iOS 8 (Find My iPhone, Send Last Location 001)

Find My iPhone is a great way to locate your lost or misplaced device – that is, unless a thief was smart enough to find a way to disable it right after you’ve been mugged and your device has been taken from you.

Additionally, if the person has shut down your device or it has run out of battery charge, Apple’s free Find My iPhone app will only display its last known location for up to 24 hours.

The same goes for the web interface over at After the 24 hour cut-off period, you’re basically unable to locate the device on a world map until it has been restarted and has established a network connection…

Realizing this is inconveniencing some users, Apple in iOS 8 is adding a new feature to the Find My iPhone service, called Send Last Location (via MacRumros).

As the name suggests, this will tell Apple to retain the device’s last known location indefinitely rather than delete it after 24 hours have passed.

Automatically send the last known location of this iPhone to Apple when the battery drains to a critical level, writes Apple.

This new ‘Send Last Location’ switch is available under a dedicated Find My iPhone section in iOS 8 Settings > iCloud.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether this feature will permit folks to simply locate a misplaced iOS device using the iCloud web interface and/or Find My iPhone app or if a person will need to contact Apple in order to reveal their last recorded location.

At any rate, I’ll be making sure to update this post if new information becomes available.

How do you like this feature?

I still feel like Apple isn’t doing enough here.

I mean, instead of confusing users with new options, why not just make it so iOS devices automatically send their last known location as part of the shutdown procedure?

Better yet, do so right upon detecting that a user has attempted to initiate a soft/hard reset.

  • Leonard Wong

    I think they should just make Location service always on for Find my iPhone even the locations service is off.
    This will highly prevent the thief from turning off the locations service and you can’t even track it down.
    Best if they could do this that the thief don’t even know that location is still on for Find my iPhone even location service is off

    • Actually, activating Lost Mode in Find My IPhone temporarily enables location features

      • SkyFall

        What’s with the weather icon? It looks like it’s live weather or new.

      • Jonathan

        Dude, wait a year for your profile pic. xD

      • SkyFall

        Can’t I’m stuck at the past and this profile pic is the only thing to remind me of my time (2015). Also next year Apple will make the app switcher in control center and toggles open. (I come from the future )

      • Jonathan

        Interesting. Theming capabilities? Also, have they combined chocolate with strawberry ice cream?
        OH, self driving cars?

        *20 pages later*
        wait a second…. you just… AGH. *slaps*

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        your funneh 🙂

      • Jonathan

        Thanks. 😀
        Are you on iOS 8?

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        I want too Mr. Jonathan. But really with crappy battery life already on ios 7 :: ( i don’t think i want to move to a beta ios8. What about you.

      • Jonathan

        I was on 7.0.4, jailbroken, with not too many tweaks, and I’m now on beta 1 of iOS 8, and notice no change of battery life. So If you’re interested, I’d suggest you try it. =) You can always downgrade to 7.1.1 until the official release of ioS 8.

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        Ok then i have a question for you. If you charge it upto 100%. After you unplug it then how much is your usage by the time you reach 10 or 20 percent? I’m talking in terms of ios7

      • Jonathan

        Let me make sure I understand this correctly.
        Do you mean “how long did it take for my batter to go down to 10 – 20% on iOS 7 while it was jailbroken?”
        If so, it took me a couple days on average. I’m not a heavy user.

        If you mean iOS 8, I get just a slightest longer battery life.

  • David Gitman

    How to reduce crashing in whatsapp: (IOS 8)
    General —> accessibility —–> turn on Greyscale

  • Framboogle

    via MacRumros?

  • walter088

    There should be an option to prevent shutting down the iphone unless the password is entered , at the same time sending the current location

    • Anonymous

      Check out my post above, I have my phone set up kind how your suggesting. And I explain how to do it briefly.

  • sosarozay300

    i set restrictions for all the location settings so nobody can change them

    • Rowan09

      That’s true if you set restrictions no one can reset the phone without a password.

  • sriram varadarajulu

    i’m having an iphone, nothing from ios 8 for me :/

  • SkyFall

    What’s with the Weather Icon in iOS 8, it seems as if it’s a live icon.

    • Jonathan

      You’re from “the future”. You should know why. xD

      • SkyFall

        We’ll half of my devices have the old icon so it might be a bug

      • Jonathan

        weird. Are they all iPhone/iPod that have them, or those and iPad?

      • SkyFall

        It might be a bug cause my iPhone has this icon and the iPad strangely has weather with the old icon.

      • Jonathan

        Hmmm… weird.

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    For me it would be great if they just require passcode to turn off the phone.

    Today I achive this with a jailbreak app. But it is simple enoght for apple to implement.

  • Skoven

    I don’t understand why Apple haven’t incorporated features found in the iCaughtU (pro) tweak. It basically solves a lot of problems, relating to losing or getting your phone stolen including:
    – Require unlocked phone to shut it down.
    – Display a message to the person typing the password wrong or trying to turn of the phone.
    – Taking a picture with the front camera, when someone is entering wrong passcode and/or trying to shut down the phone, and sending it and the location to an email.
    – …

    That the phone will send its location, when reaching low batt. level is smart if you dropped the phone, and was to drunk to remember where or even notice till the day after 🙂
    But if thats the only new feature to “find my iPhone”, i certainly won’t be upgrading to iOS 8 before a jailbreak (and an updated version of iCaughtU) is released.

    • siddique

      boy jailbreak for life 😀

  • Brian 

    Nothing beats the following combination on a jailbroken device:
    -CCToggles (allows you to disable airplane mode toggle on lockscreen)
    -PowerDownEnhancer (requires passcode to shut down device)


    • deepdvd

      I do the same except I use iCaughtU instead of PowerDownEnhancer to prevent shutdown while on the lock screen (and other nice features)

  • siddique

    shame…..device must not turn off without a passcode

    • mbkarki

      is that practically possible? Imagine the device is capable of doing this, I forget to turn it off, I leave it on my drawer and leave for abroad for six months. What happens then? Can the battery last for eternity?

  • siddique

    -PowerDownEnhancer (requires passcode to shut down device)

  • Can someone give me a hint on how to install the new version of Find My Friends on my phone running iOS 8…?! I have downloaded it as well as the new iWork versions but I’m not sure how to install them on my phone — through iTunes or do I need Xcode or what…?!

  • Anonymous

    One of the reason i jailbreak is so i can disable the lock button on the lock screen so my phone can not be turn off if stolen, then with iCaught I have a message come up with contact information. So if there honesty i can get my phone back, and if there not I can track them down until the battery dies at least. So hopefully they’re not smart enough to take off my battery pack lol.

  • Julio César

    One should have the option to remotely turn on a device that is connected to an account. A few months ago, someone broke into my house and stole my ipad mini, my macbook air, and an iphone 3GS that i had. The thieves only had to turn the devices off and then i could no longer track my devices. Showing the last location is pointless when the devices are off and on the move.

    • scottelectronic

      How can you send a signal to a device that is powered down?