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Earlier today, Google kicked off its two-day summer conference for developers with a keynote talk. It always pays to keep tabs on competition, my colleague Joe Rosignoll and I have been covering key advancements concerning the Android platform in the form of Android L, Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV announcements.

Making sense of it all, I’ve put together this recap of the most important developments from the Google I/O 2014 keynote. Give it a read and feel free to chime in with your thoughts and analysis in the comment section…

Android L: gamification of Android

The L is all about Material Design.

More than just a buzzword, Material Design outlines Google’s new design language for Android. Drawing inspiration from paper and ink, it gives various user interface elements such features as physical surfaces and edges, with an optimized system-wide Roboto font, color-matched themes, animated transitions and lighting and shadows gamifying the Android experience in a manner similar to iOS 7.

Android L’s Material Design capabilities are available in web apps as well, including smooth UI animations at sixty frames per second. All-new Enhanced Notifications in Android L allow you to read, open and dismiss alerts directly from the Lock screen, without needing to fully unlock your device – much like interactive notifications in iOS 8.

And with Project Volta, you’ll quickly identify battery hog apps running on your device while a Battery Saver will automatically kill apps, shut off Wi-Fi or dim the display to give you up to 90 minutes of additional battery life.

Multitasking Android L

Android L apps can now store items like URLs, last accessed documents, images and more into a new system-wide Recents view. There is also an improved Google search with autocomplete suggestions within apps.

Google worked with some of the biggest GPU makers in mobile, including the iPhone graphics supplier Imagination Technologies, on Android Android Extension Pack, a set of hardware-accelerated APIs it hopes will power PC-level graphics on mobile.

Android L Preview

With 5,000 APIs for devs, a brand new ART runtime exclusive to it, 64-bit support and more, Android L will improve your experience when it releases later this year.

Android Wear: for smarter wearables

Previewed back in March of this year, Android Wear is now available with the official SDK for developers to write apps that run natively on wearable devices. The goal is to replicate Android’s success in smartphones, this time on wearables.

Android Wear (image 005)

Google’s “Information That Moves With You” mantra for Wear entails such features as Google Now, OK Google, notifications, swippable card interface, fitness goals with daily summaries, music playback, custom watch faces, content sync between wearables and other Android devices and more.

Motorola Moto 360 (Metal 001)

Wear works with phones running Android 4.3 or higher. Conveniently, LG’s G watch and Samsung’s Gear Live today started selling through Google Play. Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch with Android Wear, pictured above, will arrive later this summer.

Android Auto: purpose-built for driving

Like Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto extends Google’s platform into the car in a way that’s purpose-built for driving and focused on navigation, communication and music.

In addition to stock apps like Google Now and turn-by-turn navigation with live traffic from Google Maps, Android Auto supports both Google’s own Play Music service as well as third-party apps like Spotify and Songza.

Android Auto (Google Maps 004)

Other features include support for physical car controls, voice dictation, reminders, events, incoming message/phone call alerts and more.

25 manufacturers have pledged to bring Android Auto compatible vehicles and aftermarket solutions later this year, including Acura, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, Hyundai, Alpine, Clarion and JVCKenwood.

Android TV: take four

Basically a rehashed Google TV which has failed spectacularly, Android TV’s biggest strength is the redesigned interface which promises less browsing and more watching, with features like voice searching (you could tell it to list “Oscar nominated movies from 2008”) and personalized recommendations right on your Home screen.

Oh, and it runs Android games compatible with gamepads, too.

Android TV also supports Google Cast technology so you can easily send movies and shows from your phone or tablet to a TV, similar to the Apple TV-AirPlay combo. In addition to Google Play movies and TV shows, Android TV supports web content from sources like YouTube, and premium entertainment like Netflix.

Interesting stats

Given the sheer size of the ecosystem and Google’s lead in activations, the Internet giant raved about the numbers which help describe Android’s reach and scale.

Here are a few head-turning highlights:

  • 1 billion active Android users based on a 30-day usage period
  • Android users collectively check their phone 100 billion times per day
  • 20 billion text messages sent per day via Android devices
  • Android users take 93 million selfies per day
  • 1.5 trillion steps taken by Android users per day
  • Android has 62 percent global market share for tablets based on shipped devices
  • Android app installs on tablets is up 236 percent year-over-year

To dive deep into Google’s announcements, check out the official Android website, enjoy a replay of the keynote stream on YouTube or follow all Google I/O 2014 videos.

Summing up

Google has made some rather significant advancements today.

Android L is refining the experience with a sleeker user interface while providing the APIs and the plumbing work so developers could write more cohesive and engaging apps. It’s optimized for next-generation graphics and puts Google closer to its goal of providing a stutter-free app platform.

Android Wear will help maintain Google’s lead by giving wearable device vendors the tools to quickly build a compelling smartwatch or a fitness tracker that can tap into the Android ecosystem.

Android Auto (image 008)

Android Auto is purpose-built for driving and focused on navigation, communication and music, with wide industry support and features like Google Now, voice-enabled music and Google Maps turn-by-turn directions with live traffic, to name a few.

And Android TV, Google’s latest attempt at the living room, should bring some excitement to the sector by revamping the interface and putting more Android apps on your big screen TV.

Frankly, I expected more from Google, something along the lines of Apple’s ‘one more thing’ surprises. With management changes at the top of Google and Apple’s renewed focus on clean design, it almost feels as if Google felt pressured to replicate iOS 7’s appearance on Android – which isn’t saying Android L doesn’t hold its own.

Android TV (image 001)

On the other hand, the search monster is adamant to make its platform available across as many devices as possible so Wear and Auto are first steps in the right direction.

I wish I could say the same thing about Android TV: Google has a history of failed living room attempts in the form of Google TV so it remains to be seen whether a name change, a fresh coat of paint and a few new features can make a dent.

Anyway, your guess is as good as mine so meet us in comments and tell us how you think Google did today.

  • Muhammad !

    You expect me to read all that !! LOL
    WWDC is all what i care about.

    • MagicDrumSticks

      Nice fanboy attitude you got there. Rather, I prefer to call it ignorant.

      • Muhammad !

        you want to hear a joke ? ……ANDROID.

      • Guest

        Worshipping an American company with the name Muhammad is what most people call a Joke.

      • Zod

        Making fun of his name how unique

  • Rares

    I don’t think anyone will ever read that much info about Android.

    • I do. And I appreciate news about competetors, because iOS is not the whole world 😉

      • jack

        then go to a fandroid website

  • unkown man

    android is crap

  • asdfasdf

    I hate the idea of the Car Alliances of Google and Audi. A car should not be bought because its supports just one Operation System.. Every car manufacture should integrate booth Apple in the Car and Google Auto!
    I am a huge Audi and Apple Fan. But do I need to buy an Android device to use the most of the potential of the car?
    This is shit right now!!

    • Matt

      I will buy a BMW (or a car a I like) whether it supports Google or Apple
      If people are looking at cars with only Apple or Google technology in it — then I’m sorry to say this, but get a life!

  • JulianZH

    just looked like ios 7…

  • Hak

    I actually like the new designs. This is coming from 7 years Apple. I feel that 2013/14 really turned me to Stock Android, not the crap skins (with the exception of Sense 6). Especially with the Nexus 5/Moto X. Now this might get me to switch. But never back to Windows.

    • Kurt

      WP7, WP8? Or previous versions? Never seen a Windows phone in person so I’m really interessted in why you didn’t like it.

      • Hak

        Oh I wasn’t talking about phones, I was talking about computers. Windows as in Windows 7/8. I’ve edited it, I can see how that can be confusing.

  • Saulo Benigno

    What about the new Google Drive price? Right on the OneDrive from Microsoft and Dropbox face…. $10 for unlimited space…

  • ☁⚡Bläzé4President⚡☁

    This actually looks good.

  • locomambo

    You guys forget rather quickly that android actually came up with notification bar and and custom keyboard their ui a thing that now after 4-5 years Apple is trying to do on ios8..I use iphone android and windows devices just to try all technologies.

    • locomambo

      And yes i will buy the watches and the tv not only because I like them but just for the neck of it

    • Kurt

      You’re a good guy. More of people like you on this site is needed.

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    • Matt

      Lol, I busted out laughing xD

  • Biscuit

    Great summary! Thank you. Can’t wait to test this out on my N5. (Yes, I use android also, get over it)

  • Alberto Espinal

    Why were all those people going through doing while the keynote was presented? like they were looking for a place to seat!! What the hell?

  • Your Mother

    Seems like the average age of the users of this site is just 13 years old. Some really pathetic comments by a bunch of children.

    Google and friends have introduced some amazing things, maybe in 2018 iOS will get them too.

    • N&LH

      “Google and friends have introduced some amazing things, maybe in 2018 iOS will get them too” Can you please list them?

      Most of Google IO 2014 is catching up.

      When your information is outdated then do some research before you write a comment.

      • Kurt

        To be fair, iPhone 6 looks like they are trying desperately to copy the Galaxy Note. Apple is definitely the one catching up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful! Note 3 imo is the best all around phone so I want the iPhone to copy it’s features. “It just works”

      • N&LH

        1) We are talking about Apple and Google
        2) Don’t change the topic
        3) We have not seen iPhone 6 yet
        4) How Apple is copying Galaxy. If you say screen size then I agree but Galaxy copied iPhone
        5) Samsung used even to copy ads
        6) In the end everyone copies others

        I hope you have an answer 🙂

      • Kurt

        Samsung copies more from Apple than Apple from Samsung, imo. But Apple has been copying so much from Samsung. Google has absolutely been copying from Samsung and from Apple. Because of your fanboy, biased comment, I needed to smack some sense into you and show you Apple copies too, and in fact they are the one playing catchup.But after you next comment, I see you don’t need so much smacking :-p lol

      • N&LH

        “But Apple has been copying so much from Samsung.” Copying what ? Can you please list them except iPhone with big Screen ?

        “Because of your fanboy, biased comment” my comment unbaised.

        If you READ MY PREVIOUS COMMENT. I said “6) In the end everyone copies others”

        “Apple copies too, and in fact they are the one playing catchup” Can you please explain how?

        When you are unable to give answers then don’t write a comment

      • Kurt

        Wow you are poor at reading…reread what I wrote, and you can delete half of your comment.

        Apple is playing catchup….I can. power button location, temp sensor, altimeter, humidity sensor, Healthkit, increase in ppi, splitscreen, 3rd party keyboard, quickreply. All this just from Samsung. I can go on. Shall I?

      • N&LH

        First of all, it looks like you have ZERO idea about what are you talking about. HOW?

        “power button location”, there is something called common sense. When you have a large phone then it is easy to move the button

        ” temp sensor, altimeter, humidity sensor” Samsung has not innovated these sensors. When Apple adds these sensors so 100% they have something huge to do with these sensors. Not like Samsung just packing their devices with useless features or add technology without have an idea what to do with it

        “Healthkit” looks like Samsung has done based on rumors. If you watch WWDC 2014 you will see Apple Health kit is far better than what Samsung has done.

        “increase in ppi”, Apple was who introduced Retina Display. Logically if Apple is going to increase the screen sized of the iPhone then. They should increase “ppi”

        “splitscreen,” Microsoft introduced this feature at the beginning

        “3rd party keyboard” First this is something relates to Android not Samsung.

        “quickreply”First this is something relates to Android not Samsung.

        You knowledge is ZERO based on what you said. When you have ZERO idea about what are you talking about then do some research before you write a comment.

        You are unable to distinguish between what each company has done.

      • Kurt

        Apple is catching up…you don’t admit it. but In a way you did admit it! Thank you!

        Absolutely 100% wrong on the rumors of S-Health. S-Health came well before rumors of Healthbook. It was started in 2012. As you say to others, I say to you…”…do some research before you write a comment.”

        Logically they are increasing the ppi because they are increasign the size of the screen…You don’t know what ppi is I see. PPI=Pixels Per Inch. They can incrase the size of the screen and NOT the ppi. But they are doing both. Because Apple is playing catch up. They are in the low end at 326ppi, and soon will be nearing 400ppi. You have so many mistakes and yet you are so arrogant. I love debating you. MORE MORE MORE!

        Microsoft doesn’t have split screen on a phone. Started by SAMEMSUNG! Copied by APPLE! You will see it on iphone 5.5….hmm where did we see a 5.5″ in phone befroe? Oh Shamesung’s galaxy note 2. Only Sh*tsung phones have sensors for temp and humidity, also an altemeter-ONLY SAMSUNG….soon Apple. Yup, Apple is copying. Other fanboys are saying Google is copying Apple by putting White into Android L. Funny how fanboys on this site work. I’m not biased. So I can say Apple is better or worse and same for Samesung.

        Yes I know, quick reply and 3rd party keyboards relate to Android. And you know I know that. I should have said, most and not all. Big deal.

        Apple Copies! Apple Copies! Ohhh nooo!

      • N&LH

        What a crazy person…

        “Absolutely 100% wrong on the rumors of S-Health. S-Health came well before rumors of Healthbook. It was started in 2012. As you say to others, I say to you…”…do some research before you write a comment.”” …Did someone tell you that Apple did not start on Health long time ago?? Prove that?

        Just watch WWDC 2014 Healthkit part and then compare to S-Health. I hope you can figure out the difference

        “You don’t know what ppi is I see. PPI=Pixels Per Inch.” Prove that I don’t know about ppi?

        “They can incrase the size of the screen and NOT the ppi. But they are doing both” Do you work at Apple? How did you know that?. As I said Apple was the first to introduce Retina Display

        “Microsoft doesn’t have split screen on a phone” I know but they got the idea from Microsoft

        You have nothing to say. You are a fan boy who knows nothing.

        “I can go on. Shall I?” Please go on. I would like to know what are you going to say

      • Kurt

        Give me your source that Healthkit rumors came in 2012.

        PPI… ” Logically if Apple is going to increase the screen sized of the iPhone then. They should increase “ppi” ” ppi is pixel per inch. Apple could logically keep the ppi at 326 on a 5.5″ as they tell people you can’t see pixels at 300 which is a lie. and PROVEN many times over. Go to anandtech…There now you know I cought you and you didn’t know ppi. Why didn’t Apple keep it at 326 on a 5.5″ iphone? Why? The phone will be held at a further distance. Why not put less ppi? If Apple fanboys believe everything Apple says, then you need less. I win.

        As I said Apple was the first to introduce Retina Display..Other companies copied Apple. I’m not a fanboy. I know that. and Now Apple is copying by going against their much stated lie of 300ppi is all you need.

        Prove to me I’m a fanboy. And fanboy of what company? I clearly stated Samesung copies more from Apple than Apple copies from Samesung. I say all the time, and on this page I stated that iOS is the most beautiful OS. You are the fanboy and a liar.

        Apple is copying the galaxy Note 3 and you won’t admit it. No other company has temp/humidity/altimeter sensors only Samsung. Now all of a sudden Apple is getting it. Look at the placement of the powerbutton. Same place as on the Galaxy phones. Not a little higher or lower, the same. Apple is copying. They are copying like Samsung copies.

      • N&LH

        “Give me your source that Healthkit rumors came in 2012.” I did not say since 2012. When watch the keynote you know they have been working on Health kit for a long time.

        “PPI… ” Logically if Apple is going to increase the screen sized of the iPhone then. They should increase “ppi” ” ppi is pixel per inch. Apple could logically keep the ppi at 326 on a 5.5″ as they tell people you can’t see pixels at 300 which is a lie. and PROVEN many times over. Go to anandtech…There now you know I cought you and you didn’t know ppi. Why didn’t Apple keep it at 326 on a 5.5″ iphone? Why? The phone will be held at a further distance. Why not put less ppi? If Apple fanboys believe everything Apple says, then you need less. I win.”. We have not seen iPhone 6 yet…I am asking you same questions Do you work at Apple? How did you know that?. As I said Apple was the first to introduce Retina Display

        “Prove to me I’m a fanboy. And fanboy of what company? I clearly stated Samesung copies more from Apple than Apple copies from Samesung” Just read you previous comments

        ” You are the fanboy and a liar.” You are an idiot

        “Apple is copying the galaxy Note 3 and you won’t admit it” How?

        ” Look at the placement of the powerbutton” Read my previous comment.

        ” No other company has temp/humidity/altimeter sensors only Samsung.” So what. What is point of having sensors without any benefits

        “Apple is copying. They are copying like Samsung copies.” Prove that.

        Shamesung used to copy ads. What a miserable company Samsung is

        What kind of logic do you have ?

        Again you have nothing to say. A fanyboy who knows nothing

      • Kurt

        “Apple is copying. They are copying like Samsung copies.” Prove that.

        Samsung even copied the design of the charging cable and power brick. Everyone knows, let me repeat EVERYONE knows Samsung copies Apple. You really need me to prove that to you??? Do you want more? I’ll give you more. Samsung copied the finger print scanner location under the homebutton. Samsung copied the gold color phones. Yes they had it beforehand but Apple made it popular so Samsung copied. Galaxy S1 was a copy of iphone 3G/3GS. Want more? I can go on. Now Apple is coping like crazy. Healthkit, temp, humidity, altimeter, split screen. the list goes on and on. Apple is playing “catch-up”-FACT

        BTW, I just loveeee your source that Samsung copied Apple when it comes to S-Health and Healthkit. You are truly a disgusting human. Don’t write me anymore. You worship Apple. Beyond pathetic. Learn what PPI means. Before getting destroyed in a debate haha

      • N&LH

        “I just loveeee your source that Samsung copied Apple when it comes to S-Health and Healthkit” You have no source .

        “Don’t write me anymore” No need to talk with someone who knows nothing

        ” You worship Apple.” No, you are wrong

        “Learn what PPI means.” Prove that I don’t know.

        You know nothing

      • Kurt

        Is Apple paying you like Samsung pays people??

        Prove I’m a fanboy. I’m still waiting….

      • N&LH

        “I can go on. Shall I?” Please go on. I would like to know what are you going to say

      • iRaj

        Crappy plastic does not even come closer to the premium iDevices.

      • Kurt

        Note 3 is a better phone than the iPhone. The faux leather plastic doesn’t bend/chip/scratch. You can remove the backing to get to the battery to swap out the battery. Granted not really need on the Note 3 since the battery last so long but iPhones suck with battery life. So much for your “premium” argument.

        Btw, hows your cheap plastic case you have on your iDevices? I know, I know you are the one and only person not to have a plastic case on your iDevices.

      • N&LH

        “Note 3 is a better phone than the iPhone” Thank you Samsung for cheating in bench mark testing scores and a phone with less specs beats Galaxy.

      • Kurt

        Thank you Samsung for
        cheating in bench mark testing scores and a phone with less specs beats

        what’s up troll, did you say something? Your god Apple wants you to take a break and pray to it

      • N&LH

        We are talking about technology. No need to go other way. F**k Apple, Samsung and Google.

      • Kurt

        Doesn’t it feel good to say it and break free from the bondage you have been under? You are taking your first steps in being free from Apple grip. I commend you!

      • N&LH

        Go and find a better answer, if you know

      • Kurt

        Excellent thanks. I hope that works out for you!

      • N&LH

        I hope if you can improve you knowledge and try to give reasonable answers. Not answering questions without having an idea what are you saying

      • Kurt

        Absolutely! Tell me when you can admit that S-Health that was begun in 2012 didn’t copy Healthkit that rumors began in late 2013. Also, tell me when you learn the meaning of ppi and how it doesn’t relate to screen size.haha that one was so funny!

        Debating with you is like debating with a teenager about tech. haha

      • N&LH

        “ell me when you can admit that S-Health that was begun in 2012 didn’t copy Healthkit that rumors began in late 2013″… Prove that!!

        If you compare S-Health to Health Kit. Then you would release that S-Health is considered a baby software compared to Health Kit.

        “tell me when you learn the meaning of ppi “..Prove that I have no idea about ppi

        It looks like you are kind of person does not want to learn

      • Kurt

        In someways healthkit is better. someways far worse. As Rowan said, The apps need to upload their data to the cloud (what??? why??) then after that the iphone grabs the data and puts in on the phone (again but in a different location so healthkit can use it)…if you don’t have internet access say on a mountain, it doesn’t work. And if you forget to open the app to monitor your activity then healthkit won’t be able to grab any data from that app because that app is closed! it just doesn’t work. S-Health is inferior in many ways, but better in others.

        You are a fanboy who needs to learn to think for him/herself.

      • N&LH

        When you have no answer. You can do research. Only uneducated people when they have no answer then they don’t know what to say

      • Kurt

        Apple copied Samesung: Healthkit, temp, humidity, altimeter sensors, split screen, homebutton placement, etc etc.

        I wonder if we will soon see an iPhone with an IR Blaster? hahahaha ahhhh SAMEApple

      • N&LH

        I discussed all these points before. You want just to say no.

        I doubt if you have been to school before

      • Kurt

        Zzz stop trollilng. Go worship Apple or something. How much are they paying you??? More than Samsung pays people?

      • N&LH

        “IR Blaster” Apple has given the ability to control only Apple TV with IOS device years ago before Samsung.

      • Kurt

        You don’t know what an IR Blaster is. Just look it up before you comment. arghhh

      • N&LH

        I know it is Infrared blaster but the idea is the same. You don’t like at the big picture

      • Kurt

        Great, take your iphone and use it to control your tv/stereo/cable box/air conditioner…oh what? you can’t? ohhh ok so Apple hasn’t been able do use an IR blaster for years like you lied about. Good job making yourself look foolish as you try to troll me.

        Go troll someone else, you are getting destroyed here

      • N&LH

        You can control Apple TV, Apple router, third party speakers, iTunes on Mac/PC.

        In regards “air conditioner” this is called Home automation

        I doubt if you have been to school before

      • Kurt

        You are going to sit here and compare Apple TV to a real TV and a Cable box? can the iPhone do that? nope. congratulations on failing to make a proper argument. Stop worshipping Apple. It’s not a perfect company. They copy other companies. Not as much as Samsung copies them. But to be fair, lately, they are copying more.

        I bet iPhone 6S will have an IR Blaster. And you will say Shamsung copied Apple haha

      • N&LH

        Think about what you are saying………Not going to argue with you anymore because it is hard to have a discussion with someone who I doubt have been to school before.

      • Kurt

        I clearly told you to stop writing to me. Yet you continue. Stop writing me ok? Thanks buddy. btw, Apple is not god.

      • iRaj

        Then do compare your phone with the Plastic cases but not with Premium iPhones . LOL..

      • Your Mother

        Plastic phones have.

        Better displays

        Better sound, the iPhone doesn’t even support 7.1 surround sound like Android phones from 2 years ago.

        Longer lasting batteries

        Expandable storage


        Bluetooth that works

        And an OS that’s literally years ahead of iOS.

        Go feed your camels.

      • iRaj

        Add 99.99% malware.

      • Your Mother

        Dear Butt Hurt,

        How is Google catching up?

        IOS 7 & 8 stole not less than 2 dozen features from Android.

        Google has wearables on the market, Apple is still talking about it and you’re still wishing for it.

        Goole already gives refunds on Google Play and has videos, the AppStore now follows.

        Samsung had fitness incorporated into the S4 of 2013, iOS won’t get that til the end of 2014. Apple couldn’t even come up with their own name, “Healthkit” they stole it like they stole the iPhone name and the iPad name.

        Google Android already runs on Phablet sized screens with insane resolutions and pixel densities….now suddenly Apple wants a 5.5″ phone–the ones jobs said nobody would want.

        The iPad mini was Apple jumping on the 7″ range tablet

        Samsung and Motorola had fingerprint scanners then Apple made one too.

      • Kurt

        Apple also stole the name AppStore. The CEO of the company was there at the keynote for iPhone OS 2.0 and heard Steve Jobs say AppStore for the first time, and afterwords went up to him and said Apple can have the name.

  • Ian Leon

    plz make a gAndroidBlog and put this type of stuff there.

  • Matt

    This version of Android has really impressed me, and to me it looks to sky and back better than iOS 7/8, it seems more intuitive, more colorful, more simplistic, and more fun.
    For a long time I’ve been thinking of switching to an android phone, but the reasons why I haven’t is because I’m stuck in my contract with Verzion for my 5s, I have a Mac, I’m excited for iPhone 6, and I like the idea of continuity!
    Also another problem why I couldn’t use an Android phone is because I would feel like I’m not using a premium product. It’s like me a BMW owner and an enthusiast driving a Prius on a daily basis. Also I don’t find any of the Android phones appealing to me..
    All in all this version of Android has really impressed me and I am considering switching.

    P.S. Yes I have tries iOS 8, and most of the feature I had on my 7.0.4 with jailbreak and I’m really not impressed, except when continuity will be available!

    • Kurt

      Continuity was taken from webOS :-p

      • Matt

        Yeah, but I never had a webOS phone, and i don’t think they make those anymore xD
        The first smartphone I ever owned was a Nokia n97 and then in 2010 I bought an iPhone 4

      • Kurt

        I just thought I would share as it’s a little known fact. Now millions upon millions of people will enjoy the feature since Apple has implemented it into Mac OS and iOS.

      • Matt

        Yeah, we’ll im pretty excited nonetheless.

      • Kurt

        Me too, and I don’t have a Mac and never will lol

      • Matt

        Well all I can say is that switching from Windows after buying my iPhone 4 in 2010 was one of the best technology decision I made.
        I fell in love with the speed the MacBook Pro woke up from sleep, the looks of the computer, and the OS itself, and if I needed windows I could install it on another partition in just a matter of minutes.
        (Also I’m not a gamer, so gaming doesn’t really bother me)
        Plus I’ve had a bad experience with windows 7. When I was typing an autopsy one day the computer crashed and after turning it on I got the infamous blue screen, and never recovered the files on the hard drive, damn I was so mad!

      • Kurt

        My twin and sister love their Mac’s and think I’m stupid for not liking mac. But an OS that can’t remember to open up a browser in max is not for me. I like windows maxed and not floating. For speed, Windows 8 starts in 8 seconds and from sleep, right away.

        Having that hard drive failure had nothing to do with Windows 7. I had a hard drive failure with my Windows 8. It gave me around 24 hours to back up the files before the hard drive actually failed. Did I back up my files? Nope. Lost so many pictures. I felt like an idiot for saying I’ll do it in a few hours. Didn’t Win 7 tell you that the hard drive was about to fail?

        Most people I know who have Macs love them. It’s just not for me. I hate the look of the OS. So outdated looking. I need change and Apple doesn’t change it’s look. Other’s are ok with it and in fact love it. So that’s good for them. Because I’m happy with Windows 8.

        I’m not a gamer either. So that benefit of Windows doesn’t apply to me.

      • Matt

        Yeah Windows is fast at booting now (Mainly because not much is going on there), the same couldn’t be said in 2009. Also the looks of 8 just don’t fancy me. It looks so simple – a bit too simple, believe it or not, but confusing. It took them a year to add a start button that takes you to completely other screen like what even xD
        So yeah, I tried windows 8 and couldn’t do it – on phones however it’s a different story…
        OSX does look slightly outdated, but Yosemite fixes that with transparency and other UI enhancements. But each are their own. I also feel like more more people are switching to Mac (no fanboyism) but truth.
        And if you like Windows, then stick with windows…
        I personally also like Mac because of the looks of the devices. No vents on the bottom, no ugly power connector, fantastic camera, and an amazing keyboard

      • Kurt

        yeah I don’t like that the start menu is on another screen. Just make the desktop this “start menu”. It can be confusing. But the kid in me really likes all the moving tiles. I like the information it shows. It’s fresh and new to me. But maybe I’ll get sick of it soon. I do like change.

        Did windows 7 give you a warning you hard drive is about to fail? Maybe it’s a new feature in Windows 8? It’s a great feature so hopefully you have it on Mac. Make sure you back up right away when you see the warning. I lost pictures from my Honeymoon. 🙁

        I love transparency ever since Vista. Glad to see it in Mac OS and iOS 7. Very beautiful! People have been switching to mac ever since 2007. iPhone gets the credit. And many/most people are happy with their switch. But I’ll never switch if the OS can’t remember that the program was at max when I closed it. I don’t work in small windows cluddering the screen. Too messy for my taste. Both OSes do what people need. Something better here, somethings better there. It’s what’s most important to you. I prefer jailbroken iOS over Android for most things. Other’s still want more from a jailbroken iOS so Android is better for them.

    • Disasterpiece

      Android does have some premium products. I actually like my HTC One M8. I think, design-wise, it comes close or beats the iPhone. Even the Sony Xperia Z2 is good.
      My main issue with Android is not really an Android issue, but more of a Google issue. At the end of the day, Google’s core business is search/ad. So it gives away something at no price but recoups through knowledge gained about the users. That’s not a fair trade in my book.
      And I would gladly take a pimped out Toyota (aka Lexus) or Mercedes over a BMW any day of the week. BMWs may be fast and flashy (like Android), but their reliability sucks (according to JD Power).

      • Matt

        Personally I only like the front of te M8, the reason why I dislike everything else is because of the curved back… I hate curved backs.
        The Z1/2 is a beautiful phone and I forgot about that one… He he
        Now talking about cars I love how you said a pimped out Toyota (aka Lexus) cause that is true a Lexus is a Toyota with some wood on the dash and leather seats.
        The reliability of BMW has been an issue with some people. I’ve owned 3 BMW’s myself. 2 of which were 3 series and the current one is a 550i xDrive.
        When people ask me if they’re reliable – I say absolutely. If you service her (the car), she will certainly service you. I’ve never had to replace anything in my car’s (except the spark plugs, oil, filters – the obvious things) mainly because I’ve taken care of them and took them for regular checkups. A buddy of mine has an 07 328i that’s still running healthy with 300k+ miles on the odometer.
        This year BMW’s N55 engine (the one in 3 series) was awarded the best engine award of 2014. The BMW M235i scored 98 of 100 on consumer report passing almost everyone except Tesla’s model S (which I highly dislike) xD
        You can also “Pimp out” the n55/n54 engine by giving it a tune and BMW so happens to be one of the companies that has literally hundreds of thousands of ways of tunning the engine.
        And then comes the ///M division which creates lends like the M3 which still to this day happens to be one of the best sports cars of all time.
        As for phones – I’m still deciding if I will switch. I’ll have to wait until 2015 when the contract ends on my 5s – by which the 6s (success) 😀 will out and I love the “s” models more than the regular ones.

      • Disasterpiece

        After living in Germany, I got over my autobahn envy quickly. I can appreciate the athleticism of BMWs, Audis, Mercedes… but if you live a place where there are speed limits (unlike many stretches of the autobahn), you really can’t take the full experience of owning one in (unless you know of a track).
        I think if everyone regularly serviced their vehicles, they would be equally reliable. But just like Android, if you get one that doesn’t ever get updated (even though it may work perfectly), you just feel like something is wrong. iOS and Toyota are very similar: bland and boring, but bulletproof and thought-free. They “just work” without much maintenance. Because lets face it, most people are either 1) too busy or 2) too lazy to do maintenance.
        I picked the HTC One M8 because of the front facing speakers. It seems like every OEM is trying to up camera specs and I can count on one hand how many pics I take with my phone during a week. Getting premium sound out of my phone took my experience to another level. Like I said earlier, I’ll probably go back to the iPhone this year, but i’ll definitely miss the speakers of the One, hands down. One the other hand, maybe they will incorporate beats into their speakers… One can dream *sigh

  • Shrey Gupta

    I heard the “in car availability” and “smartwatch” thing somewhere before. Ohh yeah, it was in WWDC. Still people will say that iOS copied it from Android. Not to forget the touch ID in upcoming Samsung’s smartphone.

    • MvP77

      Some windows mobile phones had fingerprint scanner long before apple or google. My Motorola Atrix from 2011 had a finger print scanner so ask where did apple get that idea? Smart watch? Where is it. Pebble, Sony, and Samsung have been making smart watches for at least a year.

      • Shrey Gupta

        In case of touch ID, I said Samsung.
        Please read the comment again.

      • Kurt

        Samesung copied the fingerprint scanner under the home button from Apple, as well as many many other things from Apple. Motorola Atrix as well as Pantach had phones with finger print scanners before Apple. But iPhone has the best implementation imo. Everyone copies. Apple is copying the Note 3: S-health, sensors for temp, humidity, altimeter, split screen, home button location, 5.5″ screen (same as Note 2), etc etc. Excellent choice from Apple as Note is my favorite phone 🙂 I hope they copy the IR Blaster too. Peel app is amazing!

  • Disasterpiece

    I appreciate Google stepping up their Android game… but in all honesty, as soon as the 4.7″ iPhone comes out, I’m giving my HTC One away for free. I suspect that Google knows many Android users aren’t very loyal to the brand.