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Episode 33: Jeff rejoins Sebastien and Cody for a debate on the look of the iPhone 6 mockups and shell casings, its upcoming size and display changes, Apple store etiquette, sketchy Lightning cable quality, and, of course, the joke(s) of the week.

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  • Matheus Lisboa

    It would be nice to talk about how Apple trolled us today not releasing beta 2 of iOS 8 hahaha

    • How is that trolling? Apple never said they would release anything on Monday. Historical releases aren’t a basis for future releases.

      • Matheus Lisboa

        It was a joke… All I was saying was that people were expecting it and it wasn’t released… It was a topic on most Apples group I’m a part of and I and a whole lot of people were expecting it… I know Apple didn’t say a thing about that but I do base myself on previous releases to make an estimation… But anyways it was a joke Sebastien…

      • My bad then 🙂

      • Matheus Lisboa

        Nah… I should have expressed myself better… Sorry

  • andyr354

    4.7 for me. Any bigger is a PITA for carying

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I agree with you there. Unless there’s some incenve other than a larger screen 4.7 is fine for me.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Great podcast this week might just be the best one yet. Keep up the good work.

  • Matt Taylor

    I am a Huge iPad user, I purchased the iPad3 on release day and completely replaced my desktop with it! I have invested over £500 in iPad apps and use it for a very wide range of tasks including photo editing, music production and productivity to name a few! From my standpoint an iPad is only productive when upgraded with jailbreak software! I will not purchase a new iPad until there are more os features and a lot more power including ram!

    You guys are right, the main things holding the iPad back are the lack of power and the limited os! iOS is fine on an iPhone but the iPad needs a lot more… If I couldn’t jailbreak the iPad I would of sold it long ago for a competing tablet and would not have spent the money I have in the Apple Eco System! My main complaint is that the iPad can be so much more but Apple don’t optimise it to its full potential! The Jailbreak possibilities are living proof of that and it’s such a shame…

    Why should a tablet be limited to the same hardware as a mobile phone! It’s time Apple made the iPad the iPhones big brother and really make it shine because as it stands it’s exactly what people are calling it “A stretched iPhone”

  • Eric Ortiz

    I would have to say the statement of saying every one would buy a 5.5 inch phone is a bit of a stretch. 4.7 would put it just about the size of the s3/4 and that would be perfect in my big man hands. Plus at a rumored $100 premium for .8 inch on the screen, doesn’t really make it worth it.