iPhone 6 (Martin Hajek 010)

Just in case there weren’t already enough signs pointing towards the launch of a larger iPhone or two later this year, a new Adaptive Display framework in iOS 8 is a telltale clue that wider and taller screens could be on the horizon. As reported by The Guardian, the developer protocol is called UIAdaptivePresentationControllerDelegate, and works with a presentation controller to determine how to respond to size changes in apps.

If that sounds like a bunch of garble, allow me to explain in slightly more simplified terms. Apple has improved two frameworks called UIKit and AppKit, making it easier for developers to support multiple screen sizes and orientations. Apple does have multiple screen sizes, ranging from 3.5-inch and 4-inch iPhones to 7.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPads, and the consensus is that 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones will soon crack the list.

This screenshot on Apple’s WWDC sessions page could be a subtle hint… 

App Frameworks

Apple briefly touched on adaptive display during a slide at its WWDC keynote earlier this week, but it does not mention the framework in its public-facing list of new features for iOS 8 developers. Instead, UIAdaptivePresentationControllerDelegate is listed under UIKit Framework Reference in the iOS Developer Library of Apple’s Developer Center.

Charles Arthur elaborated on adaptive display in his report:

Developers at WWDC told me that adaptive display is new this year, and that it does just what Android does: scales up vector assets so that they will fit a screen of undetermined size. That should mean that when Apple introduces one or more phones with larger screens, there won’t be a long pause while developers resize icons and so on to take advantage of it, as happened with the introduction of the iPhone 5 in 2012.

There are many reasons why Apple has not released a larger iPhone yet, despite the surging popularity of 4.7-inch and larger devices from competitors like Samsung. The company is said to be picky about the “white point” of displays, which is how realistic the colors look on a screen compared to real life. It has also always emphasized one-handed touch, and being able to access the entire screen with one swipe of your thumb.

The last we heard is that Apple was enlisting the help of Chinese authorities to cut down on iPhone 6 leaks. It won’t make much of a difference, however, as many potential details of the smartphone have already leaked out. We’ve seen what is allegedly the back cover for the iPhone 6, and know that it could have 1706 × 960 pixels resolutionNFC capabilitiesa slimmer design with an all-aluminum curved shell and more.

Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone lineup in September.

  • Qasim

    They’ll go big but not too big, a bit wider, not as big as thos samsung mini tablets which they call phones

    • Kieran.Lillis

      The Samsung Galaxy Mega is basically a tablet. And there’s roumours that they’re going to make a 7.0 inch version

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I think there next phone will be the size of a MacBook…

      • Your Mother

        and it will sell like hotcakes, then apple will jump on that band wagon too.

      • ExcitedMuch

        Yeah, like the Fingerprint bandwagon right?

      • Your Mother

        Yes, because LG had a finger print scanner on their phone 2 years ago but even before that, Samsung put one on their tablet–years later Apple figured they’d better cash in too.

        You got 5 up votes for what? Misinformation, smh lmao.

      • ExcitedMuch

        Oh really?? LG phone with fingerprint scanner? Care to share a link about that LG? I thought moto atrix was the first phone to have this kind of scanner.

        Misinformation who?? ROFLMAO

      • Your Mother

        That was a typo, you know I was talking about the Atrix. The point was already made–Apple copied, get over it.

      • ExcitedMuch

        Thats not just a normal typo, that was a boastful typo. Lmao. And at least apple copy an old technology and make it really useful and works without flaws. Not like samsung who copies what every apple does. Lol. Just like when apple said that their next phone has a finger print scanner and a day after that samsung announced that they will also releasing a phone with scanner next year ever though there is no one asking them to do that. Apple steal, samsung copy. Get over about it.

      • Andrew

        the 17” one lol

  • ថាន ហាំងស៊ា

    5.5″ iphone6

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  • Johnny

    Also rumored for the iPhone 6, Since introducing “Hey, Siri” voice command in iOS 8 (which can be only active when your iPhone is plugged in) The iPhone 6 could feature a co-processor that allows it to always listen for your voice comment (Touchless Control – similar to Moto X)

    Could be used as a selling point for the iPhone 6.

    • Christian Mejía

      Doubt it.

  • Malay Mody

    Why is a false iOS 8 screenshot being used…?

    • The image is not about iOS 8. It is to illustrate what a larger iPhone could look like.

  • joshuatw

    Could also be for the split screen multitasking rumored to be headed to iPad in iOS 8.

  • Andrew

    Lol, it’s pretty obvious that the next iPhone will have a bigger screen isn’t it?

  • 空白

    Hey Joe, Adblock, (on iPhone), has been blocking a good amount of your articles. This ones specifically affected. Just a heads up!

    • 空白

      Nevermind. A bunch of people already said something, lol. My bad.

  • Ty Leppek

    Lets not forget the iPad Pro….everyone is iPhone Crazy but there will be an answer to the Surface Pro 3 in my opinion.