Pebble Software Update 2.2 (teaser 001)

Pebble released a new firmware for its smartwatch line that enables two new features dealing with the App Menu and music playback controls, alongside a few other minor improvements.

The new 2.2 firmware finally enables the volume control for music playback, something the company first demoed in the Pebble Music app months ago.

In addition to music controls, the software makes it easy to rearrange the items in the Launcher Menu.

The refreshed firmware is available through Pebble’s companion iPhone app, available free in the App Store and updated to the latest version last week…

Check out the music volume controls in action.

As for the App Menu organization, you just press and hold the device’s Select button while in the Launcher.

The icons will start to wiggle, at which point you can move a menu item up and down the list as you see fit.

There’s a Vine clip for that, too!

Pebble firmware 2.2 changelog

• The Launcher Menu is now re-orderable. Hold the Select button to re-position a menu item.
• Volume control in the Music app. Hold the Select button while in the app to launch volume controls.
• Music app redesigned: fixes layout issues and adds a track progress bar (progress bar is iOS only).
• Alarm now vibrates for 10 minutes instead of 1 minute.
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Pebble last week bumped the iOS app to version 2.2 with support for iBeacon, the new firmware and more new JavaScript apps downloadable through the Pebble App Store.

And with iBeacon now officially supported, the Pebble can detect when it’s in close proximity to an iOS device. This short-range sensing uses low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 networking so “impact on battery life is negligible.”

The companion iPhone app is available free in the App Store.

Simply fire up the app with the Pebble paired to your iPhone and it will detect the latest firmware and offer to update your smartwatch.

  • What revolutionary technology with have here!

    • sup

      yeah, cuz the new features in ios8 are so “revolutionary”. you know, the features that other mobile os’s have already had for years.

      • Not really, I haven’t really seen Extensibility API anywhere else, nor the Continuity features.
        These pebble features are CONTROLLING VOLUME. Please tell me that hasn’t been invented ages ago.

      • The extensibility API stuff has existed in Android since v2.0 and there have been apps (widgets, keyboards, etc) taking advantage of it. The continuity stuff, that’s a significantly more user friendly version of OTA data syncing.

      • I don’t think apps being able to interact with other apps is on android….

      • It’s been in Android for years sir, iOS is busy playing catchup now…

      • Example?

      • You have loads of examples in this video (http://bit ly/TtFXLw).

  • Eikast

    I saw some reviews mention that they have location enabled all of the time on iOS (Geo fencing). My 5s is running iOS and my main device is the htc one m8 so I can’t really test those so called complaints. Cool addition with volume control. I have to use a third party app to do that on Android

    • Brian 

      Indeed it is doing this. I disabled Location for the Pebble app now. Luckily, I am still able to leave it on for my installed Smartchwatch+ tweak.

  • Maxim∑

    Pebble enjoying their final moments before the real smart watches start coming in

  • Jerry

    damn does that watch look awful

    • Dan

      it actually looks a lot better than most smart watches though


    I’m so pissed I unpaired my pebble from my iphone 5 and now it won’t reconnect I even factory reset the Watch. Ugh it is the iphone and pebble I can connect the iphone to a bluethooth headset and the pebble to my ipad 2 but not iphone 5.

    • Eikast

      Make sure to forget the pebble on your iPhone bluetooth setting.

  • jack

    just a stupid watch / thief magnet