Apple is continuing to decorate the Moscone Center this afternoon ahead of next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Earlier today we saw water-covered banners go up for iOS 8, and now we have an image of the inaugural OS X 10.10 banner.

As you can see in the image above, the sign consists of a large X in front of a mountainous background. It’s believed this is actually the ‘El Capitan’ rock formation in Yosemite national park, which would suggest Apple is calling the 10.10 update ‘Yosemite.’

Of course, we’ve known since April that Apple was going to be talking about the next version of OS X at WWDC, but this is the first time we’ve seen any indication of what it’ll be called. And it just so happens, Apple has filed for a Yosemite trademark.

Given that last year’s OS X Mavericks only introduced minor changes, OS X 10.10 is expected be a significant update. Recent reports claim the OS will receive an iOS 7-type makeover, and the task is so big that iOS engineers have been called upon to help.

WWDC kicks off on Monday, June 2 at 10 AM PST with Apple’s keynote. We’ve already confirmed that there will be a live stream of the event, but we will of course still be providing full coverage of all of the announcements and other additional commentary.

Top image via The Verge

  • If that’s the name, I love it!

    • Alan

      Turnt ^

    • Guest


  • Cameron Nottingham

    Nice! I like it. I was thinking they’d go OSX San Francisco but I think its a good name

    • Domodo

      OS X Las Vegas would be fun, with flashing indicator lights and annoying banners all over the place. πŸ™‚

  • Jonathan

    Apple, you better impress us all with this version.

    • Litchy

      Mavericks was ok I guess but it’s still not quite right. I hope Yosemite is the new Snow Leopard πŸ˜€

      • Ian Leon

        I’d say Mavericks was a huge overhaul from underneath. and then Yosemite will be something big and visible. It will probably be designed around taking the best advantage of the retina displays in the macbook pros

      • Yash Gorana

        Mavericks is bullshit, frankly speaking. As a power user, it ruins the experience on iMacs. On the other hand, on MacBooks it is amazing.

  • Litchy

    Same font and same design for both banners. Last year the X was in a circle while the 7 was in a square… not this time… coincidence? I hope not πŸ˜€

    OS X redesign would be awesome

    • Gfhgjhjh

      Surely not the same font. iOS is Myriad Set Pro, OS X is Helvetica neue

      • Litchy

        oh seems like I was to quick πŸ˜€ But it does look kind of similar^^

    • Michael Hulet

      The banner for OS X Mavericks at WWDC 2013, was, in fact, not in any geometric shape, either

      • Litchy

        Aaaaalright then πŸ˜€ Seems like my comment was a total fail then^^

  • Frank Anthony

    I’m so super excited.. Monday please come already πŸ˜‰

    • Jonathan

      lol, people are usually like “Monday, don’t ever come again” lol.

  • Domodo

    No leaks of the supposed new design? This will be interesting.

    • Jonathan


      • fb2

        Would be awesome :F

      • SkyFall


      • Jonathan

        Yeah. How’d you know?

      • SkyFall

        I follow him on Twitter

      • Jonathan

        Ah, lol

    • andy

      I remembered last year when idownloadblog posted a leak of ios 7 icons before1 or 2 days for the wwdc last year πŸ˜› will they do same ???

    • andy

      Or maybe this year the leaks are hard to be known quite a bit…?? cuz its different..

  • Jeffrey

    I’m so excited, and I cannot hide it! Too bad it isn’t called OS XI 11 though:P

  • A’s Network

    If this edition of OSX will look like iOS 7, then I will definitely not upgrade to it.

    • Matt

      what if they had an option where u could change the look from ios7 style to traditional, i think that would be nice.

      • A’s Network

        Apple would not be that lenient especially considering that there is no such thing as stock themes for iOS. Apple is just too strict.

  • Tony

    Not really interested in IOS 8 unless it has some big changes, which I’m not really expecting. But OSX hopefully has some amazing interface changes as well as a brand new iTunes design.

  • I’m Ready.

  • Guest

    Who wants a wallpaper?

  • curlypumpkin

    I pretty sure that’s El CapitΓ‘n in Yosemite, with the waterfall on its left. A lot of fog around it though. Usually you can tell when you see its top.

    • Jeff

      OSX CapitΓ‘n would be a pretty cool name..

      • CaffeinePizza

        Then people wouldn’t pronounce it right, and it’d set off my pet peeves.

  • Cameron Nelms

    Who wants a wallpaper?

    • Cameron Nelms

      Oh snap I uploaded twice, darn

    • Sokrates

      Cool! Do you have it in higher resolution?

      • Cameron Nelms

        Yeah! I guess disqus changed it from a PNG to JPG. I’ll give you a new link

      • Cameron Nelms

        What’s your email? Apparently disqus won’t let me post a link either

      • Sokrates

        oh thanks for the effort! yeah links don’t work. sure, marc.louiz@hotmail.com

      • Sokrates

        Thanks for sending that πŸ˜‰ !

  • Matt

    I like that name

  • I’m pretty sure that Yosemite is going to rock.

    • Chris Zhu


  • bradmacpro

    If the interface is flatter, then maybe it should be called Mojave. That is fairly flat desert in CA.

  • sriram varadarajulu

    gone are all those wild cat names πŸ™

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    So is iOS 7.

  • Martin

    Anyone else get this in your email?

    • Jonathan

      Anyone and everyone who signed up as a developer received this email.

  • Bailey Clark

    There is apparently gonna be a new imac as well