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The entire world is experiencing what I like to call World Cup fever, a phenomenon that comes along only once every four years. With the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicking off today with a match between the host country Brazil and Croatia, we think it is fitting to share how to watch the World Cup games live on iPhone and iPad. We’ve included a couple apps for streaming the World Cup in the United States and abroad after the break…


WatchESPN app

ESPN is streaming all of the World Cup games through its WatchESPN website and the matching WatchESPN app for iPhone, which is free on the App Store. The app will also be covering the World Cup opening ceremony and other additional coverage of the events. The catch here is that you must be a paid cable TV subscriber through one of several providers listed.

That means in order to live stream the World Cup for free, you’ll need to be a customer of one of these providers: AT&T U-Verse, BEK TV, Bright House Networks, Charter, Comcast XFINITY, DISH Network, Cox, Google Fiber, Midcontinent Communications, Optimum, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Yadtel Telecom or The Walt Disney Company. If not, we’ve got an alternative below.

Univision Deportes

Univision Deportes App

If you live outside of the United States or simply don’t pay for cable, the Univision Deportes app for iPhone is another good alternative with one caveat: all of the games are broadcast in Spanish language. But football — or soccer, as you may know it — does not need commentary to be enjoyable. Univision Deportes is free on the App Store and provides live streaming of all World Cup games for free with certain regional blackouts.

In fact, Univision Deportes is the ultimate hub for World Cup coverage on your iPhone. The app provides game previews, highlights and videos, news and updates, scores and statistics and so much more revolving around the month-long tournament. It also provides a full schedule of all World Cup games, or you can follow our guide on how to add a World Cup games schedule to your iPhone calendar. Again, Univision Deportes is free for iPhone.

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Which country are you cheering for in the World Cup?

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    Brazil <3

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        What do you mean by “it’s not spelled like the american football”? It’s an english sport

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        The proper English way of saying/spelling it is football, that applies to everywhere across the globe except North America. Fútbol is Spanish. Futebol is Portuguese, which is the language spoken in Brazil. Both those spellings clearly come directly from the English form.

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        We like everyone!

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        Well, the sites owner is French.

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    The Spanish speaking comentators are always more entertaining.

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    taco football

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    JUSTIN TV APP people and put Univision

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    Fubol, Football or Soccer till the Biggest Sport in the Whole World…

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    oh dear, please don’t send yuichi as a WC referee again…

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  • Lori Sanders

    It appears as if Univision Deportes has ended their free viewing! I can’t get the games free via this app now and am being asked to verify a tv subscription. Bummer….