Skype 5

Just one day after teasing a brand new design for Skype for iOS, Microsoft has released the updated app on the App Store for iPhone. Our own Christian Zibreg walked through several of the new features, ranging from a sleeker user interface and faster performance to cross-platform read receipt syncing and the ability to start group chats from the hub. Details ahead… 

Skype 5.0 has a new modern hub-centric design that displays recent conversations first. Users can swipe to reveal favorite people or contacts, and can now view in-app notifications for quick conversation switching. Notifications can be managed through in-app controls. Unfortunately for iPad users, Skype has not yet been updated for the larger screen — but it’s coming. In the meantime, Skype for iPad remains at version 4.17.3 with the older style design.

Here are the official release notes:

• Overall performance improvements – faster start up and fluid animations.

• A new modern hub centric design putting recent conversations first – just swipe to see your favourite people or contacts.

• Richer and more reliable messaging: create groups, share photos (even to offline contacts) and video messages.

• In-app notifications for quick conversation switching, and in-app controls to manage notifications.

• A new simplified, modern voice and video calling experience.

Skype 5.0 is free on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch.

Update: Appears to be in the Canadian store only at the moment. We’ll update this post when that changes.

Update 2: Skype 5.0 has reappeared on the App Store.

  • Nikolas Surprenant

    When I look on the app store it doesn’t show Skype for some reason.

    • Joe Rossignol

      Try tapping the link in the article above directly from Safari on iPhone.

      • JulianZH

        Still doesn’t work. Maybe it got pulled from store.

      • Ethan Humphrey

        Yeah, I can’t see it even when I search for it

      • On click of link, its the app is available only in Canadian App store 😉

    • Qasim


  • Tom

    It’s available only in the CA store

    • Jeremy

      I live in SoCal and it’s still not showing up on the AppStore for me and it’s been a few hours now.

      • Tyler Cooper

        CA is a short abbreviation for Canada. There is no seperate App Store for each state

      • Jeremy

        Haha well it’s my confusion because I didn’t understand. I thought for Canada it was CAN not CA

      • CA is California, isn’t it?

      • Jeremy

        Yes it is as well hence my confusion.

      • Simon

        CA is the ISO (International Standards Organisation) two-letter code (they also have three-letter codes) for Canada. CA is also the USPS code for California. .ca is the domain for Canada not California. Given the increasingly international nature of the Internet things tend to default to the international.

  • jack

    skype is garbage

  • FoneSoneDone

    Skype disappeared from UK appstore.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Skype is gone!

  • test_11

    Does it iPad support for skype update 5.0 verison??

    • Jeremy

      iPad version is coming in about a week

  • hijas

    Skype doesn’t show the app store

  • Muhammad !

    Can’t find it in the US store .. even when i search for it !

  • Qasim

    Skype looks like it’s pulled from the US store

  • Jeremy

    Skype is still not on the AppStore.

  • Skype is missing from Appstore :O

  • Joe Rossignol

    Skype appears to be only available in the Canadian App Store at this moment. It’s unknown why the app has been pulled in other countries, but we will update this post as soon as it becomes available on a wider basis.

  • Jtzll Fy Niaina

    I had to change my AppStore is to Canada in order to download the app lol but it did.

    • Amr

      did the same.

  • Mark

    NSA and CIA are adding their code in it first…

  • Wilfred Lim

    just go to your purchased app list in app store, find Skype, hit it…
    out of sudden mine actually call for update instead of open the app…
    seconds later i m running the new version…

    • James M.

      Thanks! This worked! But had to press “Open”

  • Nathan

    Does the update give you the option to finally call groups from mobile?

    • Amr

      Unfortunatly as far as I can tell no. I was also looking forward to this. Now I still have to call one person and do /add to each other person

  • Aymen Kacem

    In order to update Skype worldwide, just go to the Purchased section in the Update tab, search for “Skype” and update from there, if it says “Open” click it and it will start updating. (See picture)

    • hush

      what’s your keyboard? ios8 ?

  • App Store in Malaysia also gone skype -_-. Not appear for my country?

  • Skype is still not available on the AppStore.

  • paul

    nothing yet….

  • Ammer I. Elabbas

    Download it by going to AppStore>updates>purchased

    • paul

      yes i did that, but still showing the old one…

      • Dennis


      • Ammer I. Elabbas

        What I did is, I deleted the old skype then I checked it on purchased apps and downloaded it from there which it download the latest version

  • Its available now in Indian Store, everyone check again 🙂

  • TheySuck

    Why is it so UGLY FFS?? Please… can we forget about minimalism and flat design already?

  • hush

    Updated itself. I didn’t even notice, bcuz I don’t use it a lot. Hell it’s slow!!!

  • JPS

    Skype 5 for Iphone is complete garbage. The list of features removed from the previous version 4.17 is endless, starting with simple things like the possibility to clean up the logs (recente calls and conversation) until the possibility to get voice mails, turn this version impossible to be used as business. Worst, there is no word from Microsoft about the strategy of development to IOS iPhone platform, if they will provide or not this features back and when , with a schedule. I am a Skype user probably since the version 0, can’t remember when I started and I am so sad how MS completaly destroid one of the best softwares available for communication to multi plataforms, into a babys software plataforma, give attention to presentation instead the content.