Craig Federighi WWDC 14

Today was the seventh consecutive WWDC keynote that I have watched, and it easily ranks as one of my personal favorites. It might seem surprising that I feel that way, especially considering that there were no new shiny iPhones or Macs announced like there once was, but the nearly two-hour episode captured my attention for so many other reasons.

It started with the charismatic Craig Federighi, the humorous Apple executive that seemingly came out of nowhere and has become an instant hit over the past few presentations. It was not only his humor that was refreshing, but also his confidence. In fact, the entire team of Apple executives that appeared on stage this afternoon were equally confident… 

Jim Dalrymple at The Loop puts it best:

Let’s face it, most presentations we see are dry, boring affairs that we can’t wait to be over, so we can run out of the room. Apple’s keynotes have never really been like that—although there has been the odd exception—but today’s seemed even more jovial than previous keynotes in recent memory.

When I thought more about what would make them so happy, I came up with one answer: confidence. They knew that what was being delivered to consumers and developers was so good, they had every reason to be confident and therefore happy.

The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was iconic for showing “one more thing” at keynotes, but the company proved today that it didn’t need that extra flare to impress. The two software updates that it announced at Moscone West this afternoon in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite were equally impressive, ushering in an array of new features for iPhone and Mac users alike.

While the iOS 7 software update was a more polarizing release within the Apple community, I think several users have come to appreciate the refinements that the company has made in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. The wait until the Fall for users without access to the beta versions will likely seem like a long one, as a result, but it will certainly be worth it in the end.

What did you think of the WWDC keynote?

  • vivalaivsca

    i am disappointed with yosemite, but in love with iOS 8

    • vivalaivsca

      will not upgrade to yosemite, unless i can keep the cocoa theme of mavericks

      • Are you still on iOS 6 too?

      • TDD140

        Dang, shots fired

      • Blip dude

        I wish I was!! But I will say this: iOS 8 is what iOS 7 should have been, and I am really looking forward to it. I will still Jailbreak, but all the features in iOS 8 will make me very patient.

      • Damian

        I hate to disappoint you more but iOS 9 will be what iOS 8 should have been and so on.

        In terms of iOS it will be never ending story. It will never be good enough at the given moment. Kinda like one year too later.

        On the other hand Yosemite is ahead of everyone. Sweetest system ever.

      • Blip dude

        Disappointed how?? I don’t see it that way though. iOS 9 will be iOS 9 to me, iOS 7 is so crappy IMO that it has gotten me wishing to go back to iOS 6 even if just for a few months. To many people it is a never ending story with iOS, but to me it is only my delimma with iOS 7 that makes me see iOS 8 as what iOS 7 should have been. Once I get my hands on iOS 8, honestly, it won’t really matter much afterwards as long Jailbreaking continues.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        You burn the hell out of vivalaivsca lol

    • Don Shields

      Just the opposite for me…love Yosemite but will not upgrade to iOS 8 until it can be jailbroken.

      • Atif Khan

        Yaa, but too take benefit of Yosemite like Continuity or phone call from mac, you still will have to upgrade iOS. Also iOS 8 offer significant functionality like one app can integrate itself in another app.

  • I also thought it was a great keynote. I couldn’t watch some of the stream live (thanks crappy Internet), but thanks to live blogs it seemed great! Yosemite and iOS 8 seem like great upgrades for both platforms. Already got the betas (yay dev account)!

    • jack

      I watched on AppleTV flawlessly.. no hickups at all, 720p, 15Mbits/s download bandwidth

  • RarestName

    I watched it because of Craig Federighi’s hair.

  • josemunozmatos

    Great presentation overall, I loved the jokes with the os naming research.

  • I think they seriously delivered a great software set for the next year and can’t wait to see what devices will be taking full usage of iOS 8

  • Facu Garcia Payer

    Great, I love the new OS X design, not only the new flat app’s logos, but also the interface on gesture!
    I wold like to think that all this new features are not going to work like the new features of the mountain lion (slow)!
    Also like the new iPhone apps, some are interesting, I wold like to try out both OS X and IOS 8.
    The Cloud is also great improved, but still with 5 GB of storage on free version when other good services offer a little bit more space (16 GB will be good and enough).On the other hand, it has the possibility of integrate other cloud services on the same platform, so i guess that make it better despite the lack of own storage!

    • Great comment.

    • Stefano

      I thoroughly agree with you 100%. Couldn’t have said it better. I find it funny too how you mentioned the iCloud space; I too wish it was at least double, 16 would be really nice!

  • Elvin Topalov

    I know this is not completely relevant to the article but I need some help. I upgraded to the iOS 8 beta and now where ever I touch the screen, it registers that touch about half an inch to the right. I have tried to restore but I can’t turn off Find my iPhone like it tells me to before restoring because I can’t type my password which uses letters on the far left side of the keyboard. Any solutions? And yes, I expected bugs, but not one that deals with where it registers touches on the screen. Possibly a bug due to the fact they are messing with some touch screen settings for the iPhone 6’s larger screen? But yeah, any help will be appreciated.

    • Joseph Guite

      I had the same problem as you. After a little tinkering around in iTunes, I was in the Summary view and clicked on “Configure Accessibility…” and chose “Neither” under Seeing. That immediately fixed the problem.

      • Elvin Topalov

        Thanks, will try this right away.(:

  • Matt

    I thought it was a great keynote. Didn’t watch the entire thing because I fell asleep

    • Jeremy

      My favorite part was when Tim kept throwing shade at all the competitors left and right.

      • Matt

        That’s the term I was looking for “Throwing shade” instead I just used dis because my mind isn’t working today but yeah I did giggle a bit at that.

  • Alberto Espinal

    The best yet, love IOS 8 and better with Yosemite!

  • Richard A Forero D

    Hello guys, i was waiting for a new imac, but they didnt unveil it, so could someone help me answer me this question?, should i buy one, or wait more? Does anyone know, when probably should be the new imac?

    • Alfredo

      My friend,

      It depends on what kind of guy you are. First You should know that technology flies, and chasing it, is a game you are never gonna win.
      That being said, you have two options: Buy it now, and make the most out of it, or wait (until whenever that is) for the new ones to come out, and then buy. Either way, you win or you loose. Buying now, will give you time since you can star whatever you are planning to do with it, right away, but you may lose the title of “state of the art Mac owner” and loose some money in the process (devaluation should explane my point). In the other scenario, you lose precious time, (and, remember, time doesn’t come back) but your “state of the art owner” title, may last for 6 months longer or even a year if you are lucky. If you wanna show off, buy it later, when the new ones com out. Though, my advice as a business man, if you need to be productive, buy it now, and be productive, now! Your time is precious, and money spent will pay back. remember money does come back, time, doesn’t 😉

      • Richard A Forero D

        Yes, you are totally right, i really appreciate your answer, just i don’t want to buy it and 2 months later or a month , there its a new one. that´s i trying to say

  • Damian

    I am impressed with Yosemite, sweet system.

    iOS 8 is pretty good too but these changes have been expected for the last 2 years

  • babiloe

    iOS 8 somehow more open just like saurik wants

    • Vijay

      I hope for the jailbreak release will b soon.

  • Damian

    I feel like this year they finally gave people what they wanted. Great overall

  • Merman123

    Craig is my fav person at Apple after today. He killed it.

    • asdlb4

      He did awesome. Found myself laughing several times. Almost felt bad for the guy though when Tim kept calling him back up. You could tell that Tim even seemed like he knew he was wearing him out — when the last time he called him “Superman”.

  • Iphone5603

    Every keynote im just waiting for the next iOS but this one makes me love OS X more. Im still on OS X Lion and for sure im updating to Yosemite! Continuity and Dark Mode got me. :)))

  • George


  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I thought is was the best keynote since Tim Cook took over. Tim is an awesome CEO but he’s boring has hell to watch. Craig Federighi on the other hand got stage presence for sure. He was amazing on stage. I felt like I was watching (RIP) Steve Jobs all over again when Craig Federighi took to the stage.

    • Kurt

      Steve wasn’t anything near Craig’s caliber. Steve was closer to a Tim cook than a Craig Federighi. Craig is an awesome presenter.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        All I meant was Steve kept people glued in on stage. Craig is now doing the same.

      • Kurt

        Ahh gotcha. I agree!

  • Marlon DeNon

    I like both updates & I have to say that both are much more fluid & streamlined.
    I’m really enjoying the new look and feel of OS X Yosemite on my Mac and the small refinements they’ve made to iOS 8 have me pretty satisfied.

  • At the end, I was still hoping for that “one more thing”.

    • iamse7en

      I know. That’s why I was still iwatching it until the end

  • Arsanny Lintang

    Is there a way to watch the keynote if you missed it?

    • Shazamo

      yes just log onto apples website, it should be the first thing that pops up, if not under the apple logo tab, below the big picture, on the left will be the WWDC section.

      Edit: Just checked. It is not the main feature, but is under that and says WWDC 2014 with the pixelated rainbow apple logo and says watch keynote

      • Arsanny Lintang

        Thank you 😀

  • Jamil F Ghanayem

    i think its great and encouraged for developers and i aspect something big coming in fall .

  • Matt

    Yosemite: amazing
    iOS 8: more than I hoped for
    Literally the only thing iOS could use now is a split screen multi window view, which needs a bigger phone 😉

  • Umut Bilgiç

    I just love the new developer tools! So powerful!

    • N&LH

      me too

  • Bryce

    I like a lot of the new features for both iOS and OSX but there were some that I disliked as well.

  • Javier Lopez

    I have to admit, after watching the keynote, I thought to myself “this is one for the books!” This keynote comes just shy of the iPhone unveiling imo.

    However, I couldn’t help but to think about security the entire time when they were unveiling the new “open access” API’s for developers. I have an eerie feeling that security researchers are salivating at the fact that there are seemingly so many new ways by which apple could fail to properly secure iOS8. The way I see it, this could mean a couple of things:

    1. Many security vulns making for easier Jailbreaking (fingers crossed)
    2. Easy malware implementation (something iOS has not seen a lot of)

    Regardless, I really feel like OSX is finally where it should be in terms of ability to communicate and interact with iOS. Love the new UI and looking forward to the new photos application. Very stoked for both releases!

  • mohammed sufiyan

    Loved it ❤️

  • Chan

    I had the Steve Jobs moment I needed for a while. Impressive!

  • Ethan Humphrey

    I LOVED it. I love how much they integrated 3rd party applications. I’m not sure that I will jailbreak! I probably will though. did you know they we’re live streaming it at the apple stores? Pretty clever

  • jack

    I missed these features for iOS: split-screen/windowed apps on iPad, video popup (mainly for iPhone), swipe the default keyboard to move the cursor, tag people on Facebook’s widget

  • Scott Forstall

    My favorite WWDC so far !!

  • Guest

    Am I the only one who thought a new Infinity Blade was coming when Craig invited the Chair guy to the stage?

  • Mario Britten

    I think this was the best presentation since Steve passed away. There was always something missing in the keynotes without Steve on stage, but this time..WOW.
    In my opinion Craig did the best job. He kept people laughing and kept their attention on the new products, he is a very great presenter. I would love to see him more often!
    Tim was good too, but Craig definitely killed it!
    I can’t remember a keynote that made me laugh out loud while sitting in front of my computer at home, gorgeous!

    To the products:
    OS X Yosemite is a great OS, i can’t wait to test it. The years before i didn’t really care about OS X because after Snow Leopard, every update was nearly the samei, just subtle changes. But this time OS X blew my mind!
    iOS 8 kinda disappointed me, at some points i didn’t even know if he was still talking about the new iOS or just another new thing. But maybe I’m surprised when I install it on my iPhone.

    All in all, great keynote!

    (Sorry if there are mistakes, I’m from Germany)

  • Sławek

    I was surprised you could use an iPad mini instead of a PC + Windows + Microsoft Office.

    I thought. You could add a touchpad, keyboard and 28″ screen and you don’t need a PC in your company anymore. Ever.