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Perhaps just in time for the arrival of a brand new OS X version at tomorrow’s WWDC keynote is Mac App Recap, a weekly column that covers the best new, updated and discounted apps for Mac. On the docket this week includes a trio of RSS readers, a modern note-taking and markdown writing tool, a useful visual bookmarks app and more. Read ahead for a look at 9 apps for Mac that you simply can’t miss…

New Apps

Reeder 2The once popular RSS reader Reeder 2 has finally returned, with support for multiple services like Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Fever and Readability. The app also supports local or standalone RSS if you do not want to use a third-party service. Features include themes, gestures, customizable shortcuts and sharing. Reeder 2 is $9.99 on the Mac App Store for OS X 10.9 or later.

Write1Write is a modern note-taking and markdown writing tool with a well-designed user interface, perfect for writers, students, bloggers or anyone looking to keep things in order. Write stores and organizes your notes in a clean manner, with features including syntax highlighting and a unique rich text markdown mode. Write is $6.99 for a limited time for OS X 10.8 or later.

Stache2Stache is a productivity app that makes it quick and easy to collect and rediscover pages that you find useful, interesting or simply worth looking at more than once. The app has a fully searchable library of pages, with simple visual bookmarking, quick-look previews, browser extensions, iCloud integration and more. Stache is $6.99 for OX 10.9 or later as an introductory price.

MagicalPad3MagicalPad is a versatile note-taking productivity app for managing your notes, ideas, mind maps, outlines, checklists and tasks for school, personal and business needs. Its developers dub the app as the ultimate OneNote for Mac alternative, with an iPad version available as well. MagicalPad is 30% for a limited time, going for $39.99 on the Mac App Store for OS X 10.8 or later.

Updated Apps

TokensTokens is not on the Mac App Store, but its recent update to version 1.2 is worth mentioning. The updated version of Tokens introduces a new feature called Campaigns, integrating with Passbook to make it easy for developers to share promo codes at WWDC next week. Tokens has also been reduced in price from $29 to $19 for personal use. Buy the app from Tokens for Mac.

LeafnoteApple recently highlighted an update to the new minimal text editor Leafnote, in which it gained updated sandboxing support. The app lets you keep multiple documents together as a single project, organized in an easy-to-rearrange tree. It can be used for projects large and small, ranging from simple thoughts to a thesis or novel. Leafnote is $9.99 for OS X 10.6.6 or later.

On Sale Apps

LeafRSSLeaf RSS Reader has been discounted to just 99 cents for a limited time, which is 80% off its regular $7.99 price tag. The sale comes on the heels of Leaf 3, which will be released soon with several new features. Anyone purchasing the app while it is on sale will get the update for free. Leaf RSS Reader is 99 cents on the Mac App Store for OS X 10.8 or later while it is on sale.

SweetieSweetie has gone free for a limited time to celebrate the anniversary of its developer. The photography app stylizes photos and turns them into beautiful text art images. It has a simple and clean user interface for choosing tile types and sizes, fonts, charsets, color options and more. Other features are multiple layouts and accurate edges processing. Sweetie is free for OS X 10.6 or later.

ReadKitReadKit, which was included in the Best of 2013 section on the App Store, is on sale for $4.99 for a limited time. The app is a full-featured read later and RSS client that supports services from Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Pinboard, Delicious, Feedly, Fever, NewsBlur, Feedbin and Feed Wrangler. The app also has built-in RSS capabilities. ReadKit is $4.99 for OS X 10.8 or later.

That concludes another edition of Mac App Recap. We’re curious what your opinions are about this roundup, so any feedback is appreciated. If you know of any new, updated or discounted apps that we have not mentioned above, feel free to share them in the comments section down below.

  • bloodshed

    Much appreciated 🙂

  • ap3604

    It’s strange but I don’t find any of the apps on the Mac App Store worthwhile. I’d almost always rather be using Safari, Office for Mac, or a program I could download online for free.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I agree with you there. Except for Reeder I wouldn’t use any of them apps (except for LeafRSS and ReadKit which I own – such a waste)…

  • B01t

    MUST have apps for EVERY single mac out there – HyperDock and PopClip nuff said. I use their functionality every single day

    • Chris Tangler

      Bartender, Hyperdock and TotalFinder are 3 of the best tools out there that not everyone knows about!!! Totalfinder by far is my most use “application” i use.

  • J. Rockwell

    Alfred – Bartender – VLC – TextExpander…..and you are good to go.

  • Ana A

    Thanks! 🙂

    • No problem. Thanks for commenting. It’s good motivation!

  • anasiatka

    I tweeted this to you iDB – but just in case this comment gets through, I figured I would try here. 🙂
    There is an awesome collection on StackSocial right now that’s free. It includes one of the above free items (Sweetie) as well as others. You can Google the-mac-freebie-bundle-3-0
    You can find others at stacksocial dot com slash free

  • Noaaahh

    Always great to read these and discover new apps! Thanks Joe!