Pangu iOS 7.1.1

As of now, there is only one OS supported for the Pangu jailbreak—Windows—and even that version has its fair share of issues. The Pangu team has acknowledged the problems, and posted an updated status message on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo.

The post indicates that the team is hard at work on new Windows and Mac versions of its tool, including English translated text (nice), and a smaller file size. The team even hints that we could see a Linux version of the tool as well. Have a look inside for the full message.

Google Translation:

Although the first version has been released, but has some issues, we continue to improve the jailbreak tools, including the English version and the English version of the Mac, even if there is a need to provide Linux versions. Due to yesterday’s hastily released, resulting in compression packaged Cydia forget these resources, thus causing the volume to 80M, the next release update will not have this problem.

-PanguTeam Weibo page

The improvements are obviously highly anticipated. In the meantime, however, you can jailbreak your iOS 7.1.x devices on Windows using our Pangu jailbreak tutorial, and you can even jailbreak iOS 7.1.x on the Mac using our virtual machine tutorial.

Oh yeah, I can’t wait for that Linux version! What about you?

  • I use Linux a lot… Glad to see them make a Linux version!

  • Dean Johnson

    What about the people who already jailbroke it? Do they need to re-jailbreak?

    • DorianK

      Unlikely. it’s more for people who’s devices are get stuck in a bootloop or something like the with iphone 5s that gets a bluescreen at one point.

      • 5Suser

        While I was jailbreaking, my iPhone 5S appear bluescreen and quickly rebooted itself during the jailbreak process. (2nd reboot process)

        I was wondering if that the bluescreen issues everyone talking about..? Cause it seem fine after the jailbreak process and I can access Cydia.. The Chinese app didn’t remove itself tho..

        Should I rejailbreak again or not to worry about?

      • Antzboogie

        From what I read if you get blue screen on 5s rejailbreak.

      • Anthony

        When i jailbreak my iphone5s i never had a blue screen and i did on a mac with a program called parallel that let me run windows and now i have a jailbroken iPhone that run great.

      • Raj Kumar

        my ipad 2 keep rebooting , any suggestions ?

      • Qasim

        mine is doing the same thing, I am restore at the moment

      • Peter

        Same for me and above that impossible to make a restore with iTunes. I am stuck !

      • Dean Johnson

        Ah, nice

    • It depends. Jailbreaking is deploying software and patches. If they only change the deployment method, you don’t need to do anything at all. If they changed the content, in most cases you can just upgrade a Cydia package.

  • Patrick Saucier

    need to fix the bootloop problem ;(

    • Matt

      Did you switch the date?

      • Patrick Saucier

        Yes .. Work perfectly on my iPad Air but still have the bootloop on my iPhone 5 !!! Iam not the only one who have this problem

      • Matt

        We’ll if switching the date didn’t help – try holding the volume up button.
        I haven’t jail role my phone yet since updating it yesterday so I really wouldn’t know.

      • Qasim

        I am stuck in the bootloop too, restored my iPhone and jailbroke it again only to be stuck again so I am re restoring it atm

  • Bianco437

    someone remember the name of the tweak that emulate a sleep button on the screen like AssistiveTouch?

    • svartkuken

      I use the toggle in CCSettings.

    • David Gitman


  • Domodo

    Maybe translate it…?

    • Greg Warren

      The article does say that they’re working on English versions.

      • Domodo

        I guess I should read before posting. 😡

  • plusCubed

    Here’s a better translation (I speak Chinese):
    Although the first version has been released, there are still some problems. We are continuing to improve the jailbreak tool, including creating an English version [for Windows] and both English and Chinese versions for Mac. If there is demand, we may even release a Linux version. Because the tool was released hastily yesterday, we forgot to compress Cydia and other resources, causing the size to be 80M. The next update will not have this problem.

    • Siddharth Desai

      Then you’d know there is no language called Chinese 🙂

      • plusCubed

        Well, specifically Mandarin. I would personally classify Chinese as a language, under which Mandarin is a spoken dialect, since there are only two types of written Chinese, but many would say otherwise. To each his own, I suppose 🙂

      • dialogueanalog

        I think you will find you are wrong.

  • Naegi

    the chinese team seems that is doing a great job. bravo keep going

  • Sergey Filatov

    Linux version? Am I the one, who think that Linux version is not necessary?
    Yes, Linux is not bad, I use it a lot at home, but as I see, a lot of Linux users have at least windows in dual boot (like me). Moreover, this tool needs to be launched once, you don’t need to launch it everyday, so if anyone does not have a Windows in home, they still can find that at work, for example, it’s everywhere.

    In jailbreak scene it’s better to concentrate the power to find new exploits for future jbs and to improve stability of current jb.

    But as Linux user, I’m glad, of course, that it’s coming for this OS

  • there already is an english version

  • Marly Marl

    Atleast now we know the iphone 4 is jailbroken unteathered for life cuz it wont get iOS8

    • leart

      The most of iphone 4 users probably saved their shsh blobs and they can walk throug past jailbreakable firmwares , mine has been twice on ios 7 and now it’s on 6.1.3 🙂

      • Zod

        AP tickets on SHSH blobs saved on Cydia’s server became useless. 🙁

      • leart

        Yes only for ios 6-6.1.2
        But for the 6.1.3 can guarantee that are fine . Saurik fixed whatever bug it was. The problem is that probably some people loosed the jb during the 6.1.3 time and never tried to save shsh manually with redsnow for example

      • suttonmontreal

        same here but lately on iOS 6 FaceTime and wi fi were having issues so i was force to keep it on 7.1.1 . luckily we have an untether jailbreak now. BAMM APPLE!!!!

      • leart

        Yeah 7.1.1 it was a big surprise..
        My ip4 is on 6.1.3 and with zephyr + ncsettings im having a great experience so im fine here, I am zephyr dependent and the new auxo 2 is good only for ip5-ip5s i guess

  • GL_R

    Good thing I held off installing this Jailbreak. Hopefully the update doesn’t take to long. Looking forward to the update. Like always thanks iDB

    • It’s not a major issue, you just gotta use the UI elements rather than reading what to do/how to do it. I did it second time, would have been first but I read the instructions wrong ha! It’s perfectly safe to use the current version

      • GL_R

        Thanks. How safe is this Jailbreak ?

  • justme

    Thank you Panguteam for this!


      Wallpaper please?

      • justme

        no problem.. 😉

      • Thank you!!

      • latinlegacy

        what dock are you using

      • justme

        if you have already Jailbreak on your iDevice you can find a beautiful hidden dynamic wallpaper. search on cydia. “hiddenwallpaper” you will get this:

    • latinlegacy

      what dock are you using?

      • justme

        classicdock is compatible with iOS7.1.X (iPhone and iPad)
        I disabled in settings the ‘indicator’ that show you what apps is already running in background

  • Do we know anything about this Pangu team? Like, they just appeared out of nowhere, have they released anything before?

    • Abdul

      Y do u care wat theyv done before. Ppl wanted a jaipbreak and they gave it. A nice thank u would be nice!

      • Piss off with your bullshit attitude! I wasn’t suggesting anything, nor demoting any of their work. I was asking a purely curious question as to their history. Asshole.

      • Abdul

        Haha my attitude!

      • Abdul

        U seem very polite yourself

      • Abdul

        Im sure no one gives a shit about ther history. They only care about ther jb. Asshole

      • tastydisqus

        Relax and remember to take your medication.

      • guest

        I agree with you.

      • dialogueanalog

        Because it is generally good to do some background research before downloading a programme onto a phone containing all of your data. Always question the source.

      • sd

        Abdul, China is one of the top ten countries which has been recognized as propagator of spam and other malicious software, so I guess CM was being cautious and there is nothing wrong with it either.

      • jay

        wow u are not even concern about safty

    • Abi Manyu

      they are new player

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    You’ve got to love Google Translate haven’t you 😉

    Someone teach their computers how to translate properly…


    several Tweaks says it is incompatible!


    Infinite Tweak


    • Héctor Solís Andrade

      Yeah almost everything said that but some of these tweaks works fine (except biolockdown)

  • Sleetui

    When you jailbreak using this tool will your Bootlogo be “their” bootlogo? And is it permanent? And if so I would like very much to change it.

    • Siddharth Desai

      Did you see it just during the process? Because the evasion logo appears upon boot as well, but that’s only when you jailbreak it .

    • TonyVee73

      The boot logo is the standard Apple boot logo.

  • Siddharth Desai

    Usually, I would jump at the first signal of a jailbreak. But I don’t know, something still doesn’t feel right about this. May be it’s because we’ve never had such a release from a team that popped out of nowhere.

  • James Gunaca

    Waiting for Mac version, hopefully they remove PPsync as well.

    Hesitant to wait for 7.1.2 in case Apple has patched the exploits!

  • babiloe

    status bar please

  • Raj Kumar

    guys i have problem in jb need help

    1) downloaded pangu
    2) have latest itune
    3) unchecked the third party installer in pangu ,and click jb
    4) changed dated to 2 june 8:30pm
    5) pangu icon appeared on my screen
    6) jb stopped half a way
    7) tap on pangu
    8) got rebooted
    9) again tap pangu on home screen for the second time , suddenly pangu icon disappear and started to reboot
    10) keep rebooting non stop (im stuck here )

    give me suggestions ..waiting

    • Хороші новини

      same problem! cant go to DFU…

    • CalumTimms97

      When you tap on the PanGu icon, does it pop up with a dialogue box asking you to continue and or to exit?

      Have you managed to restore your iPhone yet?

  • justme

    after jailbreak. someone have the same trouble with safari like this
    share buttones gone, I tried reset my iPad, but doesn work.

    info: iOS7.1.1 JB with pingu. iPad2 wifi+3G 32Gb


  • Хороші новини

    ipad mini gsm have bootloop error? but I cant enter DFU… NEED FIX!!!

    • DogeCoin

      Can you force shut it off (home and power off button held at the same. Time till it turns off) and then try to go into DFU

  • Kingbugis

    Im jailbreak mine iphone 5s and it work great but cannot turn off apps while cellular data is on..

    • kingpin

      Same problem here with me on a iphone 5. Cellular data for some apps are auto-enabled and only one app can use the cellular data. Others notifies “Cellular data is turned off.Go to settings>cellular data”

  • Varun Soi

    Bio protect is not compatible with 7.1 and 7.1.1 jailbreak.!

  • Jubaied


    [dunno which one works]

    • AlaaGh

      It´s not working. Just stuck …

  • Luis


    • Abdul

      Someone plz help me. Everytime i reboot my pangu jailbroken 5s, all my tweaks dissapear like im not even jailbroken. Plz help:/

  • samuellj

    The reboot after reaching 100% gets to the welcome screen, and goes into a boot loop. Anyone has this issue?

  • akshay vaswani

    guy can you help me… i updated to the newest firmware and the newest version of itunes. i also backed up my iphone and even restored it to factory settings. then i plugged in my iphone 5s opened up pangu. i also removed password. then all i saw were ????????,???????!!! i tried this on an iphone 5s and 2 iphone 5’s and it will not show anything but ??’s!!! SOS PLS!!!!

  • TheLuherXD

    how do i fix when i having bootloop issue when im come to welcome to pangu jailbreak i have a iphone 4s p

    • Forrest Sims

      read there is a light sensor bug, and if you put the iphone in bright light it should reboot

  • Cameron King

    Hi I was wondering is you could help me with a problem I have with my iPad Mini that I recently tried to jailbreak. I started pangu the same way I did with my iPhone 5c and when it had finished the iPad was switching between the apple logo screen and the welcome to pangu jailbreak screen and won’t stop. I have tried all the steps for hard resetting and rebooting but nothing seems to be working. If you could help that would be great but if you can’t can you direct me to somewhere that could. Thanks.

  • クリストバル

    If you guys want the boot loop to stop then don’t cover the light sensor

  • Clubpiee

    couldn’t jailbreak my ipad mini, stuck on “Welcome to Pangu jailbreak” and keep rebooting

    • Forrest Sims

      not sure how true it is but i read if you shine a light on it, you should come out of the rebooting something about a light sensor bug in the jaailbreak

    • Cameron King

      Same thing is happening to me

  • Qasim

    I have restored my iPhone 4 times in the last day, I jailbreak my freshly restored iPhone and when I install a few tweaks and reboot, it gets stuck in a boot loop, then I have to restore it all over again.

    • CalumTimms97

      Same here mate, there’s clearly an issue with the PanGu program at the moment. Version 1.1 shall be out soon, hopefully to address this issue, among a few others.

      Hope this helps!

    • Forrest Sims

      not sure how true it is but i read if you shine a light on it, you should come out of the rebooting something about a light sensor bug in the jaailbreak let me know if this helps, i had no issues jaikbreaking my ipad mini

      • Qasim

        lol its not true, I didn’t had any issues jailbreaking but after installing some tweaks or removing the ones u installed, when u reboot your device, that’s when the problem hits

  • Peter

    Mijn ipad 2 has entered an infinite loop after showing “Welcome to Pangu jailbreak”..WTF ?

    • Cameron King

      Someone reply to this problem please

  • tomas

    I need help!! I did all the steps right then when the second reboot was done I swiped to unlock my iphone then it just shows me the background picture and not the apps then it restartes itself I need help!!! I cant access my iphone.

  • Joel Gordon

    For some reason I am trying to use the jailbreak tool on my friends Iphone 5c (Pangu1.2). It won’t work because its not receiving a response after a second time or third time of using, What is a problem? (It failed the first time, so then this happen). Pangu 1.1.1 worked fine on every other iphone and ipod. Fix this please.

  • henry fierro

    I downloaded pangu IOS 8.1 jailbreak and it did not work at all I did it two times and when the jailbreak was in my iPod5 Gen it did not work at all can you help me pls