Lightroom for Mac (teaser 001)

It didn’t take long for Adobe to respond to Apple’s somewhat shocking announcement that it was winding down development of its professional photo editing software, Aperture, to focus on the upcoming Photos app for OS X Yosemite app, due in 2015.

As expected, Adobe is happy to seize the opportunity to sell its Lightroom software and Creative Suite subscriptions to the disappointed Aperture fans whom Apple’s announcement left flabbergasted…

Writing on company blog, Adobe’s Winston Hendrickson, Vice President of Products, Digital Imaging, said that Lightroom (unlike Aperture) is going nowhere.

Put simply we’re doubling down on our investments in Lightroom. We also continue to invest actively on the iOS and OSX platforms, and are committed to helping interested iPhoto and Aperture customers migrate to our rich solution across desktop, device and web workflows.

He went on to tease “a rich roadmap of rapid innovation for desktop, web and device workflows” in the coming weeks, months and years. For those wondering, Apple last updated Aperture in November 2013.

Lightroom for iOS is a free download from the Mac App Store. The Mac edition is no longer distributed through the Mac App Store since version 5 and must instead be downloaded directly from Adobe’s website.

It’s a subscription-based app like Office for iPad so one of the Creative Cloud plans will be required to use it past the free 30-day trial period.

Creative Cloud plans

Would-be switchers, Hendrickson said, should check out Adobe’s new Creative Cloud Photography Plan which includes the Mac/Win edition of Photoshop and the Mac/Win/iPhone/iPad/Web edition of Lightroom in exchange for a low fee of ten bucks per month.

It’s true that Adobe is a prolific Apple developer.

Just earlier this month, for instance, the firm put out three new iOS apps – Ink, Line and Photoshop Mix – and released iOS-compatible accessories, a stylus and a precision ruler.

Lightroom Mobile (teaser 002)

In years past, Lightroom and Aperture have fiercely competed in the same market and for the same customer so Apple’s announcement must be music to Adobe’s ears.

What’s your take on Apple’s Aperture news?

Was trying to compete with Adobe, its loyal developer, a grave mistake and bad business on Apple’s part?

  • CollegiateLad

    Was trying to compete with Adobe, its loyal developer, a grave mistake and bad business on Apple’s part?’ Lol, I can’t even stop laughing.

    • R3aLdoe Foo

      The only party adobe is loyal to is themselves. Not even their own customers do they even offer a competent & compelling product anymore. Sure, their model and technology has been copied and improved upon, though they are purposely slow to roll out bug fix updates, update/upgrades, and application improvements. Not only that but they refresh their software every two years. It doesn’t sound so bad, but it is considering how much they charge for their software. Adobe once had reign of a niche software market but are little by little losing their dominant presence. Many other developers will have caught up and offer something just as good.

    • Antzboogie

      What is it with Adobe and Apple always fighting? I can’t even visit certain websites because of no flash support. I have to use a third party Web browser Puffin Web Browser and it’s actually better then Chrome or Safari and it is top notch.

      • Jack Wong

        Didn’t Adobe stop supporting flash on Android as well?

      • CasonAsherTech

        Yes, they did.

      • Jack Wong

        I don’t see why people still bitch about the flash support for smartphone, HTML5 is here already.

      • CasonAsherTech

        When I used Puffin it was nothing but slow. 🙁 Glad you are having a good experience with it though.

  • Captain Canada

    I’m a consumer who’s happy with what VSCO Cam. With that being said I still don’t understand why a company who is one half of a duopoly would just cease to produce that product or service. Obviously it’s not the best comparison but this would be like Apple halting iOS and giving the whole smartphone market to Android, right? What I’m saying is this move doesn’t even come close to affecting me but why would a company (Apple in this particular case)just give up something they are a leader in?

  • Greg

    “is going nowhere” does not mean “isn’t going anywhere”. English is my second language, but even I know the difference. Do you? Hard to take you seriously… SMH…

    • BugsBunnay87

      doesn’t bother me one bit. as long as you know what they mean. nah i’m sayin’ brah?

      • Greg

        That and the closing paragraph – model sloppiness.

      • BugsBunnay87

        it’s all good! no one cares about sloppiness in this day an age.

    • Niclas

      Actually, in this sentence, it has the exact same meaning.
      It is perfect english, look it up or ask someone who knows english.

  • JulianZH

    I want to use aperture but doesn’t have a Mac.

    • Greg

      Get a Mac. Problemo solved 🙂

  • ExcitedMuch

    Goddammm!! Why apple, why?!? I love aperture cos of the UI and simplicity. Now i have to switch to lightroom and pay monthly. :(((

  • Matt

    I actually never really like aperture as much as Lightroom

  • J. Rockwell

    As much as I love Adobe for Photoshop. When it comes to capturing I will take Capture One Pro over buggy as s— Lightroom anyday of the week.

  • Eldaria

    I will never pay for Subscription for a software. I like buying my software once and upgrade when I feel like it.