The iOS 7.1.x jailbreak is here, and it works. That said, it’s been met with its own fair share of controversy. We believe that more people are coming around to the idea that the jailbreak is generally safe to use as we discussed on Let’s Talk Jailbreak, but there are still quite a few of you holding out. So, tell us; what have you decided to do? Have you used Pangu to jailbreak your iOS device yet? Sound off in the poll inside.

After voting, be sure to listen to this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak where we discuss Pangu in-depth.

  • Rowan dela Cruz

    I might have to wait for 7.1.2, perhaps

  • Calvin Hardage

    What reason is there to not use it? With PPSync removed, the jailbreak is perfectly safe, and it’s simple enough to remove it either before jailbreaking by unchecking a box or afterwards with Karen’s “Complete PPSync Remover”.

    • Mark

      unchecking the box removes the pirated app store. The ppsync will still be installed. You can remove it via various methods such as ssh or using a repo that has the uninstaller. IDB has the repo listed.

      • Dallas Groot

        That’s what the user was saying at the end. And actually no, PPSync is actually not installed when you uncheck the box.

  • Trevor Salmon

    Waiting for it to come out with a Mac version. I don’t own a POS windows computer.

    • Andy

      POS Windows computer? You must be fun at parties.

      • Cy+


    • gary

      Lol are you mental? What do you use the other 99% of the time that you use a desktop computer? Do you just go somewhere that you have to use a computer – at work or anywhere – and say “no, I don’t use piece of shit Windows”? If you do, you would have to be the biggest, pretentious tool on the face of the planet.

      • Trevor Salmon

        What? I can’t have an opinion that I think that Windows is garbage? The software that I use at work is all compatible with my MacBook Pro. The majority of the computers at my university are iMacs. If I have to use windows I will but I prefer to use OSX. I don’t have access to a Windows computer to download software, if I did I would use it to jailbreak my phone.

      • Antzboogie

        Windows deserves more credit then that.

      • Bug

        As someone who is forced to use Windows daily… no, it really doesn’t.

    • Gavin


  • Jose Gonzalez

    I think you guys should have added an extra option…
    “Waiting on Mac version to jailbreak”
    Because that’s what I would of chosen.

  • If it ain’t EVASION, don’t talk to me about jailbreaking.

    • jake kneller

      So then what do you do if with the release of iOS 8 the evaders retire do you just not jailbreak come on check out Twitter members of the evaders said go ahead and us it it is safe

    • gary

      Evad3rs aren’t, and have never been, the only jailbreak group out there, as this release further proves.

    • firerock

      happy stucking with 7.0.6
      p/s : pangu will be the first to release ios8 jb when ios8 officially release just read it on weibo.

      I bet you will use it don’t you LOL

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I was gonna wait until the Mac version came out but I think I’m gonna give that Parallels thing a try. I’ll have to wait until I get home from work though, but thats my plan.

  • Orlando Diaz

    Im still on iOS 6 losers 😛

    • Mago

      Wait your device isnt upgradable to ios 7!! Lol

      • Orlando Diaz

        I have an iPhone 5 .. I just think iOS 6 is way better then iOS 7 which is why I waited for the jailbreak for it .. Everytime I compare 6 & 7 theres no comparison .. 6 wins over all

      • Mago

        I have a 5s and I agree with you ios 7 even on the 5s it sucks!!

      • CryptoCoin420

        iOS 7 compared to iOS 6 sucks? Please pass what you are smoking.

      • Orlando Diaz

        Lol everyone that jumped from 6 to 7 did it because thats exactly what they want .. They dont want you to have options .. Like I said if you like iOS 7 might as well go with Windows or Android because thats the exact direction theyre heading ..

      • Orlando Diaz

        I feel your pain .. I had iOS 7 for a little bit and I couldnt do it I purposely changed my phone before iOS 7 was officially out .. Hopefully someone will use Winocms dual boot codes and create something to allow people to jump between 5, 6, and 7 how he did ..

      • Blip dude

        I felt the same way. I actually swap an iPhone 5 on iOS 7 and swept it for one on iOS 6.1.2 but you know what I did after a while. I upgraded it to iOS 7 and Jailbroke it. The truth is, a lot of the apps I used are no longer being supported on iOS 6 and iOS 8 is where finally the problem and all the crap I had to personally deal with on iOS 7 begin to get fix. It is time for me to move on. I still jailbreak because I do miss the skeuomoprhism (spell check) and theme it as such. I guess my only question to you is what the hell are you going to do once iOS 6 becomes completely unsupported?? Because little by little developers will no longer support it. It is already happening.

      • Orlando Diaz

        Lol thats actually a good question .. Well I was watching some where that by changing the info.plist files of an app or something will allow some iOS 7 apps to run on iOS 6 .. But to be honest most of the 7 apps dont even catch my attention .. They are too plain for me .. I have so much fun just like looking at my phone because of the skeuomorphism like you said .. And just the way I have it set up I feel I have the perfect iOS

      • Aamir Inayat

        Please Explain…..
        How 6 is better then 7, by which point you compared both of them?

      • Orlando Diaz

        Well for one the skeuomorphism is way better then the flat design .. Its actually art .. Ios 7 looks like a little kid made the icons .. The functionality is so much more simple because not everything looks the same .. And basically when jailbroken its so much easier to use .. Perfect example is Auxo + Zephyr + Music Controls Pro .. For ios 7 its possible to have something similar but at the same time so far away .. But it just doesnt feel right ..

    • iOops

      I am still on iOS6 with my iPod Touch (4th Gen). Would upgrade in a heartbeat if they offered the update, but I am happy with it on 6 for nostalgic reasons.

      • Orlando Diaz

        IOS 6 is the best firmware ..

      • iOops

        To some perhaps.

      • CryptoCoin420

        that is purely an opinion.

      • firerock


  • Just because the evasi0n team didn’t make it, doesn’t mean it’s shit right away. People shouldn’t judge those Chinese people that made this jailbreak possible to the public. Besides, the evasi0n team messed up at the beginning too, remember?

  • Corey B

    Since there isn’t a option for jailbroken already and no reason to update to 7.1.1 until the next firmware comes out soon. Also i would rather have a ios 8 jailbreak a week after it comes out than now burning 2 exploits

    • Jdizzle

      Unless you were still on 7.0.4, and wanted the bug fixes, UI updates brought with 7.1. Now I’m on the latest significant firmware and jailbroke. (Happy)
      Ios8 will be jailbroke and will take months to do so after release no matter what. That’s how it always goes.

      • jake kneller

        Well I do recall 7.0 or 7.1 one betas had a jailbreak up till beta 3 and it was never released apple can find the flaws too and burn an exploit so iOS more than likely won’t be jailbroken day of release or that week

    • Tony

      There’s so many people saying that same thing. But your misinformed as are others saying that. The 2 exploits were known by Apple and were set to be fixed in IOS 8 GM. With every beta they add new enhancements, it’s at the end they fix exploits and bugs, then release the GM to the public. the time table for this break was very very short. If they didn’t release now you wouldn’t have had it. Those exploits would have been patched in 8 and anyone with an iphone 4 wouldn’t have had a break to use. 7.1.1 is still being signed and 7.1.2 will not fix these exploits either.

  • Alex

    I sit it but most of the tweaks are not compatibles ( it puts my iPhone in safe mode when i try to unlock it )
    Better to wait

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    To all scaried folks, when you jailbreak and open cydia, there’s a tweak called PPSync Remover. Just install and it’ll be a perfect jailbroken idevice

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    Dudez, seriously, it is 100% safe!!!

    • Jason Sims

      What is that tweak called?


        Auxo 2 (iOS7) by A3tweaks.

      • jake kneller

        Vertex I think or auxo 2

    • Arsanny Lintang

      This tweak is only compatible with iOS 7.0x. Not 7.1x. You lied, because I tried installing this after I jail broken my iPhone.

      • iOops

        I am using it on my 7.1.1 as well. I had to use a different repo, but I do own Auxo 2 legit, so do not feel to terrible about it.

      • MinorOS

        check again, i was able to install Auxo 2 without issues from the official repo

      • iOops

        You are absolutely right – It was not marked as compatible an hour or so ago. Glad the tweaks are starting to get updated now.

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        What the hell? I’m on 7.1.1, why would i lie? Jeez…

    • leart

      Hemmm, auxo 2 looks wonderful, please can you share your experience with that?
      Probably it will be for me the only reason to jailbreak but not sure it will work smooth on my 4s, my other device is ip4 so I don’t really bother to move from 6.1.3

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        It is probably the best tweak out there. Runs super smooth on my 5s, and probably will not be as smooth as it is in a7 devices, but its worth it.

      • leart

        That’s the problem all reviews are made on newer devices so we on not that newer can’t really know what to aspect before to purchase something 🙂

    • firerock

      WOW it just works? no adding or tweaking some tweaks? please confirm it before buy.

      A3tweaks said over the next month, they will update all their tweaks

    • Aamir Inayat

      Which ios version do you have? is it 7.1.1 or 7.1.2??

      • Thiago Vaccaro


  • Ваше Онтатиле Масвибилили

    since it has already burnt two exploits i guess evasion can release their version and then can i consider jailbreaking otherwise i will hold up for iOS 8.

    • pegger1

      Why would evasion waste time making one if one is already out?

      • Ваше Онтатиле Масвибилили

        mac version and a lot of us trust evad3rs

      • firerock

        not going to happen. they lost money so much when Taig controversial. Pangu will release it first because they got skills from i0n1c and above all, they chinese a lot easier to make money.

        Bet you have to wait forever for evaders team LOLL

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    You forgot the “I’m on iOS 8” option.

    • iOops

      I was on iOS 8 as well, but reverted back to 7.1.1. Upset a little that my iCloud backups cannot be restored on an earlier version, but in the end am happy with my move as I have now gained so much more.

  • John Englett

    I jailbroke last night. So far the only issue I have had was that all of my push notifications got reset which is an easy fix

    • GzyOnline

      what’s your fix?

      • John Englett

        I just had to go back into each individual app and allow the app to send me push notifications.

      • GzyOnline

        okay, gotcha.. thanks.

      • leart

        Great fix 🙂

    • Ryan

      This happens too me whenever i jailbreak an idevice

  • Rahimo

    Next tomorow is my graduation day !!! I guess i’ll wait till i finish my “keynote” using my iPad3 and then i’ll JB it (note: i’m on iOS 7.0.4)

  • Georgie Chavez

    Waiting on the evasion team before I jailbreak

    • Kieran.Lillis

      Waiting for the Evasion team to do what? This jailbreak has been given the OK by prominent members of the community so there’s really no reason to wait.

      • Georgie Chavez

        When I comment on the post the jailbreak was safe

    • Nirvana

      I think there’s no point for evad3rs to release a jb now! We just need those Pangu guys to delete the piracy store.

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    The phone keeps boot
    Looping after it shows welcome to jailbreak

    • Danny Gutierrez

      I got the same issue (iphone5) any ideas for a fix would be helpful. Thanks!
      Or knowledge of a 1.1 version of the tools release would he just as good.

    • firerock

      rarely problem but I think you should wait till next update of Pangu

    • Tnt Tonios

      Try boot up in a light enviroment.
      With the lights off my i4 stucks at boot loop but with lights on works perfect.
      Weird but its legit!

  • siddique

    im waiting for mac version

  • Gytis Lionas

    Nope, because my iPhone freezed at Reboot…

  • iOops

    I am having no problems with the JB on my 5s with 7.1.1. All my tweaks (iWidgets, Auxo 2, etc) and themes work without problems.

  • TonyVee73

    I’ve read a bunch of threads/blogs and I didn’t read if this jailbreak effects the upcoming iOS8 Jailbreak. Did Pangu use (waste?) exploits that should of been used on iOS8?

    If it’s already posted somewhere, my apologies.

    • Ryan

      It’s possible but they only burned 2 exploits there is a post on it somewhere here on iDB

  • Ryan

    I haven’t on my iPhone yet just on my iPad I’m waiting till more of the tweaks get updated

  • yader

    What Would Saurik Do

  • Omar Ruiz

    It works perfectly. Some tweaks have to be updated but that’s fine. It works 😀

  • regkilla

    No because I’m still jailbroken on iOS 7.0.4 and I didn’t “accidently update” like all these idiots.

    • GzyOnline

      LOL!!.. I was hoping 7.1.x would fix the annoying safari & mail crashing upon opening… no oops-updates here!!! but now 7.1.1 feels slow & laggy to me :-(… esp the keyboard

    • TonyVee73

      I didn’t accidentally update, I bought the phone w/7.1. Smartass.

  • Dan

    I did but am a bit disappointed that some tweaks don’t work. Ie: gridlock, lockinfo, cctoggles crashes at times. Hoping we get updates soon!

    • GzyOnline

      i’m running CCToggles w/o any crashes or issues.. something else must be conflicting for you..

      • Dan

        Well I have auxo 2. Crashes when I turn wifi Bluetooth on and off

  • n4nd4

    need a Mac OS X JB tool before i can

  • Shaban Zenelaj

    I’m afraid, i have many files in my iPhone, one wrong tweak and… BAM!!

    • leart

      You can save a clean backup right now, I usually put the back up in a winrar archive just to be sure that it will be not overwritten.
      If something bad happens you can use that clean backup that is free to any jailbreak file

      • Shaban Zenelaj

        Yes, but it takes so much time, and i’m a kid, this iPhone that i have wouldn’t be mine if something wrong goes with him… By the way, i’m 11 Year old, and to me, you seem to be an Albanian, if yes, i’m too an Albanian.

      • leart

        Po ke te drejte, sja vlen koha e humbur, nese telefonin e ke per pune apo per gjera te rendesisshme apo thjesht ke deshire ta kesh stabel dhe te sigurte nuk ja vlen te besh jailbreak, madje edhe te perdoresh nje backup qe eshte bere ne nje tel qe ka qene jailbroken nuk i dihet cfare spyware sjell me vete..
        Problemi eshte se njerezit jane kurioze dhe kane qejf te modifikojne ios-in 🙂

      • Shaban Zenelaj

        Po, edhe ka shume vjet qe shikoj rreth smartphoneve, tani me eshte dhene rasti per te pasur nje, dhe nuk kam qejf ta humbas, sepse sdo kem tjeter me…

  • FuzeDesign

    I need to wait for a mac osx version 🙁

  • sriram varadarajulu

    sadly i just installed airblue sharing and i dont wanna lose it so soon so i’m gonna have to wait till its compatible with ios 7.1.1 before i update and rejailbreak.. but i need ios 7.1 for my iphone 4!! T-T

  • patmack

    I had to use Pangu on my Touch, 7.0.6. as it has become very unstable(semi-restore every month). With Pangu, it’s like a new device. I’m finding that most of my tweaks are working!

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    was forced to upgrade to 7.1 and was dying to get a jb

  • Saulo Benigno

    I did but a lot of tweaks are not working, and the system is acting strange… 🙁

  • Eikast

    Since I switched back to my iPhone I didn’t have jailbreak anymore since I planned on selling it so I did it within 10 minutes of arriving home. The process was pretty smooth. I removed PPsync so I had no worries.

    I probably should have waited until 7.1.2 but we’ll see. The only must thing for me is the encryption fix but I can do that with jailbreak thanks to Ryan. Since a lot of the tweaks that require a good customization in settings are not fully working with 7.1.1 the process of upgrading to 7.1.2 shouldn’t take long at all. Create a backup, DFU upgrade to 7.1.2, restore to backup, jailbreak, remove PPsyncer, add tweaks again.

  • Y4VIN

    I’m just staying on 7.0 until 8. Anyone else doing that?

    • Varun Soi

      I’m with you.!

  • Blip dude

    Nope, not yet. My replacement phone came with iOS 7.0.6 pre-installed so it wasn’t necessary. I will however, see if iOS 7.1.2 will be jailbreakable, and then ill consider it.

  • Donovan

    Jailbroke now, but I’m getting rid of it when iOS 7.1.2 drops. I have an 4s, and even without jailbreak my phone can’t handle the iOS right.

  • XT8088

    I just Jailbreaked my iPhone4S on ios 7.11 using pangu without any issue. However most of the jailbreak tweak/apps are not compatible. iFiles installation warns about compatiblity issue with iOS 7, but it works for me at least for now. BatteryDetective also works despite the compatiblity warning. The tweak I used most often in iOS 6: SBSettings doesn’t work at all. The Springtomize is listed as compatible with iOS7, refuse to let me purchase it. When can we get the full compatiable versions for these apps/tweaks?

    • Varun Soi

      There’s not any 7.11 version you just misspelled.!;)

  • Andrew Roth

    Lol 8% of people never jailbreak but yet read a website about jailbreaking.

  • La Cucaracha

    I’m only updating when 7.100.100 comes out

  • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

    I’m really happy to see many iPhone hackers interested in a jailbreaking tool other than just relying and putting all the pressure on evasi0n team, i’m hoping this will indeed be a good head start for iOS 8’s jailbreak, and lets just hope that all these hackers will get together and make things easier for the jailbreakers around the world.

  • Orlando Diaz

    Lol iOS 6 plain? Im pretty sure iOS 7 was created to be PLAIN which it is .. 6 has so much more detail .. If you like iOS 7 might as well go with a Windows phone or Android .. Shows how Apple changed for the worse after Steve Jobs passed away ..

  • Zod

    Even jailbreaks are beginning to be made in CHINA

  • Cesar Martínez

    I own a freaking iPhone 3G whats up?

  • Collin

    I’m going to wait for ios 8

  • Aamir Inayat

    Please let me know, if any of you tried Pangu on ios 7.1.2.
    I have iphone 4 with ios 7.1.2 and just want to make confirm before trying this jailbreak process on my iphone.

    • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

      I did it but must of the tweaks like aint updated yet. Activator and gridlock dont work

  • Sherif Moharram

    To all the scared people. It’s a very stable jailbreak. I have no issues what so ever. Also the battery life on 7.1.1 with Pangu Jailbreak is slightly better than evad3rs.