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With the recent announcement of the upcoming Health app for iOS 8, people are talking about health and fitness more in the tech world. Fitness has always been connected to iOS use, but more and more, we are finding out how users can better interact with their doctors and specialists.

Diabetics must pay close attention to the things they do and don’t put into their bodies. Keeping track of important data can be a daunting task. We’ve got a list of what we think are the best apps for diabetics. Check them out to see if one of them is right for you…



This is the perfect app for entering important data relating to diabetes for people on the go who don’t have a whole lot of time. It features fast data entry with interactive charts that let users track daily inputs. The date and location based reminders will help you remember to take your insulin and check your blood sugar at specific times or specific places. Use tags to organize information, making it easier to find in a search. Export data by sending CSV and PDFs through email, or print out your information to bring to your doctor. This app is available for free.

Diabetes In Check

Diabetes In Check

This comprehensive app is great for those suffering from type-2 diabetes. Use tools and information to eat better, get active, and lower your blood sugar. It features helpful coaching from certified diabetes educators, as well as, a blood glucose tracker, a medication tracker, reminders, and more. Search an extensive food database for the best nutrition for your diet, including their impact on your blood glucose level. This app is available for free.

Diabetes Companion by mySugar

Diabetes Companion

Some might consider diabetes a monster and our bodies the protectors of our health. This app puts that idea into practice with a charming game-like way to keep track of your data. It features easy logging for fast data entry, easy-to-read graphs, game-like challenges, feedback that will motivate you and might even make you laugh, and more. This app is available for free.

iCookbook Diabetic

iCookbook Diabetic

One of the most important thing a diabetic can do to control blood sugar is to eat properly. However, diabetics aren’t the only ones who could use a healthy and well-rounded diet. We can all benefit from eating foods that are better for us. This app contains free recipes every month, curated by a team of registered dietitians and accredited food experts. Use hands-free voice commands to scroll through preparation instructions, save favorite recipes to your personal recipe book, use the in-app shopping list to get items you need, and take advantage of great cooking tools, like timers, substitution lists, and tag searches. This app is available for free.

Track3 – Diabetes Planner


This diabetes companion app is full of useful tools to help you track, log, and monitor all blood glucose activities and levels to help keep you balanced. Browse more than 100,000 food items with carbohydrate and nutrition information. Log and track your blood sugar trends. Record insulin and medication information. Customize the app to fit your needs with favorites, category trackers, and specialized workout routines. This app is available for $5.99.

mySugar Junior

mySugar Junior

If your little one suffers from diabetes, it can be hard to let him or her walk out the door. You never know what the day will bring, no matter how much you instruct your children and their teachers regarding diet, medication, and blood glucose tracking. This app helps parents feel better about what their kids do while away. The tracking tools work like a game, encouraging kids to enter data in order to earn points. The information can then be sent to the parents as a push notification or email. Not only will you little one want to keep track of diabetic data thanks to the playful game, but you’ll know when it happens. This app is available for free.



Not everyone has the time, skill, or ability to cook healthy meals at home. That doesn’t mean you should give up and head to the nearest fast food joint in defeat. This app makes it possible for you to find restaurants in your area for take out and delivery that offer healthy food options. Filter choices by specific diets, like Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, and more. Filter by cuisine, ingredients, and type. Find the right food for your mood without having to cook. This app is available for free.

CarbsControl Carb Counter


Counting carbs can be very helpful for diabetics. Controlling carbohydrate intake can help keep blood sugar levels balanced. This app features more than 100,000 food items with detailed information on nutrition from 300 restaurants and 500 brands. It works alongside specific low-carb diets, like Atkins and South Beach. It is also great for anyone looking to drop a few pounds using a low-carb diet. Set daily goals, track your carbohydrate intake, and adjust serving sizes based on net carbs in your meal. This app is available for $2.99.

Diabetes in Pregnancy

Diabetes in Pregnancy

I have a friend who suffered from gestational diabetes when she was pregnant. It is so common that I’m sure many of our readers know someone who has experienced the same ailment. This app helps pregnant women who find themselves with symptoms of diabetes that they never had before. It is specifically designed with tools and information relating to the needs of pregnant women. Track your blood sugar, food, exercise, medication, and more. Customize the diet journal to fit your lifestyle. Create special exercise routines based on the level of workout you can handle at each stage of pregnancy. This app is available for $5.99.

John Hopkins ABX, HIV, Diabetes Guides with Updates

John Hopkins Guides

This official app is the mobile port for the full guide to antibiotic, diabetes, and HIV. When you purchase one or all three guides, you’ll receive monthly updates for free. The guide covers important medical information for diagnosis and treatment of infections diseases, classification and management information for diabetic care, and up-to-date guidance on diagnosis and management of HIV. It is the perfect mobile guide for members of the medical profession, but is also very informative for the average person. Never be without medical guidance to the things that matter most to you. This app is available for free.

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