iWatch concept (All, Todd Hamilton 001)

Rumors regarding the iWatch have reached a fever pitch this week. We’ve heard 3 reports in just the past 2 days, and we’ve got another one to add to the list this morning. It seems that everyone is interested in Apple’s highly anticipated wearable.

Today’s report comes from Chinese website Laoyaoba, which claims that Apple has finalized the design and specifications of the watch, and is now awaiting FDA approval. The site also says that the device will include blood glucose and sweat sensors…

GforGames passes along the Laoyaoba report:

According to the latest reports coming from the Chinese media (citing “Apple insiders”), iWatch’s development has already been completed (meaning design, technical specs, features, etc). However, the gadget is being held back (aka is not being manufactured yet) because it needs to be certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Much like the previous rumors have suggested, this new reports suggests that the iWatch will include a wide range of biometric sensors on-board, including heart rate, blood pressure and blood glucose sensors.

Additionally, the site says that Apple has also developed an in-house sensor for the iWatch capable of analyzing a person’s sweat. The watch will feed this and other data it collects into iOS 8’s Health app, which a user can then share with their doctor.

iWatch concept (Home, Todd Hamilton 001)iWatch concept by Todd Hamilton

Yesterday, Reuters reported that the iWatch would feature wireless charging and a 2.5-inch display. Two other reports added that the watch will come in multiple designs, and that Apple has recruited a handful of pro athletes to test its fitness capabilities.

It’s believed the so-called iWatch will go into mass production within the next few months, ahead of a widely expected October unveiling. Price tag, non-health related capabilities, and several other details about the device are still unknown at this time.

  • onesimpleclik

    can blood glucose levels be read through the skin or through sweat?

    • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

      would require a patch on ur hand i guess

    • s0me

      There are some watches that can monitor your blood glucose trough a tiny sensor implanted under the skin but I doubt Apple will use the same technology

      • onesimpleclik

        I won’t be letting anyone, plant anything under my skin. ever. lol

      • s0me

        Well people with diabetes who want to stop using needles 3 to 6 times a day will plant whatever under their skin 🙂

  • leart

    Samsung is taking notes

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Samsung is copying & pasting notes


      • leart


      • Antzboogie

        True lol, I know one thing for sure I don’t want my personal health being uploaded to any server or cloud. This could be potentially dangerous. Just store it locally on the iPhone, but not in a server where people can get a hold of it and use it against you. Come on this is not paranoia just stating a strong opinion.

      • Kurt

        Stop making it easy for the government to break its laws and spy on us “potential” terrorists. We don’t need to give them our health related info too.

      • Antzboogie

        I just love being a sheep. Just collect my data oh and here’s my location to find me anytime you want. Oh and you can view my emails too.Record my voice and while your add it use it to send me ads according to the recorded conversations you have of me.

      • Kurt

        Haha and believe everything the MSM tells you.

      • Research Rants

        Used against me how? Seriously can’t understand why I’m supposed to care about this sort of thing. Oh no, Apple knows how far I ran and what my heart rate was while I was doing it, and holy shit if they get hacked some Russian dude will know the same thing and he’ll be able to … what, troll me for not being under a 9 minute mile yet?

      • Innes

        Why is it ‘Dangerous’? How can health information be used ‘against’ you? Examples please.

        Look on the pro side of your information being in the cloud. Your new iWatch monitors your health. You’ve been feeling ill for the last few weeks. You cant get to the doctors because of work so you email the doctor a link or a login to download your last 30 days Health Data along with a time line. The doctor can then go through the data and pinpoint any areas of concern.

  • s0me

    I am curious how a watch could monitor blood pressure

    • Kurt

      Remember the bs rumors that the iPhone will have tactile feedback on the screen. The screen will be able to feel rough or bumpy. I bet it will have the same sensors Samsungs watches have and nothing more. Maybe it will be able to tell temp and humidity like my Note 3 does but I’m not expecting much from a watch. I just hope we get some great suprises for the phone. So far it seems like its not as good as the Note which sucks. Because Apple should be able to do as good. But I’m still hopeful.

      • BoardDWorld

        Kurt & his precious Note…

      • BoardDWorld & his non-stop asinine trolling…

      • BoardDWorld

        I guess that’s a compliment coming from you… I mean to be considered a troll by the King of trolls himself. All hail MrElectrifyer.

  • Saulo Benigno

    Blood glucose without needles? I want that now!

    • BoardDWorld

      Google this: non-invasive-measurement-of-blood-glucose-levels-using-glucotrack-interview

      • Saulo Benigno

        Very nice, thanks. Hope that it works and it’s released soon 🙂

  • I think that we will (as always) expect lots and lots from Apple and at the end we will get a regular smart watch with similar features like other smart watches

  • Alain

    If these are true, the iWatch will be epic!! But now the greatness of the iWatch stands on its design and all the features/specs.

  • Hak

    Wouldn’t this concept be more of an iBracelet?

  • Donovan

    Plot twist; also uploads your sweat-data to the NSA so they can bust drug users.

    • Sean Clark

      NSA doesn’t do crap. DEA takes care of drug-related crimes.

      • Kurt

        I can show you a video of an interview with an NSA whistleblower that has him discussing how the NSA finds illegal activity like drugs and then passes the info on to the police. The police then gets the warrants to search. So they work backwards. Illegal but Americans aren’t complaining. Crazy world we live in.

  • محمود الخميسي

    Off-Topic : guys does anyone know a jailbreak tweak that stick my device to 3G network ONLY?!