Great deal: name your own price on this awesome Mac app bundle, including Fantastical

By , Jun 17, 2014

Name Your Own Price Summer Bundle StackSocial

StackSocial is back with another Name Your Own Price summer blockbuster sale that features 10 award-winning Mac apps, including Fantastical, for however much you are willing to spend. While the recommended price for the bundle is $49, you only have to pay above the average price, which starts at $1.10, to get all 10 Mac apps. Fantastical alone is $20 on the Mac App Store, so the savings through this deal are pretty incredible.

If that is not convincing enough, the total value of the apps if you were to purchase them separately right now is around $400. If you are quick to purchase the Mac app bundle tonight, and contribute even $20, you are saving a pretty remarkable $380 on a great lineup of apps. Fantastical is a calendar app that we’ve spoken highly of, and Path Finder makes managing your files effortless. And that’s not all… 

There are a few additional incentives to purchase this Mac bundle, including the opportunity to win an 11-inch MacBook Air by gaining entries through topping the leaderboard. The other benefit is that 10% of the proceeds from your purchase goes to the charity of your choice, with the option to choose from the World Wildlife Fund, Child’s Play or Creative Commons.

Even if you don’t top the average price, you will still receive three Mac apps for your contribution: DiscLabel, SyncMate Expert 5 and Tangerine. If you are looking for the best value, I suggest getting in on the deal quick before the average price rises, because I have personally seen past bundles with averages between $7 to $9 at times. The Name Your Own Price summer blockbuster sale has just started, so move fast if you want to save the most.

Here is an overview of each of the 10 apps in the bundle:

  • Path Finder 6: access and manage your files effortlessly
  • Fantastical: one of the best calendar and reminders apps
  • Flux 4: Mac web design made easy
  • Gemini: Locate and delete multiple files on your Mac
  • Logoist: Develop professional images with ease
  • Tunes Cleaner: delete multiple songs in your iTunes library
  • MacX iPhone DVD Ripper: Rip a DVD to your iPhone or iPad
  • DiscLabel: professional looking disc labels
  • SyncMate Expert 5: sync your accounts and devices to Mac
  • Tangerine!: create amazing playlists

I have been looking to purchase Fantastical for quite a while, so by time this post goes live I will have already purchased the bundle for sure. If you want in on the action, simply click here to head to the Name Your Own Price summer blockbuster sale. Good luck to everyone that aims to win the MacBook Air on the leaderboards, and enjoy the selection of great new apps for your Mac.

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  • Gavin Friel

    $400 worth of apps for £5(GBP). Boom.

  • Fantastical mixed with useless crap…

  • coLin

    I don’t see you on the top 10 list, Jeff!