angry birds epic 2

In February, Rovio teased a new game for its Angry Birds franchise called Angry Birds Epic. A month later it soft-launched the title in a handful countries, and players quickly discovered that this isn’t your typical bird-slinger.

Believe it or not, it’s actually an adventure role-playing game with turn-based combat and an extensive crafting system. It features epic battles, epic worlds, and it’s now available around the globe on both the iPhone and iPad…

Angry Birds Epic for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

Here’s a breakdown of some of the game’s top features:

  •  Turn-based battles between our heroic flock of warriors and those green snout-nosed scoundrels! It’s easy to play, but difficult to master!
  • Explore a fantasy Piggy Island with everything from tribal villages and frosty mountains to tropical beaches and mysterious caves!
  • Join Red, Chuck, Bomb and the other heroes as they face King Pig, Wiz Pig, Prince Porky and many more villains!
  • Level up your characters, armor, weapons and potions to become a legendary hero ready to take on the mightiest pig warrior!
  • Craft amazing battle-winning weapons like a wooden sword, frying pan or stick thingy with a sponge on top!
  • Plenty of offbeat humor and tons of quirky characters dressed in awesomely silly costumes – like a prickly cactus hat and a matching sword.

And here is a video showing off some Epic gameplay:

The game supports the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but requires that you be running iOS 6 or later. It’s free-to-play, so expect plenty of in-app purchases, but Rovio feels confident that they won’t negatively impact gameplay.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can find Angry Birds Epic in the App store for free.


  • Mozaik

    Next game “angry birds modern warfare”.

  • Danial

    I had this months ago its sucks, Definition of Pay to Win

  • KanTheMan2134

    Next Game Angry Birds GTA

  • milad

    downloading audio error!!!
    you currently a very slow connection maybe some assets fail to download

  • Andrew

    super mario bros. knock-off lel

  • Freddy Born

    Absolutely not interested

  • Their next game may be ‘Angry Rovio’, since they don’t know what else to do in the game space.

  • jack

    Stupid. AB is dead. I hope Rovio learns that soon.

  • hkgsulphate

    freemium again?
    RIP in piece

  • Matt

    It’s time for them to stop.

  • They need to let go of the Angry Birds franchise. It’s dead in the water.