Yosemite 7

Folks excited to checkout all of the new features in OS X Yosemite will be happy to hear that a developer preview will be available today, for free [obviously]. It sounds like it’s going to be available for all registered developers at first, and eventually hit Apple’s recently launched public beta program. As usual, we’ll let you know as soon as the download is available.

  • Tony

    Hopefully you can install it without a dev account, I would love to have this on my air. Will definitely give up my jailbreak for the phone/sms feature.

    • Anmol Malhotra

      You can install it if you arent a dev when its available for public beta testing 🙂

      • Tony

        lol true true… just want it asap. 🙂

      • Alexander Sing

        What’s the website they displayed to signup as a non-developer beta tester?

  • nopenopenope

    looks like OSX Tiger on my G4, I wonder if my powermac will get the update

  • illusion8

    The NSA must love these updates!

  • Aaron de Silva

    Public beta limited to the first 1M sign Ups so… Better be quick.

    • Charles Adam Winland

      But will those 1 million be able to download later today, or will we have to wait weeks/months for our download link/code?

      • Bradley.Windybank

        Weeks. Im guessing early to mid july. Because the devs get it first then the public beta happens in summer. Might be sooner than I think though.

  • Giovanni Barrera

    Afortunado entre ese millon. 😀

  • Gianni Hoffstedde

    You can also download the preview when you are only enrolled in the iOS program.

  • Keag

    Anyone have the new wallpapers in a zip file for those who arent devs??

  • Dylan

    There is only 100 spots in each country to get OS X Yosemite before it is on the app store.

  • Fabio Pinheiro

    How do i get a new redeem code?