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Apple announced several new flagship features in iOS 8 at its WWDC keynote a few weeks ago, but one of the quiet changes uncovered was that Yahoo has been replaced by The Weather Channel for weather data. The move came as a bit of a surprise, given that Yahoo has been aggressively pushing to have more of its services integrated across the iPhone software platform.

So, why did Apple make the switch? Interestingly enough, Yahoo weather services have actually been powered by The Weather Channel for quite some time. By cutting the middleman out of the equation, the iPhone maker benefits from more specific weather data and technologies that The Weather Channel did not provide to Yahoo… 

Kara Swisher at Re/code elaborates:

“To convince Apple to make the shift and cut Yahoo out of the middle, the Weather Channel added a lot more technology and information to the offering that it does not provide to Yahoo,” writes Swisher. “That includes more weather specificity related to the location of a user, a nine-day forecast (up from five), a weather-conditions summary and more.”

An unidentified Yahoo executive claimed that the Internet giant “acted too late to save the deal,” and referred to it as a “high-profile loss.” Yahoo did not make ad revenues from its longtime weather partnership with Apple, but the sponsorship directed a lot of traffic to its online properties. Yahoo is said to have more than 400 million monthly active users on mobile, many of which come from these deals with smartphone makers.

Yahoo is forced to resort to offering useful applications for users to get information, since it does not have a smartphone like Apple, Google, Microsoft and several other of its competitors do. Swisher reports that some Yahoo employees are concerned that its stocks partnership with Apple could be next on the chopping block, to be replaced by a provider like Bloomberg, CNBC or Reuters.

Yahoo’s partnership with Apple is now seen as vulnerable:

“‘Others now see an in,’ said one person with knowledge of the situation. ‘Getting on these key mobile platforms is a must-have for Yahoo, since it does not have a phone, and now that status is vulnerable.’ As with the weather app, Yahoo gets a lot of its data for the stock app from others, too.”

Weather is not the only area that Apple has given Yahoo the cold shoulder. Despite efforts by Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer to improve its search offerings, with a focus on algorithmic searching and search advertising, Apple chose Microsoft Bing as its new default search engine for Spotlight. If it is any consolation, Apple also ditched Google in iOS 6 by removing its stock Maps and YouTube apps.

Do you use any Yahoo services?

  • A’s Network

    I don’t know why Yahoo executives see the partnership vulnerable, all Apple did was just get information straight from the source. Yahoo needs to realize that some of its services are still used in iOS and it shouldn’t be all worried about it. They aren’t losing any money out of this…

  • kiljoy616

    Personally Yahoo did a great job on their stand alone app for weather with shows more information and great. Apple going directly in a stripped down weather app is fine not something that many people will miss or use if they want more.

  • Kyle

    I never used any Yahoo services, the only where Weather & Stock in iOS & OSX. Now that Apple uses TWC in Yosemite and iOS 8, its even becoming less. But I like the TWC icon much more than Yahoo’s anyway so not a too big loss.

  • gittlopctbi

    I love Yahoo’s weather app. I haven’t used WC’s for a long time because it was so buggy and crashed all the time back when. I’m sure that has changed by now, but Yahoo’s weather app is gorgeous and user friendly.

  • diggitydang

    I’m one that believes that you shouldn’t have to open an app to get weather information (at least the 5 day forecast with high’s, low’s and conditions). I hate getting dressed in the morning and having to use a bunch of taps and swipes just to find out the weather, or asking Siri and waiting for her to answer. I know that iOS7 built it into the Notification Centre, but using actual words, as opposed to numbers and icons bothered me (I’m lazy, I guess =P). I love my “Forecast” tweak, which eliminates all of that, and I think many weather apps will be drastically reduced in usage once the Notification Centre widgets are live in iOS8. Weather widgets will be one of the first ones to go live, I anticipate. Finally – weather information in one swipe down of the Notification Centre!

  • guest

    the real question is why did apple wait til ios 8

    • Byron C Mayes

      I’m guessing contracts.

    • Ali

      Restrictions. Probably just like Google Maps was ditched in iOS 6, although I really miss the public transportation feature (For which I now use Google Maps’ app).

  • Rares

    Let me guess, when ios 8 comes out, the weather app certificate “expires” and we will have to update to ios 8.

  • So we won’t see the annoying Yahoo! logo on the bottom of the notification center in iOS 8?

    • Joe Rossignol

      For stocks you would.

    • An icon will still be there, it’ll just be a different one. I can’t understand how such a tiny icon that does nothing more than a hyperlink could be considered remotely “annoying”

  • Marcus

    I check the weather a lot on my iPhone. I mainly just use Siri. I’m excited for this switch and also the 10 day forecast feature in iOS 8.

  • Kurt

    Copy Yahoos weather app design, then get rid of yahoo. Ouch

  • abdullah575

    because Yahoo not show the right weather !! in my country!!

  • Toni Fujimoto

    Thinking about Apple’s Smartwatch and iOS8 supported sensors, Apple and the Weather Channel can benefit from this deal since the exchange of information from both add to more precise data. Yahoo just provides the data from the Weather Channel. It probably just forwards the information from Apple to the Weather Channel which makes the communication unnecessary longer and more complicated.

  • Sandy Cook

    They should probably concentrate on getting reliable data instead. Yahoo/WC is notoriously inaccurate

    • Naskarrkid

      It seems like the times I did use TWC’s app, it was never updated in real time. Sometimes it would be an hour or two behind, especially late at night.

      • Sandy Cook

        It was worse than that