Best Buy iPad mini 199USD (web screenshot 001)

Right as the United States retailing giant Target announced a significant sale by taking a cool $100 off of the original iPad mini’s $299 price tag, rival Best Buy is mirroring the deal now in the run-up to Father’s Day.

That’s right, you can now pick up an entry-level Wi-Fi-only iPad mini with sixteen gigabytes of storage for just $199 versus Apple’s asking price of $299. LTE variants have been discount, too. The deal is available in select retail locations and does not extend to Best Buy’s online store…

If you’re planning on buying an LTE-capable iPad mini model (Verizon or AT&T only), Best Buy is offering an even deeper discount of $130 (regular price: $429).

Here are the links:

• $199 16GB Wi-Fi iPad mini, White/Silver
• $199 16GB Wi-Fi iPad mini, Space Gray
• $299 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad mini, White/Silver, Verizon
• $299 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad mini, White/Silver (AT&T)

For what it’s worth, these are by far the lowest price we’ve ever seen so we therefore expect this inventory to run out quickly.

After introducing the $399 iPad mini with Retina display last Fall, the original iPad mini was slashed from its original November 2012 $329 price point down to $299.

What do you think of Target’s and Best Buy’s respective promotion? Does a $199 iPad mini sound tempting to you?

  • Tony

    I think it’s a good deal for someone who is looking at getting a tablet but was on the fence. Those who are more advance know it isn’t retina and if you purchase the Mini Retina it has a bump in processor speed as well. This means it should last at the very least through 2 IOS updates. I’m thinking the price will go down even further if Apple announces a new Mini before the end of the year but who knows at this point if that will occur or not. Still.. 199 isn’t bad at all for what you get. I had one but recently sold it to move to the Mini Retina to set myself up for future updates.

    • jp2002

      Umm iOS updates are long supported for the iPad unlike the iPhone. iPad 2 still supports iOS 8!

      • Tony

        Yes except the Mini is basically the iPad 2 only smaller and that means it doesn’t have many updates left in it’s lifecycle. Where the Retina has the M7 chip in it, which will allow for additional updates beyond that of the original mini.

      • Nathan

        The M7 is irrelevant. It’s the A7 that matters. ;P

      • Tony

        🙁 yep that’s what I meant.. my bad.

  • Jim Hart

    A $199 iPad Mini is where the price should have been from the beginning, imho.

    • Rowan09

      If it’s at that price people shouldn’t expect it to have the same things as the $399+ models and Apple buyers want the cheaper price with all the perks.

  • Victor

    Walmart matches the price also if you take the ad.

  • Michel Wilker

    Am I obligated to pay for a two year contract if I want a LTE version ?

    • Michel Wilker

      I just checked, NO. Without a 2 year contract the price goes to $429. 🙁