Facebook for iPad (Entertainment bar 001)

Facebook on Monday pushed an update to its iPad client to put more entertainment (and ads) into your hands.

Realizing that seven out of each ten people who use Facebook for iPad played a Facebook-connected game in the past 90 days, Mark Zuckerberg & Co. are now testing a new sidebar within the iPad app, specifically created for entertainment content and game discovery.

The iPad-exclusive section provides game trailers and in-game footage, as well as Trending videos/news articles, social notifications for native Facebook games, as well as those offered on the web, and much more.

Note that this experiment is currently limited to Facebook’s iPad users in the United States and there’s no word when it could launch globally. Additional tidbits can be found right after the break…

According to a post over at the Facebook Developers blog, the new entertainment sidebar will also include ad slots for game developers to engage players.

The new sidebar is only available in landscape and includes the following items:

• Trending topics: A feature launched on desktop in January, Trending is a list of topics people are talking about most on Facebook right now, personalized to include topics you’re interested in as well as topics trending across Facebook overall

• Trending Videos: A feature new to iPad, Trending Video includes a personalized selection of the most-shared videos among your demographic on Facebook right now

• My Games: A selection of games you already play, with an easy link to start playing them on your iPad

• Popular Games: iPad games you might want to play, based on games your friends have played and what’s popular on Facebook

This is also where you’ll find your friends’ birthday notifications and upcoming events.

Facebook is urging game developers to get featured in this section by registering their iPad app, integrating Facebook Login and providing a promo video in App Center.

Facebook for iOS is available free in the App Store.

Again, only the US version of the iPad client has received the righthand sidebar so don’t bother unless you’re a US person.

  • David Gitman

    Ios 8 beta 2 today?

    • John

      Totally relevant comment David, but if you’re asking if it’s going to be released today…you know about as much as anyone else does. Apple doesn’t publish when they will release betas, it just happens………..but on a side note, I hope to God it does.

      • David Gitman

        Thank you for this awesome reply

    • Leonard Wong

      I do believe is today if and only if Apple continue its tradition 2 weeks release cycle of betas

  • Leonard Wong

    Trending topics will be nice but games activity, nope!

  • Jack

    Where is the chat bar? :O

    • John

      They don’t want you to chat to your friends anymore, just watch their adverts.

  • Don’t know why to develop this junk instead of making a nice chat app for iPad. Apple may get more users to voice feature on iMessage because of the lack of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and the others.

  • Smeltn

    I live in the US but am not seeing this update showing up. Last update to the facebook app was Jun 11 for me.

  • JoJo

    Can you turn it off?

  • rml

    Already here in Australia and its a pain can only see 9 of my contacts on the chat sidebar