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Whether you’re struggling to keep a New Year’s resolution, or just trying to tone up before beach season, everyone could use a little extra support. Luckily, there’s an app for that.

In fact, we’ve found several apps that help you accomplish your fitness goals by tracking your steps and workouts, tracking your food intake, and offering support and motivation.



When you first get started on an exercise program, it is important to figure out how much movement you do on a regular basis. I have a friend with a pedometer who recently discovered that he averages nine miles of walking every day. This app automatically starts tracking you when you are moving for more than a minute. You’ll be able to maintain a daily goal of 30, 60, or 90 minutes of movement. All you have to do is keep your iPhone in your pocket or bag. This app is available for free.



Argus is an extremely powerful fitness and health tracking app, packed full of features to help you achieve your goals. It can read your heart rate, using the flash of your iPhone, track your sleep, track your activity using GPS and much more. It also has a food data bank and barcode scanner to make entering your meal information and tracking your calorie intake as easy as possible. This app is available for free.

Nike+ Move


The most popular brand in fitness has an app for tracking movement on your iPhone. Nike’s app makes it possible for you to track when you move, how you move, and where you move. You’ll be able to set a goal and see how close you are to achieving it. Compare today’s activity with yesterday’s to see if you need to catch up. Check the graph to view a breakdown of when you ran, walked, or cycled. This app is available for free.

Looking for support and accountability? Every aspect of this app and community has been designed with a focus on helping you achieve mastery, using the latest research on psychology and behavior. From day one, it shows you your progress, celebrates your milestones, and answers your questions. There is even content for non-fitness stuff like improving your happiness and learning new skills. This app is available for free.

Lose It!

lose it

For those of you who don’t have a fancy co-processor in a newer iPhone, there are still other ways to track your daily activities. You just have to be a little more proactive about entering data. This app is full of helpful information to help you track your movement, calorie intake, and weight. The extensive food database lets you input your calories, the exercise database estimates how many calories you’ve burned, and the weight tracker helps you keep track of your goals. This app is available for free.



Turn your fitness regimen into a social engagement with this interactive, connected workout tracker. You can arrange the workout that suits you best and keep track of what you do every day. Check out the free workout routines and invest more for additional content. Unlock achievements and beat quests, just like playing a video game. Only with this, you are the character and weight is the goal to beat. Engage in friendly chats and get advice from other “Fitocrats” for help and motivation. This app is available for free.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular fitness apps around. This app makes it possible for you to keep a close eye on how many calories you’ve consumed, how much exercise you’ve done, and whether you’ve met your daily goals. Because it is deeply integrated with a social aspect, you can let your buddies know how you are doing and they can hold you accountable when you aren’t doing what you are supposed to be. With more than three million food items in the database and full web syncing, you’ll be on track to weight loss in no time. This app is available for free.

Still looking for more fitness tracking apps? Check out these, too.

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A previous version of this post was written by Lory Gil.

  • jack

    about 90% of users make no exercise…….

    • Alan

      Unless your paralyzed you exercise every day :p

    • Umut Bilgiç

      You gotta start from somewhere right?

    • édith Dupont

      That’s why a lot of Americans are fat

      • Niclas

        Nope, It’s actually because of their food.

      • édith Dupont

        Bad food + no exercises = fat

      • Niclas

        Bad food = Fat

  • Rowan09

    Where’s Kurt? He said Samsung made fitness apps popular. My Fitness Pal is on my gyms treadmill, but apparently S Health made all these apps, which were available before the S4 popular.

    • Kurt

      I’m right here mr troll. Mobile phone manufactures are following Samsung after the success of S-Health. By your logic I should say Apple copied Motorola and Pantach as they had finger print scanners before Apple-which I don’t. Companies are following/copying Apple made it popular.

      How much is Apple paying you? Apple copying Samsung by paying trolls? Look up the definition of a troll and that’s what you did with your post. I forgive you though.

      • Rowan09

        Most of these apps and some not listed existed before S Health. Lol. How can you say S Health made fitness apps popular when fitbit, Nike + (fuelband), My Fitness Pal (on gym treadmills as well), etc were and is still more popular than S Health? Apple followed Pantech and Motorla with implementing a fingerprint scanner sure, but scanners still aren’t popular on mobile phones. Apple may have produce the best mobile scanner, but its still not popular meaning on most or all smartphones yet if ever. How can I troll an Apple blog by supporting Apple and owning 2 Samsung smartphones? How can you prove S Health as a success by way? Just give it up man Samsung didn’t make fitness apps popular, they just joined the party like Apple and Google.

      • Kurt

        So samsung and HTC didn’t copy Apple with the finger print scanner. Everyone on this website will disagree with you because they did copy. Still no need to be a troll.

      • Rowan09

        HTC tried for the Max and the S5 does what Samsung always do, they want to be the alternative to the iPhone so they added a scanner. I would say that if Apple didn’t add a fingerprint scanner they probably wouldn’t but I wouldn’t say Apple made fingerprint scanners popular because it still isn’t. You are trying to give credit to Samsung for something they did not do and that’s why we disagree.

      • Kurt

        We both give Apple credit for the fingerprint scanner, the gold color, personal assistant (Siri), passbook, etc. Samsung and others copied Apple. We both agree Goggle is copying Apple with the Google Fit.

        We disagree because you never admit to when Apple copies Samsung. S-Health wasn’t the first health app but it was first baked into an OS. Important as you don’t need to have it running. “It just works” Samsung has some features on other health app has as you need sensors. Apple is following/copying Samsung. If there was no S-Health, that later became linked to an smart watch btw, there would be no Healthkit.

        We disagree because you won’t admit when Apple copies. You’re extremely biased. Apple never copies Samsung sure, you even try to say Apple isn’t copying Samsung with the phablets. Pathetic.

      • Rowan09

        Lies. Samsung made the name “phablet” popular, were they the first to make a 5″ phone no, did the make bigger phones popular yes, I never disput facts. Nike + was baked into IOS 5 it was not as extensive as S Health but if your definition of copying is simply baking it into the OS Apple had it on IOS 5. Apple didn’t copy Samsung and Google didn’t copy them either since once again fitness apps became popular way before being baked into the S5. You’re trying to make it seem as if no one used fitness apps until Samsung made S health and that’s just ridiculous.

      • Kurt

        Man are you absolutely dumb or hell bent on trolling me?!? It’s about who made it popular and that’s why we credit Apple and say others copy Apple. Same goes for Samsung.

        Now I’m certain Apple is paying you like Samsung paid people. You cannot be this stupid.

      • Rowan09

        Dude Samsung S Health is not popular. Does it have an active community did it start some change that didn’t exist before the S4? No. MyFitnessPal is link with Gym equipment and Nike fuel band existed before the S4 and so did FifBit, etc. You keep saying being baked into the OS means making something popular but you can’t even prove if most people with an S4, Note 3 and S5 even use S Health and it wasn’t the first fitness app baked into the OS. I’m done with you keep lying to yourself. I don’t toss the copying word around like you do.

      • Dylan Griffin

        You nerds need to get laid. Hey guess what? Nobody gives a sh%&…

      • Rowan09

        Married with 2 kids, so my sex life is very healthy thank you.

      • Dylan Griffin

        Now I absolutely know you’re not getting laid. In your comment you gave your self away 3 times in showing you’re definitely NOT getting laid. A. You responded right away to my comment. B. You say you’re MARRIED. C. You have 2 KIDS. And… It’s a Friday night! Sorry about your luck

  • Mahdi Al Talib

    I tried some of these apps last year and they helped me and motivated me to see my fitness improvement in the last 6 months, but now I’m at a level that make me realize its not about punish my self after every meal I had and too limit my eating pleasure to have a slim sexy body for impress people! your essence is what matter
    nothing wrong with being fat as long as it not hurt your health, eat random good food well, move your body daily enough, stop your bad habits because it’s your own health and that what is most important to you to live longer healthy, happy, and energetic 🙂

  • Kurt

    FitFu was the best. RIP.

  • Matt

    Where is Pedometer++
    That’s the only one I use

  • nicholasalias

    For activity/run tracking, you really can’t get better than Routie. It’s kind of obscure in the appstore, but it has the best implementation of social route sharing I’ve seen in any of the competing apps. It also has a bunch of features that other activity tracking apps don’t have, like photo import (you don’t have to use an in-app-camera to add photos to your route logs). Also the route logs are great with graph/map scrolling and map pins. Definitely work checking out.