Monitor child iPhone

Although iOS offers some features that help you restrict what a child can or cannot do on his iPhone, there is still no simple way to closely monitor their texts messages, phone calls, Facebook and WhatsApp conversations and more.

This is exactly what MobiPast can provide: a simple and efficient way to track what your child does on his iPhone (or other device), making sure he doesn’t cross the lines and potentially puts himself at risk. This is a method that definitely raises privacy concerns, but you can’t argue that privacy comes second when it comes to the safety of your kids.

For this to work, both the monitored and monitoring devices will have to be jailbroken. First download the MobiPast app on your iPhone or iPad, then install the invisible monitoring app on your child’s iPhone.

monitor child cell phone

After that, you can open the MobiPast application on your cell phone or tablet and start secretly consulting copies of messages, calls, internet history, Facebook conversations, contacts, etc. Alternatively, you can monitor the device’s activity directly from your desktop browser.

For more information on how you can track your kid’s iPhone activity, make sure to visit

  • alsdkfjadslkfj

    That is absolutely an invasion of privacy. If I were a parent, I would never do such a terrible thing.

    • PaleHaunt

      A terrible thing would be allowing your child to have run of the internet unsupervised. There is no such thing as privacy when it comes to a minor. It’s called being a good parent, and not allowing your kid to interact with creepers or worse. Procreate and you may see things differently.

      • Right on!

      • NP92

        Hello Seb! I had this app for 3 months, paid: and it have alot of errors, first month it worked with Facebook but after that it doesnt track? And sometimes it had changed a contact name with another contact number in the name. Restored both phones and only installed mobipast and same.:/

    • adal.javierxx

      as I can see, you don’t have kids dude….

    • Matt

      I’m with you!


    Does it block porn?

    • ThatGuyWhoJustPwndYou


  • Kyle

    When I read stuff like this I have to throw up! Are there really such parents outside who want to monitor their kids so close? Luckily, this is a bloody jailbreak tweak so anyone could just update their device and gone is Big Brother!
    But if I were such an unlucky child being monitored by their parents, I’d sue the hell out of them in the first place.

  • Merman123

    Does this work with girlfriends ? Lol jk

    • adal.javierxx

      Yes, i does… I tried it

  • Ethan Humphrey

    I think parents should trust their kids with their iOS devices

  • Drake

    on some NSA type sh!t tho, this is disgusting

  • TeChNoStyLeZ

    This is waaaay to extreme. Blocking pornography and violence ( depending on the child’s age is more than enough. Monitoring even what the kid texts in messages or facebook leaves it now privacy.

    • Drake

      IMO, at around 15-16, nothing should be blocked.

      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        Depends on how mature the kid is. It has to be mature enough to understand that pornography has nothing to do with reality but unfortunately that’s where they learn everything because parents / school don’t teach them shit.

  • Arsanny Lintang

    The kids of generation today doesn’t know how it felt to have a flip phone or a brick phone, it was the best phone during the 90’s, when nokia was the no.1 phone of all time.

    • Jonathan

      I’ve used flip phones a lot before, and I’m only a young teen.

  • nolanbob99

    Is anybody here kind enough to add my UDID to their dev account? I would pay money if I could. Thanks so much!


  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    “For this to work, both the monitored and monitoring devices will have to be jailbroken. ”

    install openssh (if it isn’t already installed)

    sudo apt-get remove mobipastappname

    • Jonathan

      What’s that?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Openssh allows you to remotely connect up to your iPhone from a command line to input commands. Apt is the package manager that Cydia uses. When Cydia is ‘Reloading Data’ apt is doing this under the hood using the command ‘apt-get update’. By using apt from a command line it is easy to remove any installed packages (tweaks, apps, themes, etc) for example issuing the command ‘apt-get remove cydia’ removes Cydia (hint: please don’t do this

      • Jonathan

        Ah, I see! Makes much more sense. I knew how to use it, just never what they each meant, except sudo lol. I know that means admin access sort of.

      • DogeCoin

        Sudo means “super user do” , super user is root account, which basically is the computers account, meaning, when you run as root your running programes as if it was the computer. Ya know programes that display things on the screen and use your fan? The are run as root. Apt is a package manager originally created on and for Debian Linux, but has since found its ways to other distros and *nix systems. I recommend using the purge argument for apt-get uninstall , as purge will remove its config files. After wards using autoremove and autoclean should clean things up.

      • Jonathan

        Thanks for the clarification. =) Guess I didn’t know what any of it meant. xD

    • La Cucaracha

      Ooooh fancy computer terms… You must be fun at parties

  • Jonathan

    Everyone says it invades privacy, etc, etc. I can see their side of the point. But there is a plus. Say if you think your child is doing secret things behind your back? Maybe talking to total strangers you don’t know, or on really, really, bad websites. (porn, and other related stuff) If it were my child, I’d want to have proof that they would be doing it. I say that because, if I walked up and said “are you doing stuff you shouldn’t on your iPhone?” The answer 99.99999% of the time be no. So, if I had proof, I could say, “then what were you doing on this website?” or “then who’s *name* that you’ve been chatting with?”
    Child/teenager: *thinks* busted….

    I’m not a parent, and I’m not even old enough to become one yet, but if I did have a child, and I was suspicious of him/her doing things I wouldn’t approve of, I would monitor their activities. Their my children, and I want the best for them when they grow up, whether they see it now or not.

    I know that because I’ve had my share of things I shouldn’t have done and was painfully caught. I don’t do it anymore, and I’m glad I received that punishment looking back.

    So to sum it up, it is invading privacy, but sometimes it’s necessary. After I find trust and certainty they’ve stopped, I’d remove the tracking stuff.

  • Donovan

    This is just plain wrong…

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    yeah, thats good, if you are suspicious about something with your kid, you could install this, you don’t need to go after them for every website they enter, but whats if you catch your kid talking to someone asking for “two squares, one bag of D”?

    you guys saying it wrong, my warn for you is “you are not good ate parenting at all!” even more if you are those parents who just throw anything your kids ask at their hands just so they can shut up and stop complaing or crying

  • Sabe San

    A pretty great post. Kids are now crazy with smart phones. Parents may try ikeyMonitor iphone spy app for tracking the activities of their kids. Anyway thanks for sharing the post.

  • rose

    after installing the free version of Mobipast, I can open it? I tried to open but it doesn’t stay open as the other program, what can I do?