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Episode 31: Sebastien and Cody discuss WWDC 2014’s keynote along with all of the new information released. Topics include iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, and all of the major features revealed for both new highly anticipated operating systems.

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  • JB

    not showing up in pocket casts app. ??!

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      It’s showing up in the rss feed so the problem is with the pocket casts app. Just keep trying and if the problems persist it’s probably best to contact the developers…

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Cody you should build another partition. I have a 33gb partition that I’ve installed Yosemite onto and so far everything great…

  • Kurt

    During the keynote I noticed something. When your in the mail app of iOS 8 composing a new message is it flat white or is there a subtle texture of thick paper?

    • John Keller

      There is no paper texture in the iOS 8 mail compose view.

      • Kurt

        Thank you. Then I saw wrong

  • Amr

    Is it weird that I find my battery to be lasting a lot longer on ios 8 beta 1 than on 7.1.1??? Also this beat is much faster in my opinion

    iPhone 5 16 gb tmobile

    • sNick

      Did you restore your data or set up your iPhone as new? Maybe that’s why battery lasts longer.

      • Amr

        When I went to ios 8 I did shift+update.

        So all my information was on my phone when ios 8 was done installing

    • neilq5

      I have a 4S and my battery has been lasted (maybe an extra 5-10%) longer today than in iOS 7. Although, With the constant crashes i’m getting I probably haven’t been using it as much today. The new “Hey, Siri ” is excellent

  • Arsanny Lintang

    anyone knows when the is public beta release for OS X Yosemite

    • Jonathan

      If you registered your email before the 1 millionth person did, you will receive an email when it’s ready. But that’s all we know.

    • John Keller

      It will probably be released to the public in the fall, alongside iOS 8, and the iPhone 6 (hopefully, due to integration with the iPhone in Yosemite)

      • Arsanny Lintang

        The one that’s going to be release in fall is the GM version of IOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, I’m talking about the ‘Beta’ version.

      • Damian

        Last year it was available the same day of keynote. I would expect similar trend.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    iOS 8 wish list come true

    3th party keyboards ✔
    Interactive notifications ✔
    Quick Reply all apps, Messages, Twitter, etc. ✔
    Inter App Communication ✔
    Interactive NC Widgets ✔
    3th party support for NC ✔
    Better dismiss for NC ✔

    The only thing that was missing was Custom Control Center.

    Bonus and welcomed feature. Answering and receiving SMS(Text), iMessages, Phone Calls, via Mac and iPad forward from iPhone. Awesome!!!

    • neilq5

      Only change I wanted in Control Center was the option to turn off Mobile Data, but screw that got way more than i bargained for with this new continuity feature

  • Quang

    I see with the new Notification Center, the Dashboard is now obsolete 🙂

  • Riley Freeman

    gotta say im disappointed that apple doesnt have any information ready. i dont see the continuity thing working between my ipad and iphone for texts.

    the new icloud storage plans are not there. are they not available until the fall? if thats the case then put that information somewhere. whatsapp crashes90% of the time depending on the convo i try to open and i know this is because apps are not ready for ios 8

  • College

    Can someone please post the new Share Sheet from Safari please?

  • nolanbob99

    Any kind people willing to add my UDID to their dev account?


  • Guest

    Hey I just notice the Finder icon and iTunes icon on my Mac are different than the ones on Apple website and other people’s screenshot.
    Anyone has the same icon as mine?

  • Quang

    Hey I just notice the Finder icon and iTunes icon on my Mac are different than the ones on Apple website and other people’s screenshot.
    Anyone has the same icon as mine?

    Checkout my screenshot

  • Benchmark Apps

    Hey guys! I know you will probably be mean to me about this… But could anyone please register my UDID if they can? I’m only 13 but am so interested in testing things out. If so, thanks! My UDID is: 5c474cc1acd00e5698312c8f7526c571f3e6c24d

    Thanks soooo much.

  • felixtaf

    The per app passcode lock feature only available for Enterprise consumers?