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Last week, Apple’s Lisa Jackson spoke at the Fortune Brainstorm Green conference about the company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. She noted that all of its data centers run on renewable energy, and it’s working toward a similar goal with its retail stores.

And today we get a glimpse of those efforts with photos of a new Apple Store in Tokyo, Japan. The store, which is expected to open next month, features an eco-friendly design with a curtain of thick vines on at least one wall that will help control the store’s climate…

As noted by Japanese Apple blog Mac Otakara, before the vines went up the store featured an all-glass wall that would have inevitably let in a large amount of sunlight. The ‘green curtain’ should help significantly cut down on air conditioning-related power consumption.

japan store 2

Also notice the unique design on the construction barrier in the top photo. It features the words “Apple Store, Omotesando coming soon” and a swirl of green leaves—similar to the iconography Apple used in its week-long Earth Day environmental campaign last month.

Apple has been making major strides in its push to become more eco-friendly in recent months, with Greenpeace ranking it as one of the top eco-friendly tech companies. Jackson said last week that 94% of all the iPad-maker’s corporate facilities now run on clean energy.

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    • Jonathan

      You’re right. Pollution isn’t that bad. People breathe it.. cancers, prebirth deaths… woo hoo.

      • Guest

        Al Gore just wants tax money being sent to him. Plants love CO2, just ask them

      • I don’t want a huge ass company like Apple lecturing me on the merits of pollution.

      • Jonathan

        A. It’s in a different country
        B. It’s to support the pollution changes for Japan
        C. It appears that a good amount of people agree with me, as seen above.

      • A. So?
        B. So?
        C. check me out on my instagram @liberallogic much more people agree with me.