Episode 60: Could Apple be opening up iOS even more than we initially thought? Sebastien Page and Cody Lee discuss the recent revelations concerning the potential iOS 8 Control Center customization and iOS UI themes. The guys also talk about the tweaks they have installed.

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  • Lagax

    I don’t Understand why the evaders are not just taking like 1$ for the jailbreak. Why is it given that they don’t do that?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Exactly! One of the things the Evad3rs could do is charge 1-5 dollars (or more – I’d gladly pay more) for priority access to the jailbreak tool and then after a week or month make the tool available for free…

    • Al

      I could be wrong, but if Evad3rs deliberately try to make profit on the jailbreak… Apple could sue.

      Being that they are exploiting Apple software for money. I believe that’s why they did donations before and now having donation go to the cause. It’s a fight to keep iOS open to being jailbroken.

      Now, I could be wrong. But I believe it’s a reason why Apple went to courts to fight against it, and if Evad3rs decided to make a huge profit then perhaps Apple would sue. Although I know it’s not illegal to jailbreak a iPhone, but I’ve read that it’s illegal for a tablet.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I’m pretty sure they’d be allowed to charge for it if they wanted to. If they aren’t they could charge for access to the website as opposed to access to the jailbreak tool which I’m pretty sure would be a good legal loophole 😉

      • Al

        Yes, but people would just post the jailbreak software for free on some forum.

        There best bet is simply take donations. But as of now donations are going to the cause.

      • Lagax

        But that’s no argument against. Using the piracy argument you could just shut down the whole Jailbreak business. Not to forget about music, movies, etc

      • Al

        Not sure what you are arguing against. I didn’t mention anything about piracy.

  • Duncan Hattingh

    if IOS8 cannot be jail-broken , does that mean IOS9 will not be as future rich as apple seems to get allot of there ideas from the jailbreak community?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      It’s already been jailbroken by I0nic which proves it’s possible…

  • Matt Dowdy

    I used to be a huge apple fan but when I got my iPhone 5 (I’ve since had an iPhone 5s in between for a week) and it was pretty much the same old same old I had had enough and jumped ship over to android as there were bigger screens, the os was more customisable and open and the voice assistants were activated by voice (something I used to have as a Cydia tweak but. Unfortunately was not updated to work on ios7) I’ve remained subscribed to idownloadblog to keep an eye on what’s happening with ios and I have to say that I am paying attention now after all of the most recent announcements. If the next iPhone has always listening capabilities like the moto x does and not just when plugged in which I think will be a given, a bigger screen and coupled with all of the so far confirmed additions to ios8 (which to me aren’t new as they’re pretty much all available on android but are new to ios) then I think I’ll be back on the fruity side, ios8 will be the biggest change ios has ever had in my opinion and it’s all change for the better

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      If the next iPhone has always listening capabilities like the moto x
      does and not just when plugged in which I think will be a given

      iPhones aren’t exactly renowned for their long battery life. If Apple made their devices always listening for “Hey Siri” it would drain your battery so fast you wouldn’t even have time to play Flappy Bird…

      • Matt Dowdy

        The moto x has a dedicated core for always listening which barely uses any power at all as it doesn’t wake the CPU until it actually detects the hot word but it’s built in at the chip level and as Apple make their own chips I’m hoping for that last bit of wizardry to be built in

      • Lagax

        Apple knows though that most people don’t use Siri at all. They most probably wouldn’t even think about giveing you the option to do this

  • andyr354

    Could we get a list of the things each of you had on your phone?

  • Christian Mejía

    Is there a tweak that enables more than 5 fingerprints to use for touch ID?
    If not they should!

    • Lagax

      This is most probably Limited by hardware, not software.

  • Shisno

    Fantastical, yes ios gives a defenition lol… That’s episode 60.
    Cody your very minimal lol
    I love Auxo 2, I think I use the swipe from bottom right to home more but still love the left side multi app switching which I’m using right now to look back and forth to write my list without leaving my current app.

    My current tweak run down is
    Activator, Alkaline, barrel, date carrier, iconoclasm, infinidock, messageswiper7, multiIconmover+, phantom, snapper, statushud2, Swipeselection.