PayPal 10USD iTunes gift card half price

Last December, PayPal started selling iTunes gift cards and other digital vouchers through its new Digital Gifts Store.

It’s perhaps the most convenient and hassle-free option to quickly top up your iTunes credit via PayPal, provided you’re in the United States.

The problem is, every now and then other retailers discount iTunes vouchers.

Typically, 20 percent off is the best deal you can find and 30 percent or more off is pretty rare, but we’ve never seen a discount of 50 percent or more on iTunes Gift cards.

Good today only and while supplies last, PayPal is now offering a $10 iTunes Gift card for just five bucks…

Note: this deal has now expired.

This offer was first spotted by DealNews.

First, visit PayPal’s Digital Gifts Store.

Next, make sure to manually select the $10 option and type “10” into the Value field to redeem the discount. According to the terms of this promotion, you can get up to ten Gift cards, but I’ve seen people reporting hitting a limit of 20 or more before Paypal cut them off.

If you buy stuff from iTunes, this is the perfect opportunity to top up your credit for half price because you’re essentially getting a 50 percent discount on any purchase of iTunes movies, TV shows, books, App Store and Mac App Store apps, In-App Purchases and subscriptions.

Again, to purchase these digital vouchers from the PayPal Digital Gifts store, you must have a valid U.S. PayPal account.

  • Ramses

    Why Post it if the deal expired already?

    • habib

      uh… it wasn’t sold out at time of post? I agree it should be updated though

      • Ramses

        i think it been sold out. That’s why I’m saying why was it posted If you look on the Deal news website it was posted 19Hrs Ago

  • arvindb02

    I think they’re all sold out now.

  • David

    Yes, they’re already sold out 🙁

  • Osama Muhammed

    sold out, well i at least learnt that paypal sells itunes cards :O

  • Raph

    Indeed this is not working…

  • Shingo

    only USA credit card shame!!!

  • Of course it would sell out. Developers can use these to buy their own apps, and get 20% for nothing.

  • ap3604

    Got $200 worth of iTunes gift cards before they ran out. God I love Slickdeals! 😀

    • Glenn DolFan Baptista

      Prolly so you can buy gems on Clash of Clans huh you Gemmer lol

      • ap3604


        Probably more like expensive apps, in-app purchases like Pandora or Skype, movies, tv shows, and books.

    • regkilla

      Who spends hella money (over a hundred) on iTunes gift cards?

      • ap3604

        Anyone who uses a IAP subscription service and wants 1/2 off?

        Anyone who has a family that reads books, watches movies / tv shows, and uses paid applications?

  • Andrew Roth

    It was sold out already at the time of this post, so why post it?

    • ap3604

      Because they had already wrote the article and didn’t plan on the Paypal site selling out so quick?

  • I never understood how companies can give you discounted gift cards. Like, it’s cost is $10, full stop. There’s no retail vs. Wholesale cost. You sell it for what you paid for it. so if these companies sell you a $10 gift card for $5, then they’ve just made a loss of $5. How can that be a viable business move?

    • ap3604

      Do you actually believe that companies which make massive bulk purchases of gift cards actually pay the full value of each gift card?

      • Well then Apple would have to give them away at a cheaper cost but they ain’t gonna do that since they’d lose money. Like I said, it’s one of those products that will always cost what it’s worth

      • Let’s say you bought a pen for $10, this pen cost the retailer/wholesaler $6, this pen cost the manufacturer who sold to the retailer $0.60, everyone in that line of sales made a profit except for the end customer. A gift voucher however is worth what it costs. Apple creates a $10 voucher that can be spent on $10-worth of products, if they sell it at a discount, regardless of quantity, they lose money by effectively giving away free apps but still paying the developer. Gift vouchers aren’t a profitable item, they can’t be. Their sole intention is as a marketing campaign to push users to their service.

      • Lisa Dipasalegne-Patterson

        Actually, it’s more simple than that…and the numbers are way smaller, if a pen cost the manu .60 to make, the most apple will pay, with their bulk purchasing is about 2 or 3 times that amount….not to mention companies that own their own factory and all costs are in-house. Then they mark it up 10-15 times what they paid for it and thats the retail cost. They can sell if for half and still make over a 100% profit. This doesn’t include digital items, which cost them nothing to make. With ALL items you purchase there being overpriced, regardless of whether you spend real cash or use a card, all they are doing is giving you a discount on an item that cost them almost nothing.

      • daniel

        It’s super simple: Apple takes a cut of 30% from everything they sell. So essentially that is the margin for discount they might give to other retailers.

  • Marcus

    I got an email regarding this last night so I’m glad that I could partake in this bargain 😀

    • Tony

      Yeah I got the email too except everything is sold out basically within 2 minutes and if your lucky you get something. It’s those who play fair and would love to snag just one never can because certain people just grab whatever the max is and ruin it for the rest of us. All the more reason why I don’t go in on the whole couponing experience either, everything is always gone before the sale actually starts.

      • ap3604

        “Except everything is sold out basically within 2 minutes”

        Definitely didn’t sell out that fast. More like 3.5 hours. Either way I’m happy I was able to snag 20 of them for a free $100 😀

  • Tony Ruiz

    I checked and it was expired. Thanks for nothing.

  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    Damn I wish I would have known earlier

  • diggitydang

    At the very LEAST put the “Update: Sold Out” or “Deal Expired” in the title, not in the middle part of the article…