iOS 8 on iPhone 5s

Apple senior executive Craig Federighi is quite the personality. On stage today for the WWDC keynote, the hardware engineering chief announced several new features of iOS 8 in the most humorous way possible. But it would have been impossible for Federighi and the rest of the Apple team to cover all of the new functionality included in the software update, so instead they fit several features into one slide. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up all 35 of the featured listed ahead… 

iOS 8 Features List

  • Braille keyboard for direct 6-dot braille input
  • Alex voice for accessibility
  • Private browsing per tab in Safari
  • Instant burst mode
  • Wi-Fi calling
  • Vector maps in China
  • Hey, Siri
  • iBooks built into iOS
  • New definition dictionaries for Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Thai and Turkish Hindi localization
  • Flyover city tours
  • Auto night mode in Books
  • Separate focus and exposure in Camera
  • Panoramic photos on iPad
  • RSS feeds in Shared Links
  • DuckDuckGo support in Safari
  • Improved zoom for accessibility
  • Battery usage by app
  • In Case of Emergency card
  • Travel time notifications
  • Purchase iTunes content with Siri
  • 24 new dictation languages
  • Rich text editing in Notes
  • See your books as a series in iBooks
  • Touch ID to exit from Guided Access
  • Multi-device support for MFi hearing aids
  • Camera timer
  • Indian, Tagalog, Irish Gaelic and Slovenian keyboards
  • Tips app
  • Navigation for China
  • Speak screen
  • Shazam with Siri
  • FaceTime call waiting
  • Lunar calendar support
  • Time limits and countdown timer for Guided Access
  • Place cards in other apps

What features are you looking forward to in iOS 8?

  • Markus Hudobnik

    I am SO excited for 3rd party keyboards (get ready for ugly AF ones though, sigh), having all my calls and texts working on my mac, iPhone, and iPad, and MOTHERFUCKING QUICK REPLY.

    • Jad Boukai

      Ditto! When I think about it though, the only third-party keyboards I know of are Swype and Flesky

      • Matt Dowdy

        SwiftKey is probably the best and highest rating android swipe keyboard and the autocorrect is excellent so hopefully they’ll bring that to ios

      • JohnMark

        Look up Nin. It’s a jailbreak keyboard that I’m pretty sure the developer will port to stock iOS.

      • DeAndre Enrico

        My favorite Android keyboard is the Google one. I hope they port it to iOS. I’m sure they won’t though. I’ll probably end up with Swiftkey.

      • FoneSoneDone

        How do you install keyboard’s on it? from App store? or another method for it? (iOS 8 i’m talking about)

      • Jad Boukai

        I’m not sure yet, I’m still debating to download it or not. I’m assuming it’s like you go on a website and it will say “Would you like to download”, but I can’t say for certain

      • FoneSoneDone

        I paid for UDID reg on eBay, but i think i got scammed. don’t buy from user Adeel718.
        Not sure what to do now…. confused.

      • Jad Boukai

        No, I am actually a developer. I can download whenever I choose to, I meant in regards to the keyboard. Saying that you can probably download keyboards whenever it asks. Like on the Swype website, it would be like, “Would you like to download Swype to your device?” and then you click on it, and it would begin to download on your device.

      • warlikewings

        You didn’t have to pay for Udid reg. Same method as ios 7 for non devs still works… shift/click update install from ipsw. Ideally though getting the $99 dev account is the better way to go. Support the brand. 🙂

      • Palmer Paul

        lmao. They get enough support already when we buy our devices and computers.

    • Liam Mulcahy


    • Rook HD

      true that. I’m switching to iphone this september and I thought I would miss Swiftkey so much. No more !

    • Stefano

      That language doe

    • :)

      Sadly, stuff like SwipeSelection is not allowed. There are some serious restrictions to third party keyboards.

  • Just Awesome.

    • Jonathan

      Dude, back to the grave already.

      • Sachin

        I see you have changed your dp now. Hahaha. 😛

      • Jonathan

        Yep. 😀

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        🙂 hello jhonny boy

      • Jonathan

        Do I know you? xD

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        How rude!! we have been replying to each others comments : ( Bad friend

      • Jonathan

        Sorry!! I’ve been talking to a ton of people lately! It’s hard to remember everybody.
        Sorry. 🙁

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      Truly remarkable

    • Dear Steve Jobs please fix iOS 7!
      Sincerely anthony3595

      • warlikewings

        Why bother, I’d rather they pour the effort into 8, I love it so far!

  • Straw hat

    Wait so about the third party keyboard, will it be possible for a keyboard that is something like altkeyboard or swipeselection to be made?

    • enifome

      That is my same question

    • John

      Technically, yes.

      • How do you suppose it will be added to the system? I can’t imagine them getting a reserved spot in the App Store, so I guess it would have to come in the form of an app, likely a note taking app?

      • Rastogi Kamal

        The keyboards come under the Extensions catagory, so I assume the App Store will have an extensions catagory?

      • Hmm as well as Safari Extensions

  • JF Camarena

    i really dont know whats the big fuzz all about. even if your a fanboi you have to realize this new features are no ground braking nor new. ios is nothing without jailbrake.

    • John

      Fuzz? You mean, fuss?

      Your? You mean, you’re?
      ios? You mean, iOS?

      • JF Camarena

        really? lol wow you discovered america

      • Jonathan

        Not really, more like you. you’re is for you are. “Even if you are a fanboy” your is for possession of an object, etc. “Is this your hat?”

    • Tobias9413

      These may not be groundbreaking like you said, but the thing is that Apple is now allowing it in their OS without a jailbreak. This means that maybe by iOSX we may have an open OS. Also means we don’t have to wait till a jailbreak comes out to be able to do many of these cool things. I recently dropped my kailbreak because it made my 5S laggy.

      • Guest

        Holy Apple guys are not going to allow others to contribute or make it open at all. They are following jailbreak and android functions 2-3 years back and not even all of them. iDevices are nice but iOS will be missing important chunk of functionalities without jailbreak. you cannot even add photos to main contact list. so simple so backwards!

      • iUser2012

        Holy Apple guys are not going to allow others to contribute or make it
        open at all. They are following jailbreak and android functions 2-3
        years back and not even all of them. iDevices are nice but iOS will be
        missing important chunk of functionalities without jailbreak. you cannot
        even display photos on main contact list, only favorites. so simple so backwards!

  • jack

    I just wanna “open with” files without creating several goddamn copies of my files…………..

    • Phil Randle

      I am a developer and I have been looking through the APIs for iOS 8, one in particular, which is Inter.App Sharing, looks like you won’t have to do that, because it won’t be necessary.

      For eg: Take a photo by opening the camera on the lock screen, click edit, tape Instagram, iOS opens up the Instagram photo filters panel, pick filter, type comment and post. All without leaving the current instance that you are in.

      That is just one of the scenarios, by being able to interact with apps this way, there is no need to make multiple copies, just interact with each other and once developers update all there apps to support this, it will be much better then .

      • Ferit Birinci

        That’s the beginning of something radical for iOS and I liked that.

  • Elvin Topalov

    Looks like Tim Cook is actually listening to what users want. That was my only pet peeve about Steve Jobs. He wanted the company to do what he thought was best, instead of what the people wanted.

    • “The people don’t know what they want until they see it” – S. Jobs. He was very particular about giving the public what was great, and what they wanted

      • Elvin Topalov

        I have nothing against Steve Jobs, I admire him even, but what you quoted is exactly what he did. He thought of innovative software and hardware ideas that were amazing and accepted by the majority of people, but those kinds of ideas aren’t just thought of instantaneously. His plans for Apple’s iOS didn’t propel the company’s mobile OS forward as fast as it’s main competitor, Google, and it’s Android operating system. I thought Tim would be a terrible CEO but it looks like he might actually be able to bring Apple to the top again. I’m switching back to my iPhone 5 right now to experience iOS 8 and see how that will go.

      • Guest

        I’m so thankful for Ping!

      • … That’s actually a mighty fine point ha!

  • Jim Hart

    Wifi calling, eh? Things are going to get interesting.

  • Darren

    I’m excited for the system wide night mode…oh wait, they didn’t introduce that. Anyways, I’m most excited for 3rd party keyboards (and the improvements to the stock keyboard), and system wide quick reply. Widgets are cool, too.

    • Markus Hudobnik

      IF mac got night mode, I’m sure iOS night mode is gonna be pretty soon here. Maybe GSM iOS 8? or even 8.1

      • SkyFall

        Considering the fact that iOS got quick reply a year later than Mac did i think night mode will come with iOS 9.

      • Darren

        That’s what I’ve been hoping for. I got really excited when they said there’d be a night mode in Yosemite, and with all the continuity I was expecting it in iOS, too. Maybe it’s just not ready yet.

  • justme

    someone could please share the originals wallpapers of iOS8 here?
    thanks in advance! 😉

    • Johnny

      here’s the default wp for iOS 8

      • justme

        thank you so much!
        and that’s why I love this comunity
        iDB rules!

    • :)

      * Please delete this comment, mods. I can’t delete it myself because you of the approval system you’ve enabled. The website I found the screenshots at seems to have posted an alternative version. *

  • Trace

    What the hell is wifi calling?

    • Jonathan

      Instead of using cellular to make phone calls on your iPhone, make calls through the internet. Better battery, and you won’t have to worry about spotty reception.

      • Donovan

        But isn’t that like facetime audio?

      • Trace

        Exactly, this is what confused me. That already exists as FaceTime Audio…

      • Luism27

        But Facetime audio only works between apple devices.. Wifi calling works with all cellphones!

      • 80sGuy

        Facetime is different, it is only limited to people using Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, etc), with Wifi-Calling you can call any number to any device using Wifi signal if cellular service is weak. For instance I live in the U.S. and if I travel I can call anyone with a U.S. based number to and from ANY country for FREE!

      • Donovan

        Ah, I see.

      • It’s not free… someone that owns the Wi-Fi network is still paying for the internet.

      • 80sGuy

        You mean like Obamacare? Get a grip. It’s what comes out of your pocket that counts. In that case if you’re using a coupon to discount an item, or even to the sum of nothing it is not free because some has paid the premium to subsidized so you don’t have to…or do you?

      • Jonathan

        Pretty much, yes.

      • Just like VoIP?

      • Jonathan

        I know as much as you.

    • Jacob Nørgaard

      Thing is, it will ONLY work with carriers that support it. So it won’t work for all of us.

  • Anthony Nguyen

    Instant Burst Mode? Is that feature only on the iPhone 5s?

  • FoneSoneDone

    I heard him saying something about App Lock on stock apps & third party apps. I wasn’t completely sure what was it? Anyone else heard it?

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      Nope didn’t hear him saying it. Most likely it is not coming to stock apps

  • WolfgangHoltz

    Not much under the Apple Tree this year. iOS are probably at road’s end.

    • Senthet

      Yeah! Only some windfall Apples. 🙂

    • DeAndre Enrico

      LOL the trolls say this every year.

      • WolfgangHoltz

        Not only trolls believe me not only trolls.

      • DeAndre Enrico

        Yeah, you’re right. I guess fanboys say it every year too.

  • Burn gurus

    Saw this and lawled

    • Louis B

      Anything Google is ugly-looking, especially back in 2011. So yeah it’s definitely WWDC14.

  • im2slick4u

    Google Keyboard anyone? Just hopefully we don’t get ads on the keyboard…

    • DeAndre Enrico

      I really, REALLY hope Google puts their keyboard in the app store.

  • Gian Carlo Ilagan

    What about shortcuts for turning 3g 4g on and off?

  • Tony

    Can you call from ipad or is that not in yet?

  • Ian Leon

    you can use the “Hey Siri” with a mophie 😀

  • babiloe

    24 new dictation languages , what languanges they are?

  • TheShade247

    Nothing too fancy, more than half of the features are useless to me

  • Kenrick Fernandes

    I love iphone and the ios. But if the battery life is going to be pathetic which i suffer on both the iphone 5 and 4s then i will have to sadly make the change to android. Sad but true.

    • blastingbigairs

      Every Android device I’ve ever owned has had much worse battery life than any of my iPhones, so the grass isn’t always greener I’m afraid.

  • Kenrick Fernandes

    Also it’s really sad but they didn’t touch upon the control centre. Really wish more could have been done with it.

  • nolanbob99

    Can someone register this UDID to a dev account so I can restore my phone back to IOS 7? Please im stuck at an activation error. I can’t use my phone at all so im desperate. Thanks so much


    • Jeremy

      Use DFU mode to restore back to 7.1.1
      It should work

      • Apparently, if you turn your device off and back on, it’ll show the activation screen

      • Jeremy

        Lol I found that out the hard way yesterday and restored my phone so many times.

  • afra33

    Still no pictures in the contacts and messages apps? Big fail.

    • 80sGuy

      If I’m not mistaken that feature is already available.

  • Yeah…. Let’s try!

  • 80sGuy

    I’m with T-Mobile, so Wifi-Calling is a BIG thing and that is all it matters for me. Also, a deal-breaker for many people. Apple and T-Mobile is going to rake in the $$$!

    • Jonathan

      I’m think of once I get an iPhone 6, on iPhone 6 for $299, or whatever the price, then switch over T-Mobile, and have them pay the early cancellation fees. That way I save $400 or so for the contract free version. Then use the $30 package. I get unlimited data, texting, and 100 minutes a month. Or, $50 for unlimited everything. Nice deal.

      • 80sGuy

        T-Mobile is the best. They gave me two iPhones (5c/s) for free for being a loyal customer for over 10 years! But then again I have been paying over $117/mo just on regular cell service w/o data for the past 8 years. I guess they can afford to give me a little something in return.

      • Jonathan

        Wait, so I’d have to pay for over things other than that $30/$50 thing? Sorry, never been on T-Mobile, so I wouldn’t know. xD

      • 80sGuy

        No, Wifi-Calling comes standard with TMobile. No extra costs, whether you’re paying $30, $50 or $80, etc..

      • Jonathan

        So, if I go with the $30 option, there’s no other monthly fees, etc?
        That’s probably a really stupid question. Sorry lol.

      • 80sGuy

        Correct. I’m not sure what the costs are but check out their site.

      • Jonathan

        Awesome. Thanks for your help. 😀

  • SkyFall

    “Separate focus and exposure in Camera”
    About damn time, it’s been 8 years

  • Giel Konink

    How to use
    In Case of Emergency card???

  • College

    Can someone please post the new Share Sheet in Safari (iOS 8) please?

  • يزيد العلي

    24 new dictation languages
    what is the languages ?