OS X Yosemite (Screencasting 001)

Capturing a real-time screencast of apps and games running on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad used to require juggling with various devices/cables.

As our own Jeff Benjamin would explain, a typical solution would involve using a pro camcorder to physically record the screen of an iOS device and taking advantage of one of Lightning digital A/V adapters to feed live video from your iOS device to a computer or a specialized video capture device.

Starting this Fall, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite will greatly simplify the process by allowing you to capture a screencast by connecting an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to a computer using a Lightning cable, no A/V adapters or HDMI capture cards needed whatsoever…

It’s real easy, as explained by Benjamin Mayo.

You just hook up an iOS 8 device to a computer using a Lightning cable and it will show up as a video input source in QuickTime. You can then use QuickTime to capture anything you’re doing on-screen and store it as a video file to your Mac.

Apple confirms:

With iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, you can capture real-time footage of your app directly off your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Just connect your device to your Mac using the Lightning connector and it will be automatically available as a video camera.

Screencasts are especially relevant in light of the App Store improvements Apple mentioned yesterday, including so-called App Previews.

Basically, App Previews stand for device-captured promotional footage “showcasing what’s great about your app to help users decide if it’s right for them”.

Developers can start uploading their App Previews to iTunes Connect this Fall.

Just like screenshots, Apple will review these videos and include a single App Preview per each app, alongside screenshots in the App Store on iOS 8 or later.

Apple explains:

• Just like screenshots, each App Preview is device specific.
• Submitting or viewing App Previews requires an iPhone or iPod touch with a 4 inch Retina display or iPad.
• You may only submit a single set of App Previews designed for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad against one language localization. App Previews will appear in all countries where your app is available.

It’s going to be a killer feature for games makers, I’m sure.

If you’re jailbroken, there are jailbreak tweaks specifically dedicated to recording a live iOS device screencast via AirPlay Mirroring.

  • David Jensen


  • Osama Muhammed

    super jailbreak killer

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    OS X Yosemite is awesome! I was thinking about switching to Windows 8.1, but I’m staying now! I love the continuity feature!

  • Sachin

    This is awesome now i just need to buy a mac. 😛

    • Framboogle

      You have a Windows computer? What’s wrong with you?

      • Technocrz!

        Thats the wrong with him.

      • Sachin

        Well i am still in college and don’t wanna ask parents to buy me a Mac. They have already done a lot. I will buy as soon as i earn. 😀

      • Timothy Vincent

        That is a great answer to a dumb question.

      • Joe Nicklo

        Beat me to it.

      • Joe Nicklo

        Excellent answer.

      • Brian 

        Probably his financial situation, lol

    • Great choice!

  • Guest

    What about devices with the good old 32-pin connector?

    • Only Lightning-devices…

      • Pixel Perfect

        That’s bull

        Am I the only one who realizes the Mini and the 2 are the SAME DAMN DEVICE?!?
        Only difference is the SIZE (NOT resolution) and the 30pin/lightning
        and, I have a Rev A iPad2 (iPad(2,4)), which means I have one with the SAME REVISION of the SoC in the iPad mini (smaller dye)

      • S0lidSnake

        Apple isn’t obligated to support your older device. I know it sucks (I have an OG iPad that can barely run anything anymore) but that’s the way it is. Plus the Lightning connector has a bunch of new features enabled by the pins and how Apple decided to configure them.

      • Pixel Perfect

        Alright, just putting it out there

        Apple REMOVED pins from the Lightning connector

      • Chris Friend

        and? They removed the analog pins and added in new digital I/O that can achieve more than what those pins could

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Couldn’t agree more with you but it is what it is. My iPad 3 could quite easily support blur and AirDrop. I know it can because I previously had these two features thanks to my jailbreak. I decided to give iOS 8 a whirl though and now theres no blur or AirDrop…

        TLDR; Apple could quite easily impliment these features yet they choose not to (probably due to them wanting us to upgrade our devices). Perhaps we should all give Tim Cook an email since he’s apparently reading them all…

      • Pixel Perfect

        Blur can run on my iPad 2 just fine (iOS 7 betas and Parallax Enablur)

        AirDrop makes sense: It relies on BT 4’s Low Energy mode. It CAN run on older devices (I’ve done it! AirDrop Enabler 7.0+) But it drains battery when enabled because it has to force searching mode 24/7

      • Jas Nijjer

        Do you have blur on notification centre and mission control because my iPad 2 doesn’t?

      • Pixel Perfect

        Jailbroken iOS 7.0.4 running a previous version of Parallax Enablur (the newer one just breaks things for me, but the version just before works…it can be found on (sorry) most pirate repis (I bought it, but needed the older deb)

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Does it work with off-market lightning cables or only with Apples official lightning cable?

    • CS

      It’s 30 not 32

      • IrelandJnr

        Mind blown!

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  • Jake Rogers

    So what tweaks do this, and prefereably over wifi?

  • Sean Clark

    Jeez, they are killing it.

  • Nice! DisplayRecorder from iOS 4 officially now restricted to Mac OS X…

  • jack

    No Windows love?

    • rmwebs

      Why on earth would there be? This is for developers. Developers use a Mac. It’s be a massive waste of time to put this on Windows when no sane developer would touch it.

      • jack

        in case you didn’t see, this can be used for a lot of things, not just for app demos

      • rmwebs

        Of course anyone can use it. My point is that nobody else has a real purpose or reason to use it, hence releasing for Windows is a total waste of time.

  • Brian 

    Im all for Apple implementing more and more “jailbreak killer” features like this. I look forward to the day where iOS is so feature-rich that I do not have the need to jailbreak my iOS devices any longer!

    • inknzvl

      When that day comes, apple will stop adding features to iOS devices.
      That’s is why apple always leaves a loophole for the jailbreak community to discover and jailbreak.
      Edit 1- not that I’m against apple implementation of those great features. I’m all in for apple to make them native.

  • inknzvl

    What cydia tweak is that one to AirPlay your device screen and record on your Mac ?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      AirPlay is supported natively. I’d highly recommend the app Reflector which acts like an Apple TV and allows you to send content to your Mac from your iOS device…

      • inknzvl

        Awesome. Thank you!

      • Psychic Sasquatch

        The only problem with programs and apps like Reflector is you have to have another connected airplay device on the same wifi network. Otherwise IOS (at least the iPhones) won’t give the option to turn airplay on, practically restricting use within your home/office(if you use and have access to something like apple tv in your office.)

  • notewar

    I would be super cool if it can record sound too

  • See ya later Airserver

  • I tried doing this but it looks like it doesn’t work right now :/

  • MikeTRose

    Both Reflector and AirServer do this today via WiFi, with no need to jailbreak. But doing it over the wire will be very nice.

  • Omer Ninyo

    Will I be able to use my iPhone as a proper webcam for google hangouts?