iWatch concept (All, Todd Hamilton 001)

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Brian White reports that several components for the so-called iWatch are going into mass production this month. The analyst believes that Apple is planning to unveil the long-rumored smartwatch in September, perhaps alongside the iPhone 6.

White bases his report on his recent tour of Computex, Asia’s largest technology show, where wearables were by far the most talked-about products. There, sources from supply chain companies told him iWatch component production would soon begin ramping up…

MacRumors shares White’s note to investors:

With the theme around wearable technology at Computex this year, our research has uncovered more data points as it relates to Apple’s “iWatch.” Our meeting with a tech supply chain company highlighted that initial production of certain “iWatch” components is scheduled to begin later this month and there are plans for a sharp acceleration into fall. 

Given the trajectory of this ramp and our experience analyzing other product ramps at Apple, we expect the “iWatch” to be unveiled with the iPhone 6 in September. Since our research suggests the first iteration of the “iWatch” is more of a companion device, and thus requires a connection to an iPhone, we believe unveiling the two new devices at the same time makes sense.

White says that the iWatch will be offered at several price points, similar to the iPhone and iPad, with an entry level model as low as $199. While that seems cheap compared to previous reports, that would allow it to better compete with the likes of Pebble and Samsung.

We know very little about Apple’s smartwatch thus far, other than rumors have said it will come in two sizes: 1.3 and 1.5-inches and have a round face. It should also pair nicely with the newly-introduced iOS 8 ‘Health’ app, which will likely also be released in September.

  • Merman123

    Big year for Apple.

  • Franklin Richards

    Yes please. Haven’t worn a digital watch in so long. Although I suspect the first gen. watch is going to be a bit lacklustre and the second gen. one is truly the one to have. But meh still getting both anyway.

  • Brian 

    No way it’ll be $199. Apple doesn’t compete in pricing, it competes in providing quality prices at a premium. Seeing as how the Galaxy Gear is $299, don’t expect anything lower than that.

    • Kurt

      That’s because Samsung sucksssss. SAMSUCK! lol

      • Brian 

        Agreed! Lol
        So only imagine what Apple has up their sleeves!

    • gary

      You say they don’t compete in pricing, yet you ended by saying that the “Galaxy Gear is $299, so don’t expect anything lower than that.” Simply including the pricing of a competitor’s device implies that you think they will be competing in pricing in one way or another. Make up your damn mind. And what’s a “quality price at a premium”? I think at the end, you, or anybody else for that matter, doesn’t know shit about this rumored iWatch, so don’t pretend to know a single thing about it.

      • Brian 

        They don’t compete in pricing as in they dont try being lower than their competitors.