iCloud drive

Apple just announced iCloud Drive, which allows you to store files directly into iCloud and synchronize them in folders across your Macs and iOS devices, and even Windows machines.

iCloud Drive will allow you to access not only the personal files that you wish to sync, but it will also allow you to access files from apps synced with iCloud, even if those apps are from iOS devices.

os x yosemite icloud drive

Apple is also introducing a new document picker in iOS 8, which will let you access all of your iCloud Drive files from a central location. We’ll have more about iOS 8 in the very near future, so stay tuned, and let us know how excited you are about iCloud Drive.

  • Mini Apple Genius

    WHEN WILL WE GET IT? And I bet this might have something to do with AirDrop between Mac and iOS.

  • Tony

    This was much needed but the question remains, will this be free for the 5 gig storage or will you have to pay more for it?

    • Jife66

      Tony, think he mentioned that first 5gb was still free but you pay $0.99 per month for 20gb and $3.99 per month for 200gb ( don’t quote me on that )

    • parveen

      $0.99/yr for 20GB u can say almost free

  • I’m waiting on the person to say that this will suck because the icon is ugly.

    • Vijay

      You look ugly

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      • Vijay

        No but your daughter do.

    • sriram varadarajulu

      dont worry my friend i’m there for you on that one 😀

  • Dan

    So this is like DropBox or Google Drive, but with a measly 5GB? I imagine they will not be revisiting the iCloud storage prices as well.

    • Norbi Whitney

      at $12/year for 20gb, and $48/year for 200gb (and prices for up to 1tb), they have most definitely revised the prices.

      • Dan

        Doesn’t show it when I try from my phone.

    • jimmy little

      As opposed to the 2GB Dropbox gives you? How is 5GB “measly” in comparison?

      • 5GB is “measly” compared to the 15GB offered by Google Drive or 207GB offered by OneDrive (with purchase of a Surface) or 50GB offered by MEGA…

      • Dan

        I have 50GB free with DropBox , 50GB free with Box, and 25 GB free with Google.

        I hadn’t seen the new storage pricing when I made the comment though. I find the new prices interesting and will most likely get it if it works well.

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  • Nice! They’re now adding gates around the walled garden…about time they did, competition is AWESOME!