Apple is preparing to release iOS 7.1.2 in the coming weeks, according to a new report from MacRumors. Citing sources familiar with the update, the site says Apple plans to use the release to address a handful of long-standing issues.

Perhaps the most prominent issue the firmware will resolve is the ’email attachment encryption bug’ that surfaced last month. It also includes a fix the just-publicized Lock screen vulnerability, which could allow access to limited apps…

MacRumors Eric Slivka reports:

MacRumors has now learned that Apple is indeed nearing a public release of iOS 7.1.2 and has begun seeding carrier partners with a version of it, termed build 11D257.

According to sources, the build of iOS 7.1.2 does indeed address the email attachment encryption issue, as well as a bug in downloading emails. Also included in the update is a fix for a lock screen vulnerability that could allow access to “limited apps”. While we can’t say for certain, Apple may be referring to the “missed call” lock screen bug publicized earlier this month.

Last month, security researcher Andreas Kurtz published a report claiming that iOS 7 stores email attachments in unencrypted form, making them easily readable in the right conditions. Of course, jailbreakers have had a fix for a while now.

Additionally, Slivka says that iOS 7.1.2 will include improvements to iBeacon connectivity and a bug fix related to data transfer with third-party accessories. Unfortunately, there’s no explicit mention of any kind of iMessage-related bug fix.

There’s no word on when iOS 7.1.2 will be released, but Apple has apparently asked carriers to sign off on the update by Friday, June 27, suggesting that a public release could come the following week. Obviously, jailbreakers will want to stay away.

  • Andrew

    What lockscreen issues? 😛

    • Matheus Lisboa

      The one that let’s you bypass the code

      • Andrew

        Oh, right

  • Kyle

    Why bother when I can have 8.0

    • Ali

      Some devices might not support iOS8.

      • Jonathan

        I think just iPhone 4 and iPad 3 (strangely enough the iPad 2 gets iOS 8)

      • Svs

        I believe “iPad with retina display” means iPad 3&4

      • Jonathan

        But I saw on Twitter, someone posted “Where’s the download link for iPad 3? There’s one for iPad 4, but not 3.”

      • dedegarrido

        You are wrong dude… ipad 3 gets the update too!!

      • Jonathan

        According to other devs, no. :/

      • iPodDroid

        But, isn’t the iPad 2 just as old as the iPhone 4? Or was it the 4s?

      • Ishaan Malhotra


      • Matt

        iPad 3 doesn’t support ios 8?!?!

      • Leonard Wong

        It does support

  • leart

    I will upgrade from my 7.1 only if this update brings something for battery life, about bugs like lock screen and mail attach encryption i really dont care that much

    • It just takes two minutes to update so why not update???

      • leart

        I’m afraid that maybe the battery life will be shorter on 7.1.1, this is a bug patch update

  • Donovan

    I need some battery fix or something. Burning 1% per 3 minutes, that’s not good.

    • Me too . I have the 5s and the battery is one of the worse I’ve tried I hope they fix it.

  • Christian Mejía

    Thought it was 8.1.2 . I was thinking when did they release anything other than 8.0?

    • iOS 8 hasn’t been released to the public yet.

      • Christian Mejía

        Or beta. I meant.

  • Waleed

    All i want is 7.1.2 today, with battery issues fix ! Thats it

  • iMoAd

    Good bye Doulci ☺

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      • iMoAd

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      • SONY only

        اتمنى تجاوب على سؤالي …

        لماذا تكره شركة سوني ؟

      • iMoAd

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      • SONY only

        لا أستطيع التعليق في إلكتروني

        لأني محظور منذ شهرين

  • I replaced my phone too but still the same issue with the phone .

    • mlee19841

      I have a 5s getting about 5-6 hours of usage.

  • El Matador

    Let me be the first ass hat to ask if it’s jailbreakable!! (insert sarcasm)

    • mlee19841

      lol. i wish

  • Isaac

    Apple! Please iron out iOS 7 for iPad. My iPad Air crashes a lot and is slowing down! It’s not even jailbroken and it’s on the latest firmware. Please fix these issues. So far my experience with iOS 7 on the iPad Air has been horrific. If these issues aren’t fixed, I guess I have to return my iPad.

  • Acolz

    And will this mean anything for jailbreak? A possibility?