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Last night, Apple’s Eddy Cue (and Jimmy Iovine) joined Recode’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher on stage at the Code Conference to discuss a wide range of topics. The focus was obviously on the recently announced Beats acquisition, but as you can imagine, other interesting stuff came up as well.

One of the more noteworthy bits came after Cue was questioned on the long-rumored Apple TV update. Mossberg said it’s clear Apple has been wanting to do a big TV project for a long time, and Tim Cook has even alluded to it on a few occasions, but we haven’t seen anything yet. Here’s Cue’s response…

From The Verge’s live blog of the event:

Cue: “The TV experience sucks. All we have today is glorified VCRs. You still have to manage storage, you have to remember if you recorded something. It’s not the way your experience is with Apple TV.”

Cue says most Americans watch TV for six hours a day — it’s what Americans do instead of innovating.

He praises Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. “Brian is doing the best.” Comcast is the best, you guys.

Cue is rehearsing the many reasons television hasn’t been unbundled and made awesome yet. “It’s a complicated landscape.”

He says he won’t talk about what Apple is or is not doing, but at the same time, he confirms that Apple is talking with the various players, presumably in hopes of untangling the whole mess.

Mossberg: So are you just coasting with Apple TV?

Cue: “Apple TV is going to continue to evolve. I love it. I use it every day.” Cue is a Comcast subscriber and watches HBO Go on his Apple TV.”

Obviously, Cue didn’t offer up any details on Apple’s future plans for television, but you do get the sense that it’s working on something big for the space. Also interesting is that he praises Comcast’s service, as it’s been rumored multiple times that the two companies are collaborating on a major TV project.

apple tv

Apple has long been rumored to move further into the living room. Initial speculation claimed that the company was working on a full-blown TV set, but more recent reports say it’s decided to stick to set-top boxes. It’s believed that it’s preparing to launch a new, more capable version of its Apple TV this year.

Cue says that the current Apple TV, which was last updated in the spring of 2012, has sold over 20 million units since its introduction, and helped generate over $1 billion in revenue last year. Tim Cook said at Apple’s shareholders meeting in February that it’s getting more difficult to call the device ‘a hobby.’

  • Rares

    Apple buys Beats for better headphones, now for tv Apple buys Samsung.

    • Sandman619

      The headphones are a minor enhancement to their product line. The music subscription service is the prime interest. It’s a paying service, which they probably hope they can market to a larger market. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see the headphones be demphasized. Headphones won’t contribute to their bottom line to warrant a $3 billion purchase, most are given away.

      • Brian F.

        Beats headphones total $1B revenue yearly

      • Chindavon

        Can you put a price on the influence of Iovine and Dre in the music industry? They can make deals that stiff suits can’t.

    • Mozaik

      I think so Panasonic is a good choice.

    • Clement Yeo

      lol, then there’ll be no competitor at all..no competitor close enough to what Apple’s been doing now

  • Kurt

    Off topic, is there a tweak to keep more than one tab in memory in Safari? I hate going to one tab then after a min going back and having the webpage refresh sending me to the top of the page. 2014 still feels like 2007.

    • Creavite

      What iphone are you using?

      • Kurt

        IPad Air

      • Ricky

        I say its not a tweak you may need. Its more RAM. It refresh to clear some RAM. Maybe you open too much application and didnt kill it from the multi tasking bar. Try killing, restart your iPad. And it wouldnt happen. My iPhone 5 never does that refresh thing. Also turning your ipad off while you are asleep is also good. Your device need some sleep too?

      • Kurt

        Interesting. Maybe it’s another problem of low RAM with the iPad Air. I think you might be right. Thanks, I closed all the apps but it’s still refreshing pages but seems a little better. Not great but better

      • Dan

        I’ve got iPad air too (and iPhone 5S) and it keeps several tabs open and doesn’t refresh. If I go to a page with video (like apple trailers or youtube) then it hogs up the RAM and refreshes. 7.0.6 on iPad and 7.0.4 on iPhone.

      • Kurt

        I never used safari because of the crashing and page refreshing on my iPad 1. It’s the same with the Air which annoys me as the A7 professor seems great, but the lack of RAM causes problems.

      • Dan

        I’ve read that a lot of stock apps crash due to AppSync. If that’s not it, you should try to restore when there’s a new jailbreak available, maybe that would help. Safari works great for me, I even stopped using chrome since it loads pages faster. Personally the only app I’ve had crash is Infinity Blade 3, but I don’t have a lot of tweaks installed on my iPad either.

      • Kurt

        No it’s a low RAM issue. I’ve been getting it we’ll before jailbreaking the Air. Felixtaf on IDB clued me in on why it was happening. Happens to him to. He told me to see the diagnostics and usage to see all the low memory crashes. I have a ton for Safari. Usually 5 a day sometimes 10 or more

      • Dan

        Huh that’s strange. I’m not a fanboy, so not lying through my teeth, but I’ve seriously not had any trouble with Safari.

    • I’ve opened 10 tabs in Safari and none of them refreshed when I switch. I’m using 5s on 7.1.1

      • Kurt

        iPad Air here on 7.0.6.

  • Dan

    6 hours of tv per day, that’s pathetic.

    • Guest

      6 hours of extreme left wing progressive propaganda to change culture. Disgusting

  • Framboogle

    Comcast sucks

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    It’s interesting how this has come about so close to WWDC. It probably won’t feature and is more than likely completely unrelated to whatever they are going to discuss. Still nice to see some clarification on what I’ve always known that yes, todays TV experience really does suck…

  • FrankensteinBlack

    Eddy, make sure you never have to explain how you missed it. Ask Tim about #TechMélange.

  • Chetan

    When will the airplay mirroring be lag free full HD from a macbook???