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Football — or soccer, if you live in the US — has the potential to captivate a nation, perhaps no more than at the World Cup every four years. In just a matter of days, the world’s biggest stars of the sport will be fighting for the ultimate title in front of tens of thousands of fans in Brazil. The culture behind the event is incredible, fueled by the fact that football has some 250 million players across over 200 countries worldwide.

For one month, even the hockey-crazed nation of Canada that I call home will put aside its love for the rink and turn its eyes to the field. Living in a country that is very culturally diverse, it takes just a quick drive around the neighborhood to see Italy and Brazil flags attached to car windows and other World Cup paraphernalia scattered across front lawns and houses.

Beats wants everyone to know that it is part of this culture, releasing a new cinematic ad called The Game Before The Game. The five-minute spot captures the intensity leading up to the World Cup, including the pressure and fandom surrounding the players. The ad features over a half-dozen football stars, ranging from German players Bastian Schweinsteiger and Mario Götze to Neymar da Silva and Chicharito…

The ad follows Neymar da Silva as he prepares to be under the spotlight of the World Cup, and the iPhone 5s is shown on multiple occasions throughout the video. “Before the goals, before the glory, there is an unseen game played in the locker room,” the official description reads. “Watch how the best prepare for greatness with Beats SOLO2 and Studio. This is how the game is won.”

Beats iPhone World Cup Ad

The ad is backed by the song “Jungle” by the X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons. It is a fitting soundtrack for a commercial that is as cool as it can possibly get, with special appearances from celebrities Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, professional athletes LeBron James and Serena Williams and several others. This goes beyond Beats simply advertising its new Solo 2 headphones. This is Beats establishing an image. This is Beats selling its brand.

More importantly, this is why Apple bought Beats.

Apple’s executive team might indicate otherwise, but at least part of what it spent $3 billion on was the cool and fresh culture that bleeds out of Beats. According to Ad Age, basketball star LeBron James actually reached out to Beats to ensure that he could have a cameo appearance in this ad. That says an awful lot, considering the amount of ads and marketing that James has done with Apple’s rival Samsung.

King James is now part of Apple. That is a big deal.

Apple acquired Beats for $3 billion just over a week ago, with co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre joining the company. The entire Beats team will report directly to iTunes chief Eddy Cue, while the design of Beats headphones falls under Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller. Apple also gained the streaming music service Beats Music as part of the acquisition, which it will continue running.

  • Rigs101

    PORTUGAL!!!!!! HALA MADRID!!!!!!

    • Hail Cristiano

    • Decio Arruda

      Claro, Portugal!

    • Thiago Vaccaro

      Lol portugal

  • I wish you guys knew what is behind this Cup in Brazil… Of course we love soccer and such an event, but our country has been a total caos. Beats shouldn’t use us to promote it since the basic models of their products are around US$500 and the iPhones can only be bought from US$1000 starting from the 16GB 5c.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Of course Beats should use the world cup to promote it. It would be wrong of them not to. At the movement everyday I watch TV it’s practically filled with world cup style advertisements. As for the iPhone featuring prominently in the advertisement I reckon this cross promotion is going to happen more and more with Beats featuring prominently in some Apple advertisements and vice versa…

      • Yeah, I am ok with that, but this should be a metter of respect, you know, man?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        There’s no respect in marketing 😉

        It’s your product first and everything else second…

      • Actually there is. I do Marketing and this new generation of professionals show such respect on Marketing… But in this case you are right.

    • Victor

      Do you hear yourself? So, all else must be halted globally because our population is unhappy. This sounds at the very least unreasonable to me.

      I myself am very unimpressed at the government, as are people elsewhere in the world, but everyone should vote better and improve their timing when it comes to protesting. It’s a freaking sports event the country CAN afford.

      Wake up, ladies and gentlemen, problems are bigger than that.

      • I am so glad to know your comfort zone works, Victor. Yes, indeed, world has more to deal with right now. My country works on ignorance, there is no investment on education because ignorant people vote for this government. People are slaving away here while running in circles. More than a half of my country is living in a misery and all you people care is about a nice ad and great soccer game.
        You better be sure I am awake, actually, wide awake. My protests extends to my votes, way beyond what I like to watch on TV. The examples I used above, on tech pricing, are nothing compared to what we have been through. We are about to start a civil war here and people just pretend to be blind.

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      Y el santo niño de atocha

  • Matt

    But a 4 minute ad?!?

  • Not trying to sound like a dick, but he’s name Neymar Jr.

    • Mohamed Hassabo

      His full name is Neymar de Silva Santos Juniour. The ‘Jr’ comes from ‘Juniour’.
      So both are correct.

      • I’m so use to the Jr. Part lol so seeing other names doesn’t feel right

      • Jerry Cox

        “Right” is never a feeling. FYI; Might keep you from this type of public correction.

  • Mohamed Hassabo

    Chicharito, Van Persie, Rio Ferdinand

  • El Matador

    Da Bears!!! ….. Oh wait… It’s Futbol not Football.

  • The video was pretty good.

  • Eric Mason

    Girl screwing at the 3:02 mark.

  • angry3

    whew..that was a GREAT video. You can see why Apple wants in on this…

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    This World Cup in my country will be a shame… A warning to all foreigners: DON’T COME TO THE WORLD CUP.

    • Victor

      Overreacting much? Don’t be bitter, it won’t solve our country’s problems.

      People are all most likely going to have a great time – as I know some are already. Vote better next time, don’t overlook politics.

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        Blablabla, same old bullshit

  • babiloe

    Meh very bad ads with lil wayne and sex scene, its never been apple ad so bad. please watch and learn at nike ad risk everything footbal.

  • Donovan

    If they wanted to get the World Cup feeling, they should’ve done more shots of the supporters. Brazillians, Dutch. They are amazing