As if there weren’t already enough ways to communicate with others, this month has now been witness to two different outside of the box messaging platforms. The first was a quirky new app called Yo that took the App Store by storm earlier this month with over one million users in just days. The two-character app is a simple and efficient messaging tool that solely consists of sending and receiving notifications that say Yo.

Emojli is the second, an emoji-only network looking to replicate the success of Yo from a few weeks ago. Forget text messages, hashtags, spam and trolls, and communicate solely with emojis. Emojli is now accepting username reservations on its website, which are also entirely in emoji. While the app seems like satire, its creators Matt Gray and Tom Scott claim it will be launching on iOS soon and other platforms later… 

“Social networks are broken, with spam, trolls, memes and hashtags,” the video says. “It’s time for something simpler. We present Emojli, the emoji-only network. There is no spam, because there isn’t an emoji for spam. There is one for aubergine. We’re not sure why, but you can use it. No bloody forward-this-to-ten-people memes, no stupid hashtags. The worst message you could possible receive? It’s a pile of poo.”

It’s hard to predict whether apps like Yo or Emojli can actually establish themselves as mainstream offerings among the multitude of messaging services available, or if they will simply go by the wayside after their fifteen minutes of Flappy Bird-like fame. I’m going to stick with the latter, but maybe communicating solely with yo’s and smiley faces will somehow be the next big thing.

Does messaging with emojis seem absurd to you?

  • jack

    this is stupid

    • Arsanny Lintang

      Stupid enough that people would download it and make the developer rich.

  • “No more trolling” – and it feels like they are trolling us.

  • Eni

    How is this posible, i just restored my iPhone and restored the backup and that wallpaper is still there (p.s. That is a dynamic wallpaper from a jailbreak tweak, and i havent jailbreak my phone yet) ?? This means u can add dynamic wallpapers into a backup and wen u restore the backup u will find that wp into the phone? Well done apple

    • Maxim∑

      I Cloud will partially restore some jailbreak directories. You need to restore as new, not apples fault you decided to jailbreak…

      • Eni

        Yes but eventually you will need the backup. in fact i have seen (with ifile) some files of a tweak from ios 6 and below, sbsetings, weird thought

    • rosssimpson

      Totally not related to the original post, what-so-ever though.

      • Eni

        Who cares, here is all about apple products and i am talking about one of them so..

      • rosssimpson

        Post on a help forum and not clog up the comments section with unrelated content.

      • Eni

        Please gtfo of my post 🙂

      • rosssimpson

        You’ve left it here for anyone to comment, so you should be open to comments from anyone.

        This isn’t the place to post that stuff. If you’d have posted it in a forum of some sort, you’d have got a better response from people that actually care.

      • Eni

        Ppl actually are replaying their thoughts and experiences, ur the only one that are saying this bullshits

    • youtube .. instagram & whatsapp ? your choices are so lame and who could people stand with the same lame dated interface of whatsapp for 3 years ?

      • Eni

        Yo? and trolling me u stupid.
        1 thing we have in comon is family guy lol

      • I think almost all people have the youtube app, so shut up please henrycupcake.

    • Corey B

      Some reason the jailbreak will always leaves its files there when you sync your device during the jailbreak. When the first IOS 7 jailbreak came out with the iphone 5. I had all my settings from previous jailbreak there before i even downloaded the tweak as well as some from my old iphone 4 jailbreak. So im assuming that you can always take some tweaks and make them on your phone with out a complete jailbreak..possible

  • David Hvilivitzki

    They had this in Egypt 3000 years ago…