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Adding to the recent barrage of iPhone 6 part leaks and physical mockups, several photos popped up online this afternoon showing display covers that allegedly belong to the handset.

The images depict a white and black component, both of which are said to be display glass covers for the smaller (4.7) version of the two new iPhones Apple is expected to launch this fall…

iphone 6 screen 2

9to5Mac has a number of photos of the parts, which it says were sent in by an unnamed source. The shots don’t offer much in the way of new intel, but there are a few things worth noting.

A new hole appears to the left of the ear speaker, but it is unclear if this is a re-located FaceTime front camera or a proximity sensor. The variation in port location from part-to-part could be due to production of parts still being in early stages. It is possible some pieces were produced earlier or later than others. The edges also appear to be slightly curved.

Interestingly enough, a report from Nikkei earlier today claimed that previously-seen mockups of the iPhone 6 haven’t been entirely accurate, and the device’s screen actually has curved edges.

iphone 6 screen 3

But other than that contradiction, just about everything we’ve seen thus far has lined up. It’s widely believed that Apple is preparing to launch both a 4.7 and 5.5-inch smartphone in September.

In addition to the larger displays, the handset is expected to feature a new, thinner case design, with a relocated power button. It’s also said to have an A8 chip, improved camera, and more.

  • A’s Network

    You seriously should change the title from display cover to digitizer (because that is the technical term for it. Not trolling, just want to be helpful.

    Not trying to be offensive either.

    • Clark Wallace

      Hilarious because the digitiser is the touchscreen and that is just a piece of glass in the article. iPhone screen assembly goes.. glass > digitiser > LCD display.

      Learn your facts because you go bringing other people down.

      • mlee19841

        Lol burn

      • eXoguti093

        Well this top part in my friend’s iPod touch broke off but it was still connected and you could still touch it and move the screen even though it wasn’t touching the screen, it would detect exactly where you touched so you could press an app or type with this piece away from the screen..

      • Clark Wallace

        The digitiser and LCD are glued together with a very very fine layer of adhesive, you could have no glass on the phone and the touchscreen would still function correctly providing the display assembly ribbon cable is attached to the logic board. The glass is simply a protective finish to the phone.

      • eXoguti093

        Wait I don’t get it though, the LCD was still attached to the device but the glass was separated though still connected at the top, at the bottom it was about an inch from the LCD, and I could still touch the glass and the typing would display on the LCD, so that means the digitizer was attached to the glass?

      • SebestyenSzabo

        Yes, the digitizer and glass have been glued together for quite a few iterations of the iPd touch and iPhone

      • A’s Network

        Actually the digitizer is laminated to the digitizer itself. Please learn your facts yourself, I wasn’t bringing anyone down.

  • Is it gorilla glass or sapphire

    • ImLouis

      doesn’t matter, we know the final design will use sapphire 😀

      • SebestyenSzabo

        We don’t “know” anything until the announcement. We can assume things (some more safely than others), but we don’t “know” we see the phone itself.

      • ImLouis

        Apple have been manufaturing sapphire displays at 4.7″ and 5.5″. Most of there competition use a type of hardened glass. Apple is premium, sapphire is premium.

  • Matt

    The bezels!

  • Muhammad !

    these photos looks real to me !

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    Well the bezels look thinner in this leak, don’t you guys think so?

  • Yunsar

    No in cell touch?