Cydia running iPhone 5s

It seems to be a recurring topic every year when Apple unveils a new version of iOS: did iOS 5 just kill jailbreaking? Will jailbreaking survive iOS 6? What’s left to jailbreakers with iOS 7? Did iOS 8 just make jailbreaking irrelevant?

These are some legitimate questions to ask, especially in regards to the fact that Apple, as you would expect, always adds new features to iOS, making jailbreaking a little less appealing. At least that’s how it looks on paper, because in reality, it’s not so clear.

A few major online publications have already chimed in about how iOS 8 is making jailbreaking pointless, usually with no real understanding of what jailbreaking truly is about. So I thought it’d be a good idea to lay down some balanced thoughts about iOS 8 and the future of jailbreaking…

What I am about to share here relies exclusively on the ability to have a jailbreak to begin with, but this is not so much what I want to focus on. My goal is to look at the future of the jailbreak community as a whole, rather than the technical act of jailbreaking. In a sense, what I’m about to talk about would be completely irrelevant if no jailbreak for iOS 8 was released, which I guess would be surprising, though not completely impossible.

The ongoing cat and mouse game

Jailbreaking is a way to break down the walls erected by Apple around its software, allowing you to have complete control over the software running on the device. It lets you install third party extensions or applications that Apple wouldn’t otherwise allow in its App Store, usually greatly improving the functions of the device.

Apple’s stance on jailbreaking is actually quite strong. If you buy an iPhone and jailbreak your device, you effectively give up the right to receive support for this device under the warranty agreement. Mind you, if you really need support, you can always restore your device and take it to the nearest Apple Store where no one will ever be able to tell it was jailbroken just hours ago.

Apple and the jailbreak community have played this cat and mouse game ever since iPhoneOS 1 was released back in 2007. The scenario is always the same: Apple releases a new version of iOS, an individual or a group of individuals find a vulnerability, exploit it, and turn it into a jailbreaking tool that gets released to the public. Then of course, Apple releases a software update that plugs these exploits, hackers find new ones, lather, rinse, repeat. This is something we’ve come to expect and accept. It’s just the way it is.

It’s not necessarily because Apple doesn’t like jailbreaking. It is because Apple wants to provide the safest and most cohesive experience to its users. If they did allow you to jailbreak your device, then they wouldn’t be able to provide this same experience across the board, and to be fair, it would also likely open the doors to many more malware targeting iOS devices. You can’t blame Apple for that. This is a decision that makes sense to them, and to be honest, it makes sense to me too. In short, don’t take it personally. It’s just business.

Getting inspired

Historically, Apple has been largely drawing inspiration from the jailbreak community. Many features were available as jailbreak extensions long before they were released to the public by Apple. Take copy/pasting for example. Or widgets. Or Quick Reply. These are all major features that were available to jailbreakers before everybody else.

The reason behind this is that the jailbreaking community is usually quick at creating and shipping software, and most importantly, it can do so without much consequences. When Apple releases copy/paste, it can’t afford to do it wrong. It must get it right the first time, which is why it takes so long. Apple must get it right the first time because if it doesn’t, and then decides to change the way a feature works, users get confused, which creates a bad experience. The same can be said with just about every new feature Apple adds to iOS, whether it is inspired from the jailbreak community or not.

If anything, jailbreaking provides a test ground for Apple to see what users want and how it could be implemented. You can be mad at Apple for taking inspiration without crediting, but you can’t be mad at them for implementing features that everybody will benefit from. Once again, it’s just business.

Opening up

The question about the relevancy of jailbreaking has never been more relevant than today though. If you’ve watched the WWDC 2014 keynote, or if you’ve read about it, then you know Apple is stepping into new territory by being more open, and giving developers more rope to do more things with their apps.

The introduction of widgets, extensions, and third party keyboards is definitely a major shift for Apple, and arguably one that is necessary if it wants to keep developers happy — which in turn will make its platform more relevant in the future. These features are just the most obvious ones, as Apple is opening up under the hood too, with a new Touch ID API and a way for developers to have apps communicate between each other while maintaining the same level of security.

These are the kind of features that the jailbreaking community has been enjoying for a while, and again, these are the kind of features that make sense for Apple to implement if it wants to make iOS better and better every year.

But at the end of the day, the new features offered by Apple in iOS 8 are still fairly limited and likely aren’t enticing enough for most jailbreakers to give up the complete freedom they’ve become used to enjoying. It sure is nice to now have widgets, or a few extensions, but this is still far from all the features jailbreaking can offer.

What if you want widgets on your Lock screen? Or on your Home screen? What if you want to rearrange the elements of Control Center? What if you just want to completely change the way your iOS device looks? iOS 8 won’t give that to you quite yet.

A community that reinvents itself

Despite the fact that Apple is opening up, I believe it will have no major effect on jailbreaking. Of course, some users will give up jailbreaking altogether because they won’t see the need for it anymore. This is to be expected, but again, probably won’t have a big impact on the community as a whole.

People who jailbreak usually do so for more than being able to install a widget or a simple extension. People who jailbreak their devices usually want much more control over the experience. They want to be able to customize their device to their liking, but also add extensions that Apple still won’t allow such as Quick Compose for text messages, or simple gestures to automate certain tasks.

If anything, I believe iOS 8 will make the jailbreak community even stronger because it will allow jailbreak developers to do build on top of what Apple has added. That is actually something I’ve always found remarkable about the jailbreaking community: it keeps reinventing itself. The reason for this is that jailbreaking is open by default. It is open to new ideas, to new experiments. It’s not afraid of developing new features because it has nothing to lose in doing so, and again, it is much faster and adaptable than Apple.

Take widgets for example, which can only be used in Notification Center. This is a pretty big limitation that I know I would want to go around if given the opportunity. It’s safe to assume that once a jailbreak is available for iOS 8, we’ll see developers bring these widgets to more places, such as the Lock screen or even the Home screen. This is a perfect example of the jailbreak community building on top of iOS 8.

The truth is, no matter what Apple does, there is always going to be room for improvement. There is always going to be people who want things their way, and there will always be people to develop new ways to do things.

As a jailbreak user, I am very excited to see what the jailbreak community comes up with. As iOS brings in new features and provides an even better experience, so will the tweaks developed by the jailbreak community.

I’m very interested to hear what you think about this, so please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

  • Framboogle

    Without jailbreaking, half the features in iOS today wouldn’t be here. Jaibreaking will always live on!

    • FrankensteinBlack

      LOL! My friend said that Apple will “always leave a back door slightly open for jailbreaking. After-all where would they get ideas for future versions of iOS?”

      • Negative_Return

        Did he say that after or before you went down on him?

      • dialogueanalog

        id guess before…seems like an interesting thing to say after

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Your friend doesn’t happen to work for the NSA (or any other TLA) by any chance does he?

      • Dan

        they would probably look at android

    • Malik

      well said

    • Butch Danes

      Apple on quick reply.

      You asked for it and we listened. Introducing quick reply that allows you to reply to messages quickly, but wait… there’s more. It’s not just like your average quick reply feature. We’ve made it so you can reply to messages anywhere on your phone and at anytime whether you’re playing a game, listening to music, browsing the Internet or even taking notes in that meeting. As you can see from this example, it’s quick, easy and very effective. You can even mark a message as read so it doesn’t show up anymore. Isn’t that amazing? Another first from Apple.

  • Alan

    What if apple supported jailbreaking, cydia app strait out the box ?!!

    • Dean Johnson

      Was wondering about the same things a couple of days ago. What if Apple made a “Tweak Store” where you can download and submit your own tweaks and Apple has to allow them first. Like the App Store, but with tweaks

      • Ali

        Would be brilliant, but not gonna happen. Another way they could do it is that Apple can have a store where developers can sell their tweaks to Apple, and Apple will implement it in the next iOS upgrade. But again, this won’t happen either.

      • Andy

        Why would Apple pay to do that when they can take those ideas and make it theirs for free?

      • Ali

        Because it will encourage more, and perhaps, better ideas. Money isn’t always a motivation, but can go a long way. Apple will not allow jailbreak, so this is as close the one can get to bringing iOS up to date.

      • nazcorp

        This is already in the works to some extent – according to WWDC the App Store will have install able keyboards so it only makes sense they would have a special section for tweaks or customizations.

      • stevie bacon-lopez

        From what I understood, they’re going to implement this by having the keyboard apps installed on your phone, then the keyboards will work in other apps/areas as an extension. So there would be no need for a new section in the App Store.

      • Vagelis Rekoumis

        And select which features we want to add to iOS, like windows

    • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

      Well they could do it like that… but the problem is by doing so they’ll loose the most famous thing iOS is know for… it’s malware free secure environment…
      What I think more appropriate is to support jail breaking officially with conditions, like on Android to unlock the boot loader, on iOS you’ve to enter the serial no. of your device and get the code jailbreak… The condition is simple “if you jailbreak you’ll loose your warranty and won’t take any responsibility to any privacy concerns or difficulties you encounter with the device…”
      That way all will be happy…!!

      • Elias Chao

        But maybe, if they allow us to jailbreak our iPhones ‘legally’, you couldn’t “just restore it” if something goes wrong.

      • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

        Jailbreaking is already legal it’s just not that Apple allows it…
        If they just allow it that’ll put them into a lotta troubles due to some malware apps on cydia if they could just restore and get back the warranty people will try to sue Apple for loosing their private info or etc even though it’s their fault… By registering the serial they could just dismiss those kinda things easily because they’ve records whether they jailbreaked or not…

    • FrankensteinBlack

      What if Apple had a Super-Dev program instead? Allowing those proven experts more access to the OS? Imagine Ryan Petrich apps in the actual Apple app store? Or RR’s Firewall-IP in the Apple App store.

      • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

        That sounds cool.. So how do new devs go in… But still there will be limitations…

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Thats the dream
      -Barney Stinson

    • Mago

      Even better how bout a developers edition iphone to where you buy it taking the risk of not having apple support.

    • coLin

      Think about customer service. Millions of people (from Apple) to be trained to solve issues…. Respring, DFU, press 10 seconds, hold your breath for five minutes etc etc lol

  • Jem Roxas

    Don’t get me wrong… but jailbreaking is the only thing that keeps me from switching to other platforms (android, windows phone, etc)

    Because, a jailbroken iOS is the best OS. Yes, it is simply the best.

    • Luis Martinez

      Agreed 🙂 The moment I can no longer JB my iPhone is the moment I pick up a different device.

      • Negative_Return

        So you treat phones to same way you people treat your jobs and kids

      • dialogueanalog


      • Inseltraeumer

        Your first comment was pretty funny, though pointless, but this? Not even funny 🙁

      • Damian


      • Dan

        that doesn’t make any sense.

    • Semek

      Hand on heart, I’ve never even used stock iOS. I jailbroke my very first idevice before I even switched it on. Opened the box and straight into DFU mode. I wouldn’t even look at idevices if there was no jailbreak.

    • Victor

      I couldn’t possibly agree more. I’ve considered buying an iPhone 5S, but wouldn’t stand having a brand new phone that does less than my current one – a 4S.

      • ✯Mike✯

        That statement is completely false. Talk about the new processor and the new motion coprocessor? How can you say the 4S is the same as the 5S? The 5S can outdo the 4S running just about anything. It can outdo the iPod 5 with just opening the stock apps. Tell me how the 4S is the same. Tell me.

      • Victor

        You’re talking about hardware. I’m talking about software. So, yes, in terms of usability, my 4S outdoes a non-jailbroken 5S. In terms of performance, obviously not.

  • nazcorp

    I just hope they save the JB for 8.1. Especially if it contains new features for the iPad. And hopefully the i6 will be jbable.

    • Jeremy

      No worries. Every iPhone will always be jailbreakable. There’s no such thing as being 100% “secure” from exploits and bugs which could be used to create a new jailbreak.

      • Antonakis Kipouros Nikopolidis

        PS3 ring any bells…… How about a JB 6-7 years after the release. Nothing is 100% secure but it could take a long long time. That would be a nightmare scenario. I love my jailbroken iPhones.

      • Jeremy

        I’m pretty sure there’s a difference in Sony’s software and hardware security and Apple’s.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        The PS3 was “jailbroken” (they used a different term for it, but it’s the same idea) fairly soon after it was released, but Sony went after the hacker/developer GeoHotz for doing it so viciously that no one has had the balls to try it again.

      • Antonakis Kipouros Nikopolidis

        Fairly soon!!!!!
        PS3 release date November 17, 2006
        Geohotz hack January 22, 2010
        that is exactly my point….

        Many people are active in the PS3 jb scene, you are not very well informed in the topic. Custom firmwares are released as fast Sony releases OFW

      • iThinkergoiMac

        4.75 years is very different from 6-7 years as per your original post. I had forgotten it was quite that long, though.

        I didn’t realize that people were doing it again, though. I generally keep up with tech news, but this one eluded me. Thanks for letting me know.

      • Antonakis Kipouros Nikopolidis

        I sure exaggerated with time, because it seemed for ever. 4-6 months is a long time and people can’t wait for a new jb. Imagine this happening in “apple cycles” going from a jb i4 to be able to jailbreak again the 5s…That would be awful. Thank God we have all those awesome people working on this.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Assuming iOS 8 will follow a similar release schedule to iOS 7 then you’re more than likely right there. The iOS 7 betas for iPad contained a ton of bugs which is why it took a while for the iPad version of iOS 7 to drop. The same could be true for iOS 8 I’ve already experienced many bugs and crashes on my iPad 3…

  • I’m sincere, I love jailbreaking but I never had a completely stable iPad with all the tweaks that I like. There’s always something that makes the device crash. But I won’t give up because I prefere the freedom, and I love learning from my own mistakes.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      As long as you don’t do something stupid like I don’t know uninstall Cydia or install a bunch of pirate repos then jailbreaking will remain relatively safe. I don’t think I’ve ever had a single problem with my jailbroken devices that couldn’t be solved without removing tweaks or just a simple reboot…

      • I buy all the tweaks that I have. If you are a jailbreak user you should know that some tweaks together can cause the safe mode or the accidental reboot, even if they’re not cracked or come from cracked repos. Sometimes it seems just impossible to know where the interference is. Now for example I have a problem that causes the reboot when I press too early in the multitasking. I uninstalled all the multitasking related tweaks (and other ones too) but the problem is still there. If I eliminate this problem I could say “my iPad is perfect” but on ios6 I used to have similar little inconvenients like this and I never solved them. Maybe my fault, of course…

      • Damian

        pirate repos are not an issue as long as you install proper pirate tweaks. It gets more tricky when you start messing with the tweaks nobody knows about.

        Sure enough, you should always pay for tweak.

    • Damian

      I agree with you.

      I consider myself a pro when it comes to the knowledge about tweaks.
      I think I have purchased around 150 tweaks all together and I know all of them by heart. All conflicts and problems are almost engraved in my mind.

      I know which one is compatible or not with the other ones. So with that being said, I always try to create a perfect stable device with all the tweaks I can cram in it.

      I usually prefer stability over abundance. So tweaks like intelliscreenX don’t make to my device, because they add too much and are not compatible with many other tweaks

      Unfortunately, I have not been able to create a perfectly stable device. there is always some occasional crash after few months of using it. There is always this one tweak, which will cause the issue, but you will not know which tweak it is.

      In this situations, I uninstall Cydia Substrate, and I start installing all the major tweaks all over again and try to find which one is causing the issue.

      • deepdvd

        You should get DylibDisabler (not found on Cydia). Much easier for troubleshooting tweaks. You can find it here: github com/evilpenguin/DylibDisabler/tree/master/packages

      • Damian

        I can do the same thing with iCleaner pro.

        To be honest this method takes long time, I used to do it and it would take me really long time to doable tweaks one by one and respring it each time.

        I just like to wipe my device clean in one second and then quickly install major tweaks.

        Dykibdisabler would be good if you troubleshoot one specific tweak. But since we don’t know which tweaks is the culprit we would need to troubleshoot 100 of them

      • deepdvd

        My point is, that you unselect them all, then add them back in until you have the problem again. This is much faster than installing them from Cydia

      • Damian

        Good method, just for some reason I prefer wiping device clean. It makes me feel like I remove all the bad stuff together with the unnecessary tweaks

      • deepdvd

        I do that when I get a new device OR move to a new iOS version. It’s quite a time investment.

      • Damian

        I guess it is in most cases. I might start doing it again. Thanks for the advice.

    • Dan

      Just stick to the essentials and you should be fine. On my iPad (air), I only have springtomize, folderenhancer, winterboard, cc toggles, gridlock and nitrous. Never crashes.

  • Siddharth Desai

    I like the stock experience of iOS. But if a jailbreak is available, I will always jailbreak because of the same reason Seb gave, jailbreak dev always find innovative ways to build on features that Apple implements in their OS. I’m not into themes and such but when it comes to customizing different elements of iOS, jailbreak is heaven. things like control center, widgets, BiteSMS, Activator, and many other useful software.

  • Danny Lam

    Very well-written article!

  • Diogo Pires

    I was thinking about this: If Apple continue to give the same step that they gave last Monday about opening more and more the iOS on futures WWDC’s, will Jailbreak be alive 10 years from now? I do think so because it woun’t be another step as huge as this that was given in the WWDC 2014. If think that this was an isolate step and following steps will be not so huge… What do you think Sebastian?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Jailbreaking will exist if only to install applications Apple doesn’t like for example emulators, anything crypto currency (although this could change soon), XBMC and any streaming services that operate in legal grey areas (MovieBox, Grooveshark, etc)…

  • Transient

    It doesn’t matter what Apple does because Jaiobreaking is intended to allow users to have iOS EXACTLY how they want right down to the minuscule obsecure details. No matter how much Apple adds it will never be the comparable because it would have to open up its entire iOS right down to the core. Which is actually a bad idea. That being said the current status quo doesn’t need to change it’s good that iOS is secure and it’s good that creating a jailbreak is a struggle. Jailbreak will never be irrelevant as its with the jailbreak scene where a lot, and I do mean a lot, of the innovative tweaks and iOS features originated from. And it will continue to originate from there even with iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 etc.

  • Ryan

    I don’t believe apple has made quick reply they made a version of but it’s not quick reply

  • 50bbx

    iPhone 5s with an iOS 6 Cydia! LOL

    • Inseltraeumer

      Maybe from before cydia was updated to its iOS 7 design…or photoshopped, but why the hassle

  • Luis Martinez

    this is a great article. my friends give me a lot of crap about jailbreaking and its that major reason, they wtf jailbreaking is in the first place. They just assume its illegal, wrong and it terrifies them that it voids there warranty. Lol, i find myself repeating all the time, “just restore your phone if something happens!” Its hilarious how excited they get when they see new features and updates and I look at them and let them know I had that for months. thanks Sebastien!

  • Carlos Maanuel

    Just for movie box apple will never make the jailbreak look pointless

  • mlee19841

    Good article.

  • leart

    I would like to see something like zephyr implemented in ios for me thats the reason i jailbreaked my idevices for 2 years

    • Damian

      lovely zephyr, I miss it so much. Auxo and others don’t even come close to how smooth zephyr was.

      I would think that once we all saw how good zephyr was, it would be easy for other developer to recreate this tweak. But even Auxo creators did not do the best job when it comes to gestures.

      • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

        the latest devices are on par with zephry via auxo 2 not sure about older devices

      • Damian

        Auxo is good but all the extra features come in the way.

        I wish to get rid of multicenter and keep the gestures same way. It is not currently possible

      • Guest

        in auxo 2 you can disable them ._.

      • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

        in Auxo 2 you can ._.

      • Damian

        Yes I know. You did not understand what I tried to say.

        Once you disable multicenter, the gesture corners or position will change. They won’t feel so natural anymore.

        Zephyr was truly natural

      • Damian

        Yes I know about it.

        I meant something else. When you disable multicenter then the gesture corners will be slightly altered. They change to a bit more awkward position. You can’t access switcher from the center but only from the left side I believe.

        It just feels akward

      • leart

        i am a crazy fan of zephyr to, i still use it on my A4 devices (ipod4g/iphone4), and yeah is very smooth but since zephyr its software based needs a fast device like a5 + i mean if the device is slow you have to wait to use the gesture till the device responds .
        I had it on my 4s for almost 2 years and it was a great experience, swipe and already on another app, just in milliseconds, unfortunately i loosed my ios 6 jb 🙁
        Apple should implement something like that to be an alternative of overused home button…
        i agree what you said for auxo, i uninstalled on all my devices pretty useless and make the ios6 multitasking way more slower

  • Sofakingstepwit

    I agree Seb. There will always be the want to jailbreak because jailbreak developers will always stand on the shoulders of what Apple has done. Also, Activator. I couldn’t live without Activator.

  • James Hakim

    Until Apple creates it’s own f.lux and swipe selection, jail breaking with live on

  • Andrew Roth

    Jailbreaking will never be completely dead. As long as new features are implemented, not only can they be improved upon, but that offers new code, and with it new exploits.

  • Dennis Cimmino

    Q = “Did iOS 8 just make jailbreaking irrelevant?”

    A = one word: activator

    • Damian

      for activator to be relevant, you still need bunch of other cydia tweaks.

      Activator by itself is not such a great boost performance tweak.

  • Andrew Roth

    Viva la jailbreak.

  • Damian

    best keynote ever would be when Apple announces Cydia to be a new feature.

    Thats all apple would need to do, and they would not need to develop anymore.

    • Daniel Rodich

      The problem is,by allowing jailbreaking or any of its features,apple would also throw away their internal philosophie : Priority Malware Protection…Thats the prob

  • Manuel Molina

    Swiping on a keyboard to make a cursor move is something that is so simple, yet so useful.

    Changing a song with my volume buttons, giving me back the choice to change the dock, giving me a ring as a lock screen with the apps right there… This are just a few simple things I couldn’t see myself giving up.

    The iPhone 6 might be amazing and finally a big upgrade (pun intended), but I’m not getting one without a jailbreak out for it.

  • JF Camarena

    Jailbraking will never go away!

  • U know why I jailbreak my iPhone? It’s not just for the control, it’s for FREE APPS AND IN APP PURCHASES!

    • E Jom

      me too

  • Tony

    Without jailbreaking you would not see a lot of what’s in IOS 7 or 8. Apple took a lot from the breaking community and vamped it to make it their own with restrictions. So honestly I can’t see jailbreaking going away any time soon. While Apple may try to stop it, they will realize at some point that’s like cutting off the hand that feeds them (to a point).

  • karnbadjatia

    I agree…jailbreaking is always gonna stay…Jeff/Sabastien i’m sure wants it to as well…else IdB wont have much to write about as it is…

  • Morgan Svensson

    Awesome article Mr Page!

  • Tamahome5555

    Cat and mouse? More like Tom and Jerry games lol

  • Morgan Svensson

    U just got’a love the jailbreaking scene!

  • Nirvana

    Speaking of new features on new iOS versions, has anyone wondered why Apple implemented those features that bear a close resemblance to jailbreak tweaks, they’ve done by researching or they have a person who use jailbroken devices thus create things that had already been done so well by means of doing so?

  • Tom Cress

    Hello bro, what is Best IOS for I phone 4S, computable with jailbreak, so please help me any one

    • E Jom

      IOS 7.2

      • Tom Cress

        Which tools use for jailbreake IOS 7.2 for iPhone 4s please link me

  • E Jom

    Jailbreaking is dying by the year. By next year there will be no one jailbreaking. Because IOS 9 will introduce themes. I have long ditched IOS and gone on to Android. I will never look back



    • Fatman

      Dare I ask where you hid that SLUDGHAMMER???

      If it where I think you did, then you really need to get a colonoscopy now!!!! You may already have suffered BRANE DAMMAGGE from that stunt.

      • I believe JIM has room for a “sludghammer,” as well as a hacksaw for cutting through bars. Oh, and a change of clothes, as well. Orange may be the new black, but it’ll get you spotted on the street as a lammer.

      • JackDupp127

        As far as “suitcases” go, JTB is working with a steamer trunk.

    • That’s a visual that I DID NOT need to have.

  • iThinkergoiMac

    “[Jailbreaking] would also likely open the doors to many more malware targeting iOS devices.”

    Likely? Just remove that word from that sentence. The vast majority of the malware that exists for iOS is targeted at jailbroken devices.

  • iCrunch

    Will be ever see the recently teased jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1, or are we waiting to see if the exploits work in iOS 8?

  • mav3rick

    Let’s hope this article is not from the same series as “The misunderstood 5c”, praising it and in the next months being public acknowledged actually not selling good at all, or the denied claims that evasi0n Jailbreak was stolen cited as “bullshit” by its devs and just 2 weeks after that being released in a rush because actually indeed someone else was having the code, stolen or not. And also considering how the latest Jailbreak was released, without Cydia store owner being involved, bundled with shady TaiG app and just a “borrowed” outdated Cydia app, yes, the next Jailbreak might be in some murky waters.

  • ready1take1

    until apple allows me to do anything I want to with the iPhone, jailbreaking will exist.

  • Nesly Lacroix

    Jailbreaking is about freedom. Freedom from Apple control. I came to the Jailbreak party rather late with iOS 7. It’s also a tradeoff. You gave up a more stable experience and having the latest OS for the control of your device. Case in point, I had an 2nd gen iPod Touch laying around collecting dust with iOS 4.2.1. Now it is an Airplay Speaker combined with my Bose docking station. Apple would never allow that as they would rather you buy one of their Airplay licensees’ box. Remember how they forced Rogue Amoeba to remove the capability of iOS to iOS Airplay communication.

    While we are on this subject, does anyone know why we don’t have a multi speaker Airplay tweak? Since iTunes does multi speaker Airplay, you would think Apple would have already implemented it in iOS.

  • kaliente

    Cydia is the place, where we can see the future of iOS. If jailbreak will die, then we can say that iOS will be dead soon after.

  • Paul

    I can’t believe apple hasn’t incorporated the functionality of the tweak SwipeSelection.

    By an extremely sizable margin, it’s the thing my non-jailbreaking friends/family/coworkers are most impressed by. The magnifying-glass-under-the-finger method of editing text is so cumbersome and slow, and universally people don’t like it. They see that I simply swipe my finger left and right across the keyboard and edit with precision and speed, and that alone has made some seriously consider jailbreaking. It’s do damn intuitive too.

    Maybe in ios9. In the meantime, I used it 3 times in the process of composing this message.

    EDIT: I enjoyed the article by the way. Sorry for the necropost I didn’t notice until after hitting submit just now.