Voombox Travel Colors

To kick off the week on an exciting note, we’re pleased to announce our latest giveaway of the Divoom Voombox Travel speakers. The palm-sized, water-resistant wireless Bluetooth speakers are built for the outdoors, designed with a sturdy metal body and shock absorbing rubber that can sustain rugged conditions. The speakers are compatible with iPhones, iPads and other smartphones and tablets. Read ahead for how to enter…

In addition to wirelessly streaming music from Bluetooth-capable devices, the Voombox Travel also has a built-in microphone that can be used to send and receive phone calls. A built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 6 hours of talk time, and a metal carabiner allows you to clip the speakers right onto your belt, jeans or backpack. The Voombox Travel is available in a variety of colors for $49.95 on Amazon.

If you are interested in learning more about the Voombox Travel, I posted an in-depth review of the wireless speakers a few weeks ago. In the end, I walked away impressed with the design, sound quality and price of the speakers. The speakers work within a good range of your iPhone or whichever device you’re pairing them with, and I recommend them for anyone that considers themselves to be an outdoorsman.

How to Enter

 Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase necessary
  • Giveaway is open to all ages worldwide, except where prohibited by law
  • You may only enter once per household or business
  • The deadline to enter: 4 Jul 2014, 11:59 AM Eastern (GMT – 5:00)
  • Failure to claim your prize within 48 hours results in forfeiture of the item

We’ll pick a winner within one week. Good luck to everyone that enters.

  • @kaizenfashion
    I want to win so I can take this baby on all of my outdoor adventures! Woo hoo!

  • Henrique Grande Neto

    @henriquegn – Not only these speakers are wonderful, but they seem to sound awesome too! Good for everyday situations!

  • Mehul Jain

    I want them coz they will let me njoy music more and anywhere…. Also they r free;)
    Love iDB:)

  • Ruben

    @mfuknruben Music is always apart of me, why not share it with the world as i take it on my journeys.

  • Erik

    I’d be honored to win, seeing as that my last Bluetooth portable speaker got stolen from me while I was working a week after buying it, and don’t have money to replace it. Thanks, love the site.


  • Rio

    where was the first winner of the headphones giveaway? i didn’t see any announce made ^_-

  • Rio

    Hope I win so I can listen to the music and also your “Let’s Talk” episodes this summer 😀

  • Michał Loska

    @Azbestu I spend a lot of time outdoors or places where I can’t listen to music from other source than phone speaker 🙂 I’m a “music junkie” that’s why I’d love to win. Cheers!

  • ali_plus

    Tweet @iAliMughal
    I am usually on iDB to see new articles and read comments cause they give more idea of what readers are thinking of the article. I was here for the same. I would like to get this product because I am usually in my fitness club playing games. It would be good to listen to music while playing squash 🙂

  • afshandc

    Those speakers are really cool, it would be really handy for trips and mini parties!!!

  • Davinci

    Because no one from the world has ever won a giveaway :/

  • triggerfiend

    @4pplesauce to boom boom with the speakers bro, i want to slap the vibes everywhere i go and spread the love with some fine tunes 😉

  • Ardit

    @djditii I want to win this because i love music and the only speakers i bought on black market broke in 1 week 🙁 and i have been reading iphonedownloadblog since the very beginning 🙂

  • soundmanbrad


    It would be awesome to have, since I would have something to listen to outside while I do yard work. It would also be handy when I am teaching in a room with no built in speakers.

  • Annette

    This would be great for my summer travels. @ThatTuxedoCat

  • Evan Drenner

    I’m heading off to college and money is tight right now. These speakers would help greatly so i wouldn’t have to buy some and i consider myself an outdoorsy person. When playing Ultimate Frisbee it would be great to listen to my favorite songs and share with others. Thanks!

  • Lucas Daolio

    Because these speakers have a amazing durability and sound quality!

  • Adam

    I’d love to win this awesome speaker because I don’t own a speaker as yet to use with my phone and as this is a wireless Bluetooth speaker, it would be great to use it while I go out to places with my friends – so we can take the party, wherever we go! 🙂
    Thanks you!