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Adding to the long list of new features in iOS 8 is a handful of Siri improvements. The digital assistant didn’t get a ton of stage time, but iOS/OS X chief Craig Federighi did take a moment to run down some of its new capabilities.

In iOS 8, Siri will be able to handle dictation—where you talk, it types—in 22 new languages (not sure which ones yet, but will obviously be available on soon), and will feature Shazam ID technology for identifying songs…

As rumored in recent weeks, users will be able to ask Siri to identify a song that is playing on an external source. Once it’s identified the track, the assistant will display the title, artist and album, and link users to iTunes to buy it.

Finally, Apple has also added a new feature called ‘Hey, Siri.’ Much like Android’s ‘Ok, Google’ function, Hey, Siri brings always-on assistant functionality to iOS. Unfortunately, no details yet on how this is going to affect battery life.

Update: in all the excitement, we failed to mention a significant point in this post earlier: your iPhone has to be plugged in for Hey, Siri to work. Thusly, the feature should not at all affect your device’s battery life.

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    No new languages, no portuguese. Such a disrespect. This keynote had all the atention to developers, instead of consumers. Sad.

    • dpacemaker

      Its WWDC “World Wide DEVELOPERS Conference”. Its all about developers.

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        I know genius, what bothers me is that the 2013 WWDC did not had its focus on app creation, sdk, apis, etc… Last year, they revealed iOS 7 in the costumer vision, not the developer vision. Even Craig Federighi said that “people at home must e wondering of what we are talking about”.

      • dpacemaker

        It was in ’13, but because it was such a change it seemed more consumer oriented when it really wasn’t.

    • Qortez Lumpkin

      Thats why its called WWDC…

    • Keabsy

      It’s true, but 3rd-party keyboards will be allowed. Ainda há esperança 🙂

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        Eles estão enrolando a gente há 3 anos, desde o lançamento do 4S. O Portugus é a quinta lingua mais falada DO MUNDO. Fiquei puto…

      • Julio Cesar

        Cara, eles não iriam perder tempo falando cada coisinha que colocam no iOS, principalmente pq quase ninguém ali na apresentação fala português.
        Relaxa, nos betas e versão final sempre vem recheado de coisas que não foram ditas, e como já disse, 24 novos idiomas para ditar texto foram adicionadas, é muito possível que as mesmas sejam usadas na Siri, e com tanta língua nova, é muito provável que haja português. Mesmo que não haja por algum motivo, ainda sobram as extensões que poderão ser acrescentadas a qualquer app pela AppStore, a Nuance criou o reconhecimento de voz da Siri, talvez ela mesma lançe a extensão para outras línguas.
        As extensões ajudam demais, vamos deixar de depender apenas de updates da Apple.

      • Leox

        Eu tb…fuck sake!
        How hard is it to make siri speak portuguese, anyway?
        They made it speak sputnik already….a much more hard language.

      • Kurt

        Apple thinks Spanish and Portuguese are the same

      • Leox

        So true….but….aren’t them?

      • thathang3

        Aren’t THEY

      • Leox

        Yeah yeah…whatever, Mr. Know-it-all….who asked u, anyway?
        Get a high, bozzo.

    • Jeffrey

      World Wide DEVELOPERS Conference.

    • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

      WWDC World Wide “Developers” Conference.

    • Julio Cesar

      Calm down!
      Think about it, 24 new dictation languages, it could add PT-BR or PT-PT for Siri.
      Or maybe, with the new Extensions, the Nuance can add support through AppStore.

  • Ваше Онтатиле Масвибилили

    am i the only one exited about both OSX 10.10 and iOS 8. Can wait to write the code. Well played Apple…

  • Rowan09

    I guess they are leaving maps for later in the year when they announce the 6.

  • Sachin

    Somebody download the beta and tell us how many extra features are there and what new changes are present. Which they didn’t showed.

    • Palmer Paul

      That would be violating the NDA…

    • JayDee917

      One weird change is no more camera roll, only photostream, which is kinda weird. Also predictive text isn’t OS-wide, for example, it’s not showing up as I type this.


    hey, Siri only works in car, thats what they said at Keynote

    • I think it’s whenever you have it plugged in and charging you could be right though they did say in car but the way he said it sounds like if it’s charging anywhere you can use this feature

  • n0ahcruz3

    Its good apple adding hands free siri. Now they should put 2000+ mah battery and add 2 gb or more of ram.

    • Kurt

      That would cut into to profits, what they value most

      • n0ahcruz3

        You’re right who am i kidding lol. Wishful thinking

      • Kurt

        They are evil elitists

  • addicted to BVB! :)

    a shame that hey, siri only works in the car, i already saw myself in the class shouting hey, siri so that all phones randomly start speaking 😀

  • rockdude094

    I’m impressed with the WWDC

  • Vighnesh Manick

    OK Siri jailbreak tweak and Shazam app. Don’t need to update yet

  • Leox

    Everything is great and all, but….no Portuguese for Siri. Last year i was at Apple campus more than 5 times , as a strategy advisor and as a friend, since i’ve got a few pals there. I aked this Siri question more than once, and the answer was: Ios 8 will pack portuguese for Siri. Lets wait till october. I’ll pop in at Apple again in september for a cuppa coffee…will ask again.

  • siddique

    no arabic for siri :”(

  • يزيد العلي

    oh !
    i just think there’s Arabic in Siri !!! :(((

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I really do wish Apple added a little more refinement to Siri, like an offline mode. And I also think ‘Hey, Siri’ would be cool to use not plugged in, with an option to turn it off on a case by case basis, but still a great set of features for iOS 8… I’m very excited.