Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has kickstarted an aggressive sales promotion for the all-new Surface Pro 3, offering customers that trade in select MacBook Air models up to $650 towards the purchase of the tablet. In order to be eligible for the store credit, the MacBook Air must be in working order with no cracked screen or water damage. The trade-in value is then determined in store based on the condition of the notebook, alongside any documentation and accessories. Not valid online.

In order to get the maximum discount possible, the store credit must be used towards the purchase of a new Surface Pro 3. The third-generation Surface Pro tablet has a thinner and lighter build than its predecessors, with a 12-inch display that has a resolution of 2160 × 1440 pixels and 3:2 aspect ratio. The device is said to the thinnest ever to have a desktop-class Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor… 

If you are able to get the full $650 value for your MacBook Air, you could potentially get a brand new Surface Pro 3 for just $149 plus tax. The tablet comes preloaded with Windows 8.1 Pro, which can install full desktop software like the Microsoft Office suite and thousands of other programs created for Windows. The Surface Pro 3 starts at $799, with a $129 attachable keyboard available.

Make sure you read the fine print:

“Any appraised value will be determined at trade-in and provided as store credit, subject to Microsoft’s discretion and approval. All trade-ins are final. Recycle for Rewards program provided by CExchange, LLC., and other terms and conditions may apply. See store associate for details. Not valid on prior orders or purchases; cannot be transferred or otherwise redeemed for cash or gift cards. Not combinable with other offers. Discount does not include taxes, shipping or other fees. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Microsoft reserves the right to modify or discontinue offers at any time. Limit 1 per trade-in/purchase.”

Microsoft has failed to capture much of the tablet market with its Surface lineup of tablets, despite modest year-over-year growth. Business Insider estimated that Microsoft sold just 830,000 Surface tablets during the first quarter, compared to nearly 16.5 million iPads. Apple had a leading 32.5% of tablet market share during the first quarter, while Microsoft accounted for a less than 2% stake.

Perhaps this trade-in deal, which runs from June 20th through July 31st, will give Microsoft a much-needed push in the right direction.

Will you consider acting on this deal?

  • $650 to ditch a $999.00+ device for a piece of junk? No thanks.

    • Matt

      Words of truth! ^

      • iFLoWx7

        Perhaps, words of Magic!!!^

      • Trevor

        you know i thought the deal was i trade in my air and they give me a surface plus $650.

    • Mee

      Comparing the specifications and the versatility of not only this device but also Windows in general, you’d be wise to recognize that while brand new MacBooks might not be necessarily worth trading in, anything 3 or 4 years old would be traditionally worth far less.

    • Alu Zeros

      Funny, I agree. I have a mac and Windows. Surface pro 3 just doesn’t compare to the MacBook Air and it’s capabilities. Not saying the surface pro 3 is horrible… But it could be better

      • “Surface pro 3 just doesn’t compare to the MacBook Air and it’s capabilities”

        Could you kindly elaborate on what your MacBook Air can do that the Surface Pro 3 is not capable of?

      • Alu Zeros

        Well for the price for the buck value you get more hardware for the bang. You also get a better keyboard, touch pad, and an os that is quite refined compared to Windows 8.1 and has better continuity with other mobile devices.

        Surface pro 3 might have touch capabilities and brings welcome additions with a stylus, but it falls short to a full fledged Windows laptop, and experience is everything.

        The best bang for the buck and experience for that buck the MacBook Air wins.

        I would like to see better continuity and the addition of gps in the surface. I would also like to see Windows 8 have better navigation, continuity, and a better ecosystem. It’s getting there, just not there yet. Look at Xbox Microsoft does a better job with continuity and ecosystem with interface then their own os. Not sure why Microsoft doesn’t bring that to its main os. They could do a better job. It’ll get there, just takes time.

      • “Well for the price for the buck value you get more hardware for the bang.”

        More hardware as-in a built-in keyboard (in the case of the MBA) vs. a 10-point multi-touch screen, a pen digitizer with palm rejection, ability to transform from between 3 PC form-factors (Tablet, Laptop and Desktop), a higher quality display, and a smaller footprint (in the case of the Pro 3)? Not sure what your definition of more is, ’cause it sure doesn’t match the conventional definition in this case.

        “You also get a better keyboard, touch pad”

        Guess you could say that due to more room between keys and slightly more key travel. For touch pad, more room for two finger scrolling does make it better, other than that, they’re both sufficient for other OS specific gestures. Good points.

        “and an os that is quite refined compared to Windows 8.1”

        Totally subjective there, but to each their opinion.

        “and has better continuity with other mobile devices.”

        Guess you could say that due to more aspects being “continued” from your SmartPhone PC to your Laptop PC. Good point there.

        ” but it falls short to a full fledged Windows laptop”

        In what way? Kindly elaborate on that…

        “The best bang for the buck and experience for that buck the MacBook Air wins.”

        With your main point (“more hardware”) being invalid, your conclusion is invalid.

        “I would like to see better continuity”

        Thus far, you can “continue” the following between Windows phone and a Windows PC:

        “- Office document editing
        – Skype conversations
        – Text messages (via OutLook)
        – Start-screen customizations (haven’t seen this in iOS 8’s continuity)
        – Browser activity”

        The following will probably be copied in a new software update:

        “- Phone calls”

        “and the addition of gps in the surface”

        Windows 8 already provides accurate location finding via the built-in compass and WiFi-triangulation. For those occasions where you’ll use a tablet for navigation over your phone (say in your vehicle), you could attach a 4G+GPS USB dongle…or your Android phone with ShareGPS app.

        “Look at Xbox Microsoft does a better job with continuity”

        Uhm, in what way? Kindly elaborate on that.

      • Kurt

        This parrot is only using the word continuity so often because Apple used it in its last keynote. Surface pro 3 is far superior of a product.

    • Sokrates

      What a desperate try from Microsoft.

    • Abhinav Chaudhary

      actually macbook air is piece of junk

  • DorHirschel

    Mac OS X to Win8.1?! LOL

    • It happened to one of my MacBook Air using friends who went with a Surface Pro 2, what’s so funny about it?

      • moofer

        The whole thing.

      • Raashid

  • Rowan09

    Nice try but it won’t work. Why would I want to pay $1000 for a Surface Pro 3 with 64GB when the Mac Air comes with 256GB for $99 more?

    • moofer

      And a real OS

      • Alu Zeros

        Pro version is a real os the non pro version is the rt version similar to most tablets.

    • Vitaliy Anonymous

      Umm, it is $799 in the first place. Second of all, you don’t have to carry two devices, especially when you are travelling. Third, you don’t have the hassle with TSA when it comes to scanning your baggage. Fourth, good luck using the MacBook Air with that hot air blowing on your lap…so much for being lappable.
      It sucks, I really liked this blog. It just furthermore proved how arrogant Apple enthusiasts are. Rather than embracing competition, they bash it.

      • Rowan09

        You can’t be serious. I never said anything bad about the Surface Pro 3, I just gave the obvious trade-offs. The base for a Surface Pro 3 is $799, as stated in the article the keyboard attachment is $129 so that’s $929+tax so it would cost you say $1000 for a Surface Pro 3 to be a complete laptop (meaning with a keyboard). Even at $1000 I’m only getting 64GB which will be about 40-50GB from what I’ve read online of usable space. Nowhere in the world would anyone say $1000 for 64GB is a great buy when I can pay $899+tax ($1000) for an Air with SSD as well with 2 times the space and for $99 dollars more 3 times the space. The Surface Pro 3 is a great device but the price is just too high for the amount of space given. I love the competition, but I would never pay $1000 for a 64GB laptop in 2014.

      • “The Surface Pro 3 is a great device but the price is just too high for the amount of space given”

        Right, $129+$40 (for a 128GB MicroSD Card) vs the additional $500 you’ll go and spend on a 16GB iPad and a some $100 accessory to get an active digitizer working with it in a handful of apps…not sure why that is a too high price compared to what it actually offers.

      • Rowan09

        Why are you comparing the iPad at to the Surface Pro? They are not at all in the same league. We’ve been through this before and you’re telling me I pay $1000 for SSD to add additional memory from an inferior SD card? Come on man, Microsoft need to price the Pro better and that’s why they don’t sell much. Stop bringing up the iPad because it’s not relevant.

      • “Why are you comparing the iPad to the Surface Pro?”

        ‘Cause it’s functionality is a sub-part of the Surface Pro which the MacBook AIr doesn’t offer on it’s own, duh, why else? That’s the same reason we compare the Surface Pro to the MacBook Air; it’s a sub-part of the Surface Pro. If you’re gonna be whining about the price, why don’t you consider the total price of competing products that offer similar functionality? That’s the way to determine which is well priced and which is overpriced, not by the branding logo.

        “you’re telling me I pay $1000 for SSD to add additional memory from an inferior SD card”

        No. You pay $1000 for a 64GB SSD in a 3-in-1 PC with a higher-quality screen resolution, vs $1075.35 for a 128GB SSD in a mono PC with a low-quality screen resolution. If 64GB ain’t enough for you, nothing stops you from going to the next storage capacity; it’ll then be $1214.07. So, for $138.72, you get $600 worth of additional functionality, yet you still find that not the be a worthy price…wonder how much your “technician” business is losing due to this.

        “Come on man, Microsoft needs to price the Pro better and that’s why they don’t sell much.”

        The reasons they’re not selling is due to both terrible marketing and the fact that it’s reputation was severely damaged by the bastardized RT line; due to it also being referred to as a Surface. For instance, when I was selling my 128GB Surface Pro 1 (see why here, http://bit ly/1pKlG0c), I got calls from lots of people interested and when I told them the price, they were at first shocked ’cause they thought it’s only another iPad, some didn’t even wait for explanation. Fortunately, when someone took the moment to listen, sold it within a week for $1040 with the Type Cover and 1 year left of extended warranty, originally $1280.

        “Stop bringing up the iPad because it’s not relevant.”

        Sir, it’s as relevant as the MacBook Air is to the Surface Pro; a sub-part of it. Yet you find it logical to only compare the price of 1 sub-part to the 3-in-1 system.

      • Rowan09

        If you compare the Surface Pro to other touchscreen laptops you’re going to say own this is a little better on the Pro because it has no need for paper, pressure sensitive screen, blah, blah, blah. If it takes that much to sell a product good luck. The market is flooded with touchscreen laptops and I can guarantee you that they do not sell more than traditional laptops. The Surface Pro didn’t and doesn’t sell because Microsoft made the mistake of comparing it to the iPad. As you stated in your article people were turned off until you had to give an explanation for the product, a great product sells itself. You can keep trying to convince me it’s a cheap price for what your getting but it’s way more expensive than any other laptop with way more space. 64GB which leaves me with 40-50GB of space is enough for a laptop? Come on man, I have 500GB on my Mac Pro and 60GB on my XPS and that’s barely enough. I don’t compare parts of products, I compare them as a whole. The Surface Pro is a laptop in a tablet form, just like my Sony Vaio UX PC was a laptop in a micro PC form.

      • “If you compare the Surface Pro to other touchscreen laptops you’re going to say own this is a little better on the Pro because it has no need for paper, pressure sensitive screen, blah, blah, blah.”

        Duh. That’s yet another product that’s a sub-part of the Surface Pro, yet you find it logical to be comparing that mono-system’s price to the 3-in-1 system…such dingbat logic.

        “If it takes that much to sell a product good luck.”

        It won’t sell to closed minded folks who try to categorize it to a single old category, like you seem to be doing. You ignore every other aspect of it and begin whining that 1 aspect is more expensive than the equivalent mono-device aspect. Did you drop out of high-school by any chance?

        “a great product sells itself”

        A well advertised product sells itself. If Apple didn’t advertise the iPad properly, it won’t sell well regardless of how great it is. That’s what’s happening to Microsoft here.

        “You can keep trying to convince me it’s a cheap price for what your getting but it’s way more expensive than any other laptop with way more space”

        I’m not trying to convince you, just ensuring those who read your post realize how it makes no conventional sense when they see my response. I know I can’t change the mind of those who are so narrow minded, so, I just do what I can to prevent others from following the same narrow minded path…I hate falsehood.

        “64GB which leaves me with 40-50GB of space is enough for a laptop?”

        Dude, you do realize you’re not the only one on the planet right? Elder colleagues of mine have a 500GB HDD in their personal Laptop PC and have used no more than 5% for personal stuff. The 64GB is more than enough for their particular needs. In your case, it doesn’t work for you, thus there are higher capacity options. You’re just whining for the sake whining in this case. 128GB + 64GB MicroSD wasn’t enough for me, so, went with 256GB +128GB MicoSD, and have more than enough room for my programs and games.

        “I don’t compare parts of products, I compare them as a whole”

        That’s ironic, ’cause if you were comparing it as a whole, you wouldn’t be making ignoramus conclusions along the lines of “this has more storage, so it’s bigger bang for the buck, the lower storage one isn’t well priced”…

      • Rowan09

        You and Microsoft is trying to convince people that a laptop needs to be touchscreen when I don’t even think touch screen laptops are selling well. The small HD size has nothing to do with usage on my part it’s about price. I don’t care what you want to try and say about a 3-1 which it’s obvious people are not looking for due to terrible sales for 3 years now and the price does not help their cause. You don’t need to try and convince me that the Pro 3 is a great laptop, if you look at my first post it just said “good try, but it won’t work”, I went on to explain that it’s too expensive which it is for the small HD drive for a high performance laptop. If the Pro was a notebook or some cheap inferior laptop 64GB (40-50GB really) would be great, but it’s a top off the line expensive product. Their is no excuse for paying $1000 for a 3-1 or whatever with 64GB and it’s a laptop. My Dell XPS came with 60GB in 2004.

      • “You and Microsoft is trying to convince people that a laptop needs to be touchscreen when I don’t even think touch screen laptops are selling well.”

        Laptop-only PC doesn’t need touch screen, but OEMs do want you to think they do. With a great touch-pad, the touch-screen is almost pointless and significantly less ergonomic on them ’cause you can’t hold their screens for an up-close touch experience, which many touch-equipped applications require. On the contrary, on 2-in-1 devices (like the Lenovo Miix 2 10), the touch screen makes complete sense and those are the devices that make full use of Windows 8; both the mouse/keyboard aspect AND the touch aspect.

        “Their is no excuse for paying $1000 for a 3-1 or whatever with 64GB and it’s a laptop.”

        Right, so what you’re pretty much saying is that they should ditch the 64GB configuration ’cause you find that it’s too low for you. Why don’t you tell Apple to ditch the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions of iPad ’cause they’re too low for you…oh, they’re fine for your tablet needs right? Well guess what, 64GB is fine for some people’s Laptop needs too.

      • Rowan09

        The iPhone is not a laptop and neither is the iPad as you’ve made clear enough times. Nevertheless even if they get rid of the 64GB it still doesn’t mean the 128GB is now cheap. They need to work on the price, that’s all. I have nothing bad to say about a product I don’t own or really see an issue with.

      • Guest

        Don’t even bother with Rowan. He is a flaming fanboy

      • Rowan09

        Really how is that because I said the Pro is too expensive which it is and it’s not selling well which it’s not? I never said it was a bad device but praising it as the next coming is way too much. As I said before I can get a touchscreen laptop for a fraction of the price, now SSD is a big selling point but for the price with more space I can get 8GBbof RAM with 500-1TB for less the Surface Pro. I don’t need a laptop and if I did I wouldn’t buy a Surface due to a small hard drive and this is not my only complaint with the price, just search the web. I’ve never made a comment about a product I don’t own or used extensively so that why I can only mention the price with the Pro 1-3.

      • Raashid

        Dude, that’s like saying why would I get a 7 sitter SUV with foldable back seat (Surface Pro 3) when I can get an equivalent horsepower 5 sitter truck (MBA) which can carry more load straight from the Car dealership…can that truck provide the additional 2 seats during the journey when needed?

      • Rowan09

        If you are selling me both cars at the same price then if I need the 2 extra seats ok. What happens if just for the 2 extra seats it’s costs $6000 more? Now the 5 seat car is more attractive and a better value. I never said anything bad about the Surface Pro 3 but it’s not the best laptop on the market and it’s definitely not the best value. I don’t hate on products I don’t own or spent a lot of time using.

      • Christopher

        I got bored reading through half of these comments… can’t you just say “I Like It” or “I don’t Like It” ?

      • Rowan09

        No I don’t own it, so I can’t. I’m an objective hater for the most part.

  • iDB

    I could use your advice here. I’m looking to switch from a pc to a Mac and I can’t decide between the MacBook air and the MacBook pro with retina display. The quality of the screen is really important to me but I am going to carry it with me all day so it’s important that it would be light. So my question is if the difference in weight worth not having a retina display?
    Also I’ve never used a MacBook and I wanted to know if Mac OS x is easy to get used to?
    Thanks for the help.

    • Sebastián Junca 

      If it was me, i’ll go for the mbp retina. I prefer i little bit more weight but a much brighter and perfect screen. Try to see which one is more capable of upgrading, because I don’t know which has ram and flash storage solded. (Could be both).

      On the other hand, you may want to wait, may be apple releases a mba retina this fall. Who knows!

    • Joe Rossignol

      I would probably wait for a Retina MacBook Air.

      • iDB

        do you know when apple is going to release it?

    • Eric

      Get the rMBP. It’s only .5 pounds heavier (with a smaller footprint) than the MBA.

  • Sebastián Junca 

    Sure, change a mba for a surface with windows 8.1 when Yosemite is around the corner… Nice try

    • Mee

      I love iDB and Apple devices, but that is not taking into account the major release of what is rumored to be Windows 9 next spring. I personally have tried both the MBA and the Surface, and both are equally usable and versatile to most users. Furthermore, if the MBA is a couple years old this deal is actually not bad at all when specs are taken into account.

  • Yujin

    Going from a Lamborghini to a ford pinto? Thanks but I’ll past on this stupid offer

    • Pinto


  • $650 is still very low trade value for a $1000 device, but that’s the least rip-off trades program I’ve come across…usually they’ll give you $300 for such stuff.

  • Franklin Richards

    Microsoft showing how out of touch they are with the current market again. They only have a few more of these screw ups before someone chews them up.

    • What makes it a screw up? Not having an Apple logo? Or you think paying the price of a mono device with an Apple logo for a 3-in-1 device is a screw up? Or you just being an ignoramus hater?

      • Franklin Richards

        Wow. That was a loaded reply. No where in my comment did I mention Apple at all. I said Microsoft screwed up because of the marketing ploy NOT the device. The reason why I say “again” is because of the whole Xbone fiasco. Do you work for Microsoft or something? You took it awfully personally. Thanks for calling me ignoramus you presumptuous troll.

  • moofer

    That is the most hilariously desperate thing I have ever seen MS do to get a tiny toehold in a market that totally passed them over. That’s some serious shark-jumping. Anyone that trades in a working MacBook Air for one of these turd-piles needs to get their head examined.

  • Alberto Espinal

    No thank you!!

  • Merman123

    Calm down tmobile.

    • iFLoWx7

      lmaoo, try hardsss!!!!!!

  • Blip dude

    What the?? uhh, no. I have a Pro. But if I had an Air, it would’ve been at Max Specs, and that would mean being out $1000-$1200!! No Microsoft, while the Surface Pro 3 definitely caught my eye, I don’t believe it is worth the Price!!! Old 1st Gen MacBook Airs maybe, but I’d bet the trade in value would be far below that. Anyone actually will to give up their MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3, just try eBay or Amazon.

  • abazigal

    So Microsoft is getting into refurbished Apple product business? Guess that’s one way to turn a profit…:P

  • Jason Masters

    The MacBooks you trade in are then passed out to Microsoft employees so they can finally have a reliable machine lol!!

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I bursted out in loud laughter as I read the tile of the article. Without reading the article, I immediately scrolled to the comment. That’s all I needed to read. Hahahahaha

    As it stands, I’ll pass on this deal this time. Lol.

    • iFLoWx7


    • Same here. This is way too funny

    • credulousgeek

      LMFAO same here haha

  • iFLoWx7

    Microsoft, you stupid or what? Thats like trading my Xbox 1 for a damn Sega Dreamcast dude!

    you’ve got 2 b kidding me. SMH!!!

    • It can’t get any more asinine than this…

      • leart

        guess who is

      • An asinine troll with his head in the “normal” place…

      • leart

        Haha nice one, I know I hurt your feelings I will give to you 650$ to you if you show your beautiful face, we can treade …
        Tip. All designers are apple fan mostly better to dont start a competition

  • Microsoft is really desperate now.

  • omrishtam


  • siddique

    hahahahah stupid microsoft..

  • leart

    microsoft faith

  • credulousgeek

    Ahh yeah you mean to ditch macbook air in favor of surface pro 3 shit! ahhh I pity on this move poor microsoft

  • logsys

    Couldn’t hackintosh guys make a Mac OS X compatible with surface?

    • rasiquiz

      Why would you want that?

      And it would take a long time to make OS X a non-touch OS usable on a touch device…

      • logsys

        1. Cheaper
        2. Even more portable
        3. Touch
        4. Having windows and mac os x working on the same Hybrid Computer is just awesome.
        That’s why I would buy it

  • Tronjheim79

    The SP3 is a cool piece of tech, but still it feels like a confused product.