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Last year, The Wall Street Journal reported that Yahoo was in talks with Apple over increasing its presence on the iPhone. The company wanted more of its content pre-loaded onto Apple’s devices, and was after the default search spot in Safari.

But its quest to expand its reach in iOS isn’t going so well. Apple released the first beta of iOS 8 to developers yesterday, and it’s been discovered that the Weather app, which used to pull info from Yahoo, now uses data from The Weather Channel…

ios 8 weather

Keep in mind that Yahoo’s weather information was also supplied by The Weather Channel, so ultimately the data is the same—Apple is really just cutting out the middle man here. Still, the removal is notable given Yahoo’s aforementioned plan.

Other than that, the iOS 8 Weather app should look fairly familiar to iOS 7 users. It’s just that the extended forecast is now 9 days long, instead of 5, and it now offers a summary of current weather conditions with wind, humidity and chance of rain.

The new Weather app is available now in the iOS 8 beta for developers, and will be in the public version that launches this fall.

  • I wish that I could actually pick the source of the weather data.
    Personally, I would rather it from BoM, because i live in Australia.

    • Marcus

      Maybe that would make a possible jailbreak tweak in the future 😉

      • Chris

        There already is a tweak, it’s called Australian BOM Weather+

    • Jamie Tilden

      Well at least you get all the nice weather down there.

      • Matt

        And kangaroos

      • Chris

        Come to Melbourne, you can experience at least 2 seasons most days during the week

      • Jamie Tilden

        Yeah was actually there in March. It was amazing. One of my favourite cities ever.

      • Leviscus Tempris

        That’s definitely one of my travel spots! I can’t wait to go. Met someone from there and now I really can’t wait to go. I want to go there.

  • Dany Quirion

    Yahoo uses the same data? Then why is it way more accurate now ?

  • JustAnAverageUser

    The weather network always seems to be more accurate compared to yahoo

  • cooldayr

    Also google is the default search engine again in Safari.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Google has always been the default search engine in Safari and it will remain this way until Apples secretive contract with Google expires…

  • sjah07

    What would be nice is if they would make it so you could check the weather in some other location from in the app, without having to add it! Seriously, that’s such a basic feature. You can ask Siri what the weather’s like somewhere else, but a search feature should be included in the app.

  • iDude

    burn yahoo burn!!! j/k . i think yahoo has no place on people anymore. People say, “Google It” when they want to search something, nobody says, “Yahoo it”! – sounds wrong lol

  • Andrea Anderson

    im glad they did this! YAHOO seems to have messed things up! oh i want to blame them at least! the other day it RAINED!!!!!! while i was playing tennis, as it was raining, good ole yahoo says its SUNNY! 0 percent chance of rain! its as bad as maps once was! they/we needed the change! plus i always needed to know what the wind was i hated googling it!

    • J™

      its a weather forecast app… it can only predict so much it cant be 100% accurate so quit b*tchin…
      and u can always use another weather app to your own like so quit b*tchin

      • Ian Jackson

        Well, it’s failing as a product if it doesn’t work. I use WeatherBug and am seldom disappointed with it, and I work outside.

  • Andrew Roth

    The extra information was always there. They just relocated it. Before you would tap the current temp for the extra info.

  • Emmanuel Ravalo

    Can someone register my UDID please! pretty please 🙂


    • Alex Ruski


      • iPhone5&sgs2

        pretty no

  • CS

    I like the Weather Channel app more than – it gives so much more information

  • Yujin

    Yahoo weather is awesome looking but fails at one thing… Is inaccurate!!!

  • Patrick

    The only thing yahoo is good for is email in my opinion

    • Ali

      Gmail takes care of that.

      • Tommy

        Except we’re almost all forced to use G+ which I think is a pain in the a**

      • Ali

        I never use it. It’s there, but I don’t bother with it.

  • Dallas Groot

    …. Yahoo uses The Weather Network for its data….

  • Dan

    Good, I prefer the weather network and have been using it for years, more accurate in Montreal

  • Khun

    I wish I could see the weather in my notification screen…