Angry Birds Transformers (teaser 001)

I can’t stand any more of Angry Birds. There, I’ve said it. Still, a lot of fans feel the series hasn’t run its course yet so this one should be fun: Finland-based Angry Birds maker Rovio Mobile has now partnered with Hasbro on a new tie-in game. They’re calling it Angry Birds Transformers and it’s coming real soon to an iOS device near you.

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The Finnish developer said Monday that Angry Birds Transformers won’t be just a game: they’re planning on swarming the market with various consumer licensed goods and a new product line from Hasbro.

Not only does the game feature a new story and characters, it also supports Hasbro’s Telepods brand-engaging platform.

Can you say Autobirds and Deceptihogs?

Later this year Hasbro will introduce a product line featuring Telepods technology which will enable fans to teleport their favorite Angry Birds Transformers characters into the game and gain unique powers. 

This isn’t the first time Rovio partnered with Hasbro.

Earlier this year, Rovio’s Angry Birds Go kart-racing game released as a product born out of the Rovio-Hasbo partnership. And last year, the two companies created and marketed the Angry Birds Star Wars mashup of mobile games and merchandize.

To keep tabs on future developments concerning Angry Birds Transformers, bookmark the official game website.

Rovio has seen remarkable successes with the omnipresent Angry Birds series.

The universe of Angry Birds-themed products now spans interactive games, animated series, plush toys and what not. In addition to Angry Birds Transformers, Rovio last week released a new spinoff game called Angry Birds Epic.

As featured by iDownloadBlog’s App Recap column, the subtly humorous and free-to-download game includes epic battles between your favorite pig characters Red, Chuck and Bomb and classic evil pig villains like King Pig, Wiz Pig and Prince Porky.

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    Coming soon: Angry Flappy birds! Angry Birds snapchat, Angry Birds inspired filters for instagram, etc!

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  • Derp

    2015: Angry Birds: Flying Dead
    2016: Angry Birds: Final Flight Fantasy
    2017: Watch Birds

    • omrishtam

      2018: Angry birds:Modern warfare 1
      2019: Angry birds:Modern warfare 2
      2020: Angry Birds:Black pig ops 1

      2021: Angry Birds:Modern warfare 3
      2022: Angry birds:Black pig ops 2
      2023: Angry birds:dogs
      2024: Angry birds:Advanced birds 1
      2025: Angry birds:Advanced birds 2
      2026: Angry birds original: HD remake
      2027: Angry birds original: HD remake extended version
      2028: Angry birds: Modern warfare HD remake

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    I’m just waiting for the inevitable Marvel x Angry Birds game. Probably X-Men because Marvel enjoys selling out the X-men franchise.

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