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Readdle has just launched an update to its popular PDF management app, PDF Expert 5 that includes support for iPhone and iPad in one. Now, you can read, edit, and share your PDF files on any device with one convenient app.

Version 5.1 also includes updates specifically designed for the smaller screen. Freehand draw, add figures and manage pages all on your iPhone. All this, and the update is free if you are already using PDF Expert 5 for the iPad…

Until today, PDF Expert was available as two separate apps, one for the iPhone and one for the iPad. With this update, not only will PDF Expert 5 users be able to download the app onto their iPhones, but the newly universal app is now more robust than ever on the smaller screen.

The update brings with it rich features specifically designed for the iPhone. Just like the iPad version, iPhone users can now freehand draw, manage pages, and merge PDFs. You can select annotation groups and edit them, share files through SMB, and mark files with colors and stars.

PDF Expert 3

Readdle added another heavily requested feature. PDF Expert 5 now features continuous scroll so users can scroll pages vertically instead of swiping from left to right.

Lastly, the update brings with it compatibility with Adobe Acrobat and LiveCycle Designer forms. Users can use PDF Expert 5 for calculations created in Acrobat or LiveCycle Designer.

You may recall from our previous coverage that PDF Expert 5 is an extremely powerful PDF manager. Not only can you read and annotate documents, but you can also highlight text, insert stamps, and freehand write and markup documents as if they were printed out and you had a desk full of office supplies.

PDF Expert 2

It supports files from iWork, MS Office, text files, images, and more. You can fill in forms created in Acrobat, add comment to texts you read, use the handwriting tool on scanned documents, create a table of contents for your document, and sign contracts without having to print them out.

By using iTunes file sharing, you can sync files directly from your computer to your iOS device. Open attachments from mail on your device directly in PDF Expert 5 using the “Open in…” feature. Save your files to Dropbox, SkyDrive, and more.

The update to PDF Expert 5 is free. That means, if you already have the app on your iPad, you can download it onto your iPhone after you update it to version 5.1. If you only had PDF Expert on the iPhone, you’ll have to pay for the newly universal version to use the updated app on the smaller screen.

PDF Expert 5 is available for the first time on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $9.99. Download it in the App Store today.

  • abazigal

    Wow, I had no idea PDF expert 5 was not a universal app before today. Regardless, I already bought Goodreader4 the other day, so I guess I will give this a miss.

  • Xee

    Text to Speech?

    • Niclas

      That is included in IOS…

      • Xee

        Doesn’t mean its available within all apps. There are lots of pdf apps that don’t support text to speech.

      • Niclas

        Incorrect, you can have any text in any app spoken to you as long as you can mark the text.
        Enable the feature in Accessibility.

      • Xee

        That is simply not true!

        Only way to invoke it in this app is to go into text reflow mode.
        But what I was really looking for was a feature to read from a certain point onwards. So it can read multiple pages.

      • Niclas

        Whan I mean’t was that if it uses ios standard type of text handlig, it doesen’t need to implement anything.
        Sure an app can implement their own solution, but use any app that uses standard implementation for text (ex. Ios internal pdf viewer) and you’re fine.

  • SBG

    I pay twice for iPad and iPhone versions for pdf expert and now they forcme to pay for pdf expert 5. Hip hip hurra only once i need to pay.

    • Sarah Dennis

      PDF Expert 5 is a new version. If you bought v.4 (as I did), you will only have to pay for one app and be able to install it on iPad and iPhone. Not too bad.

  • jzack

    how would you compare pdf expert to goodreader? ive been using goodreader all the time, but havent tried PDF expert. so which is better? share your experience. might wanna try this if its better than goodreader

    • Sarah Dennis

      Until now, I have preferred PDF Expert. With GoodReader’s latest update, the two apps are quite similar. GoodReader’s priced a couple dollars less, but since I already have PDF Expert I probably won’t change. If I were just now buying a PDF app, I might go with GR.