Time Lapse Videos iOS 8

Apple has added an interesting new time-lapse video feature to the stock Camera app in iOS 8, useful for capturing things like the sun setting or the bustling of a busy city street. The new mode functions by snapping photos at dynamically selected intervals, and then grouping those photos together into an accelerated sequence. The result is a short video showing what you recorded over a predetermined amount of time… 

To create your own time-lapsed video in iOS 8, simply open the Camera app and swipe to that mode. Then, tap the record button and let the camera record for as long as you desire. The new Camera app on iOS 8 will automatically store all of your time-lapsed videos in a dedicated album on iPhone. I imagine we will be seeing a lot of these time-lapsed videos popping up on social platforms like Vine and Instagram very soon.

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  • Juschan

    does it work on the iP5 or only on the 5s?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      It’s working on my somewhat old iPad 3 so I think this feature will be for all devices…

    • JomanJi

      Confirmed working on iPhone 5

      • firerock

        Nice! Can’t wait

  • Saulo Benigno

    No samples? Come on, shows us something created using it 🙂

  • Patriček Halmi

    yes, for iPhone 5

  • Cody M

    Im installing iOS 8 on my iPhone 5C right now its extracting my software so ill tell you all if its on the 5C

    • Keabsy

      where did you get the ipsw?

      • anasiatka

        $99. Developers get access now for both OS X and iOS. But just know it’s beta software and bugs are expected.

      • Rohit

        I have tested the iPhone 5C With iOS Beta 1.It’s Working fine but sometimes apps crash and even taking a screenshot can freeze the iPhone 5c.It’s battery consumption is also not bad.In short it’s not at all a bad option to download ios 8 beta 1 for the iPhone 5C

  • John Harper

    iOS 8 is basically iOS 7 with smaller stuff added to it

    • Cody M

      True its a slightly better iOS 7

      • John Harper

        Pretty much, was expecting alot more.

      • Cody M

        Me too i was actually hoping for a bit of icons to be redesigned a bit

      • Andy

        Well, seeing that they redesigned the icons in iOS 7, we won’t see another redesign for at least another 1-2 years.

      • Cody M

        yeah but i like the look of ios 7 but it got boring to me after a everyday use

      • Andy

        Heh, it still feels new compared to the old icons used from 2007 to mid-2013.

      • Anthony Snyder

        It was more for developers than anything. The extensions and widgets parts are the main stuff to look at. Huge developer potential here.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        why? every other year is always a smaller upgrade.

      • emayteetee

        iOS 8 is fantastic if you have a Mac, all the seamless integration is amazing.

  • Jonathan

    Dang, thought I still had UDID registered. Would anyone be kind enough to do so?


    I’m stuck on not-registed page..

    To whoever does it, thank you.

    • Cody M

      Hey Jonathan 😀

      • Jonathan

        Hey. xD

  • sriram varadarajulu

    Aside from the camera features can someone tell if all the other featured are available for the iPhone 4S? Or can some one give me a list of features that won’t be available on the iPhone 4s? Thanks in advance

  • David Gitman

    Love iOS 8 😀

  • KevinRajaram

    It worked on my 1st gen ipad mini

    • How?

      • KevinRajaram

        I went into my camera app and swiped up a few to switch modes and I saw time-lapse in there. Tried it and works like a charm! 😀

      • Jeffrey

        Yeah it works for me too on my iPhone 5s, it’s on the left side of slo-mo, just swipe left.

  • warlikewings

    works on my 5c, and actually isn’t as buggy (so far) as I would have thought

  • ohdowload

    anyone need help regarding activating udid to installing iOS 8? if you want to activate your udid and install iOS 8 you can shoot me at my email seppiak@yahoo.com

  • Stefano

    Will the time lapse mode be available on my old iPhone 4S ??

  • TheShade247

    Now watch samsung copying that feature in there stock app