The Weather Channel 4.0 for iPad (Screenshot 001)

The Weather Channel’s nice iPhone app was updated two months ago with substantial design changes and much-needed iOS 7 styling. Today, it’s the iPad app’s turn to get some way overdue iOS 7 love.

Now available in the App Store, the new Weather Channel for iPad version 4.0 is now closely aligned to the iOS 7 aesthetic and it shows: from precise typography and flat UI elements to the use of translucency and complete lack of ornamentation to the gorgeous background photos that match your current weather conditions and more…

As the screenshots used in the article attest, The Weather Channel is now a good citizen in iOS 7 and more than a suitable replacement for Apple’s stock Weather app or Yahoo’s free, beautifully designed Weather software.

The Weather Channel 4.0 for iPad (Screenshot 002)

The Weather Channel 4.0 for iPad (Screenshot 004)

The Weather Channel 4.0 for iPad (Screenshot 005)

The Weather Channel 4.0 for iPad (Screenshot 003)

It’s interesting that Apple has removed a middle man and now goes straight for the source for iOS weather data. Instead of continuing to tap Yahoo as its weather data provide – which itself sources data from The Weather Channel – Apple now directly retrievs weather forecast from The Weather Channel.


Well, supplanting Yahoo with The Weather Channel gives Apple much richer data sets to work with, including more weather specificity related to the location of a user, a nine-day forecast (instead of five) along with a weather-conditions summary and more.

Download The Weather Channel 4.0 for iPad free in the App Store. The iPhone app is available as a separate download and both require iOS 7.0 or later.

  • Chliii

    Love TWC, but I have TWC Max on my 5s and regular TWC on my wifes phone and Ipad, and they give completely different forecasts on a regular basis. Very annoying, but I love the new look

  • Jack Wong

    I use the only, I don’t see why I have to get a 3rd pt app to just get the forecast report, it is not accurate anyway.

    • Andy

      You’re saying a weather app by the WEATHER channel is not accurate? LOL.

      • Jack Wong

        I mean the one that come with the iOS, I see people care the weather so much since we have a smartphone…

  • chjode

    Did they remove video forecasts from the iPhone version? Heck if I can find them now.

  • Sargon Mikho

    A year after the release of iOS 7…

    • blu

      iOS was released in September and last time I checked it is currently June (or are you referring to the Beta version, that was released in June?).

      • hkgsulphate

        i bet he didn’t mean exactly a year…?

  • blu

    I can’t stand the new interface. I actually just saw it yesterday when I had to upgrade from iOS 6.x to 7.1.1 on my iPhone 5. I opened it the first time and thought “eww” and the interface feels clunky. I liked the old interface, real easy to see the radar (one click from the main screen vs scrolling several pages now).

    Guess I need to find a new weather app.