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Less than 24 hours into Apple’s announcement that it is buying Beats for $3 billion, Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre’s startup has announced a refreshed version of its best-selling headphones model, the Solo². Of course, this has nothing to do with Apple as the accessory has been in the making for months.

The new on-ear headphones offer a more dynamic, wider range of sound and a clarity that will “bring you closer to what the artist intended”. The design has been revised for a better custom-fit feeling…

Beats explains:

The earcups have been ergonomically angled to complete this natural fit, with pivots for optimal comfort and sound delivery. Finally, the earcups’ premium material helps dissipate heat and minimize sound leakage.

The design is unmistakably Dr. Dre.

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Check out the official promo video.

The soundtrack is Ed Sheeran’s upcoming track, titled ‘Don’t’.

Yup, that’s him featured in the ad.

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Engadget spent some hands-on time with the product and noted that the headphones sound way better than that feel.

Beats headphones are usually criticized for their heavy bass sound so the company has toned down the bass slightly to cater to a more mainstream audience.

Here’s an excerpt from Engadget’s review:

Well, the best way I can describe the sound here is “more balanced.” Don’t get me wrong: There’s still plenty of bass when tunes call for it, but you can also clearly pick up other elements — things like hi-hats, snares and others all seem to stand out more when compared to previous releases.

The Wall Street Journal praised the improved design that fits more comfortably on your head, higher quality materials and improved acoustics.

“The ear cups now sit at an angle that’s far more comfortable on your ears—especially after hours of wear,” noted WSJ. “The new ear-cup design also blocks out more background noise.”

You can preorder the $199.95 Solo² over at the Beats store.

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The headphones are available in several colors and will be hitting other retailers, including the Online Apple Store, beginning July 1.

To lear more about the, go visit the Beats website.

  • Christian Mejía

    So everything Beats is going to be on here now?…

    • Apparently, yes.

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    • 空白

      Seeing as Apple now owns Beats I would assume that it’s products deserve some exposure here. Still not sure if I’m down to buy a pair though.

    • You bet.
      Beats is now an Apple subsidiary.

    • Taf Khan

      This being an Apple Blog and Apple owning Beats would make that a logical Yes.

      Personally I hope Apple improve the Beats brand.

  • Framboogle

    Let me guess, now iDB is going to have an article every time Dr. Dre releases a song as well.

    • Hak Attack

      Since when did Dr. Dre ever release a solo song in the last 5-10 years?

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        Snoop and Dre should do Apple Ads.

        Samsung…. Well we know they would copy, they can try get Gansta wi Gangam Style. 😛

  • TheShade247

    Equ App and Beats Headphones = Best combo ever

  • Just needs to be free with iPhone 6 and it will be great.

    • Chindavon

      Beats buds a possibility, but not a chance for the over the ear ones.

      • Sean Clark

        I don’t know why so many people believe that this acquisition translates into their iPhone 6 coming with $300 headphones. Maybe just optimistic thinking.

      • Chindavon

        Maybe not this next set of iPhones, but maybe ones after this. It totally makes sense. Smartphones, for the most part are one in the same right? So companies are trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors. How enticing would it be to include Beats earbuds with every iPhone? They can market the heck out of this and even more people would eat this up.

      • Sean Clark

        Beats-labeled earbuds? Sure. I’d be surprised if they *didn’t* utilize the branding.

        A pair of Solo2 headphones or the equivalent? Out of your god dang mind.

  • OreoMuncher

    Nice to see that they’re thinking about other genres. I really don’t understand how people don’t like the look of these, they look stunning in my opinion, yet, i fall for anything that’s simple and elegant.

  • Razick Rilshad

    Now we need best headset apple for iphone

  • Frank Anthony

    Beats should STOP making crab headphones since Apple has taken over already. Hope they produce better headphone in future. As for now, they produce “name” & not headphone or beat. I rest my case!

  • Tom

    Yuck. I will stick with my B&O Form 2 😉

  • jose carlos

    The best buy site says June 1 2014 which sound correct to what’s on here July.

  • GaugePrower

    Honestly through hands on testing, the sound of Apple’s earpods is far better than the sound of UrBeats or whatever they call those bs earbuds. A 20 dollar pair of skullcandies with a letter B on them… Hopefully Apple will fix this brand. I assume HP just lost Beats integration as well.