VIN

    One word…Steelie

    • Stefano

      Do you own one? I have to say, I don’t, but who wants a ridiculous 1/2 inch magnet bulging off the back on my iPhone when it’s not functioning with Steelie LOL. Maybe you can persuade me otherwise…

      • Y4VIN

        There’s only two downsides, it will fry credit cards if kept in the same pocket; the ball mush be adhered to the car, which (though i haven’t seen any complaints) I assume will leave at least some kind of trace after removing. Other that that, it’s seriously awesome. It doesn’t bother me at all feel wise, plus anything w/iron in it now becomes a mount. fridge, car exteriors, poles… so many things. The way it mounts in your car is perfection. I will probably use this as my go-to for years.
        …It also makes the vent style clips seems ridiculous to me now.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Thanks, Jim! I am pretty sure I saw this at my local Apple Store, but if they don’t have it in stock, I am going to order it online through Apple’s website. I always put my phone on my lap playing music through my aux cord, and I have had a few instances where I’d hit some heavy traffic with the cars in front of me braking hard (no I was not following too close, ha), and then my phone flops onto the floor. This will allow me to do many iPhone-related things a lot easier in the car (obviously no texting).

  • White Michael Jackson

    I bought one of these at Brookstone.

  • James Gunaca

    Had one of these for awhile, they are great (as long as your vents fit well for it). It’s an incredibly simple and well-designed accessory!

  • @dongiuj

    Only good if you drive more than one car, a lot! Seriously, these air vent clip on jobs are annoying and look nasty, IMO.

  • Yasser Kaskas

    Been using one for 8 month. Excellent quality, sturdy, hasnt lost any grip or anything like that, hasnt damaged my air vent, and very minimalist…I second that it its a great buy

  • yader

    Just use Velcro. Just a little, goes a long way.

  • Jose Gonzalez

    I bought this at the Apple store like 3 months ago. This thing is perfect! No more buying cheap alternative options from eBay anymore!

  • Woodlandstar

    I’ve been using one of these for the last 4 months, and they are brilliant. I’ve tried many mounts over the years, which wobble when driving, or stick out at odd angles, and usually require breaking to remove them from one car to another. This is clean, easy install in 1 second, and works great!

  • Keith

    I’ve had one of these for about 7 months now. After just a couple of months, it started coming off with the phone when I pulled the phone out of it. It now takes two hands to remove it. One to hold the clip onto the vent, and one to grab the phone. Yes, I’m using the thinner clip. It is awkward because I have to reach around the steering wheel. Try reaching over to a vent on the right side of the steering wheel with your left arm. I still use it, but would not have bought it if I knew better.

  • Jason Masters

    The vent mounts are the absolute worst they are clumsy poorly made they never fit right and always fall off in the process dropping your precious iPhone!

  • gittlopctbi

    Very late to the conversation here, but living in hot AZ, I would do absolutely NOTHING to obstruct any AC from blowing! 🙂

    Also, I love my iOttie One Touch Windshield Dashboard Universal Car Mount Holder for iPhone. Sticks to my dash easily and tenaciously. And I love that I can put my iPhone in with one hand and simply take it out with only one hand. And it only cost around $16 on Amazon.

    • J. Rockwell

      very good mount!

  • Dinesh Dharmasegaran

    Hi Jim. Just wanted to ask. Since I’m
    Not in America and my country doesn’t allow Amazon, is there anywhere else I could buy this?

  • Dmaez

    This thing is nice unless you live in Arizona then it blocks your AC which you need

  • Caporosso4

    The Best!